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Steel Ship Construction

We provide Steel Ship Construction installation services and Sales of Kapa Tools Medan, We are supported by a workforce that fulfills and is experienced in their fields so that the results of our work are satisfying.

A ship is a passenger transport vehicle at sea, in all areas that have certain waters.
Since long ago, people have used ships as a means of sea transportation. This has become a habit of relationships between groups of people and other groups of people. All of this is needed as a means of sea transportation. Tools for transportation are boats or boats. By using a ship, people will be able to go to a place to communicate with others for certain purposes.




  •  A wooden ship is a ship whose entire construction of the ship's body is made of wood
  •  Fiberglass ships are vessels whose entire construction is made of fiberglass.
  •  Ferro cement ship is a ship made of cement material reinforced with steel as its bones. The function of this reinforcement is very important because this   reinforcement will refute all forces acting on the ship. In addition, this reinforcement is also used as a place for cement mixture to become a truly   homogeneous unit, meaning that together it can withstand forces that come from all directions.
  • Steel vessels are ships whose entire construction of the ship's body is made of steel. In general, steel vessels always use a welding construction system, while on ships before World War II rivet construction is still used. The first ship to use the welding construction system was the Liberty ship, which was used during World War II. At that time there were still many weaknesses in the welding system, so cracks were often found in the construction of the ship. With advances in welding techniques and shipbuilding technology, these weaknesses are no longer found. The advantage of the welding system is that shipbuilding is faster when compared to rivet construction. Besides the weld construction the overall weight of the ship becomes lighter.

The basic concept of shipping:

1. Drawings of steel ship construction

2. Drawings of steel ship construction openings

3. Technology for construction of steel ship construction

4. Welding, and

5. Manufacture and assembly of steel ship construction components


  • Fabrication Is the initial stage of manufacturing. The handling process on steel material starts from straightening (straightening), marking (marking), cutting (cutting), and forming (forming). At this stage students will be equipped with the competence to be able to read pictures / designs to do marking. Oxy-acetelin cutting is also used in the cutting process. Material formation is carried out using a bending machine (rolling) or rolling
  • Assembly Is a process of combining fabrication components into a number of blocks (part assembly). In this process, the material / steel plate that has been cut and formed begins to be assembled into a block / assembly. Students are given welding competence to assemble the material / steel plate. Besides fitter, students are also able to become a drafter. Drafter comes from English which means interpreter. Students will be provided with 2 interrelated skills, namely drawing skills and understanding of what is drawn / understood by the system. Some aspects mastered include technical drawings, image views and design programs. The design program taught is the AutoCad program. Ship design / assembled components made are drawn using AutoCad in 2D and 3D. Symbols and markings on images are also taught to be able to understand / read an image / design.

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