Civil Contractor

Civil Contractor

Civil Contractor

In general terms Civil Contractor is an agency / agencies / persons who seek or perform activities in the form of procurement of goods or services that are paid with the value of the agreed contract. Civil Contractor itself is a services procurement of goods and services related to civil works, could be a road, building, bridge construction, etc. In building projects often Civil Contractors in control as the top management and is also responsible for the work of mechanical electrical contractor. In Indonesia, there were a lot of Civil Contractor is about 180 thousand business entities contactor. Contractor - the contractor itself must be certified and registered, it is set in LPJK (Construction Service Development Agency).

Manajemen Manufaktur Indonesia By PT Manajemen Manufaktur Indonesia

Pt. Manajemen Manufaktur IndonesiaMenara Rajawali, Level 7-1Jl. Dr Ide Anak Agus Gde Agung Lot 5#5.1

Globalindo Teknik Mandiri By CV. Globalindo Teknik Mandiri

CV GLOBALINDO TEKNIK MANDIRI Manufacture – Steel Fabrication – Welding – Machining – Supply – TraddingKami memproduksi berbagai macam mesin marka jalan, mesin pertanian, bor untuk pertambangan, perkebunan dan lain-lain.Perusahaan kami terdiri dari beberapa divisi dengan terspesialisasi pada masing-masing bidang, antara lain: 1. Mesin marka jalan, rambu lalu lintas dan perlengkapan parkir (produksi dan supplier) 2. Mesin pertanian dan perlengkapan budidaya dan panen 3. Peralatan bor tanah 4. Furniture laboratorium 5. Supplier instrumen (Hidrologi, Klimatologi, Entomology dll) Didukung teknisi kami yang sudah berpengalam bertahun-tahun, kami berkomitmen untuk menghasilkan produk-produk yang berkulitas tinggi namun dengan harga yang bersaing. Sejalan dengan itu, kami telah mendapatkan kepercayaan konsumen yang sudah tersebar si seluruh Indonesia. Baik instansi pemerintah maupun perusahaan-perusahaan swasta.Anda membutuhkan produk-produk kami? Segera hubungi kami untuk mendapatkan penawaran terbaik dari kami. Kami melayani pemesanan selama 24 jam. Kami terdiri dari beberapa divisi dengan produsk sebagai berikut.1. Perlengkapan Mesin Marka Jalan 2. Perlengkapan Rambu Lalu Lintas 3. Mesin Pertanian dan Industri 4. Mesin Dan Peralatan Bor 5. Furniture laboratorium 6. Peralatan Olahraga 7. Alat Sipil 8. Alat Test dan Sampling


PT Hasta Karya Ananta (HKA) is an equipment distributor of material handling and construction, with the brand Heli, Mantall, KH, and OilSteel Indonesia, located in Jakarta (Kota Tangerang) and Surabaya.HKA Service includes: sales / sales, after sales / warranty units, rental / leasing, service, spare parts, trade / tradein, even modifications.The products we sell are: Forklift (forklift diesel / solar, battery forklift / electric forklift gasoline / petrol and LPG forklift) Heli/CHL Man lift / electrical ladder (scissor lifts, articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, aerial work platforms) Mantall Wheel Loader (ZL16F, ZL18F, ZL20F, ZL30F, ZL35F, ZL36F, ZL50F, HL933) Heli and CHL Skylift (snake, scorpion, octopus, eagle) OilSteel Reach Truck (reach truck stand up and reach truck seat down) Heli/CHL Hand lift / Stacker (full electric stacker, semi-electric stacker, and a manual stacker with type Narrow, Wide legs, Reach Stacker, and Counter Balance) Heli/CHL Hand Pallet (full electric / Pallet Mover and Manual / Hand Truck) Heli/CHL Towing Tractor (diesel and battery) Heli/CHL Drum Equipment (drum handler, drum porter, and drum gripper)Especially for trade-ins for products forklift, scissor lift, wheel loaders, skylift, reach truck, stacker, and a new tractor towing us by: Former forklift brand Toyota, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, TCM Scissor lifts brands of used Genie, JLG, Dingli Wheel Loader former Komatsu, Caterpillar, Lonking Skylift former Palazani, Socage Reach Truck former BT, Linde, Crown Former Krisbow Stacker, Jungheinrich Towing tractor former Toyota, PatriaQuality products, competitive prices and cheap, with a 2 year warranty *. The reason why we dare warranty of 2 years? Because we are confident in the quality of our products, we tested a minimum through the service rental / lease (forklift scissor lift, etc.), where the consequences of a rental / lease (forklift scissor lift etc) which are (1) the terrain / different locations, (2) the operator (forklift scissorlift etc.) are different, and (3) self belonging operators (forklift scissor lift, etc.) are lacking; than if the property itself.Our office: PT HASTA KARYA ANANTA Commercial Cendana No. 38 Taman Royal Jalan Benteng Betawi Rt 04 Rw 15 Tanah Tinggi, Kota Tangerang, Banten, 15 119

3 Year


Putra Karya Maju By PT Putra Karya Maju

Putra Karya Maju , PT . was established as a forum for our professionals, with backgrounds as diverse competencies , bringing together the experience and procurement and transfer of knowledge and culture that we have for the advancement of the Indonesian National management so as to compete in the era of globalization . " Globalization " as the current that brings so many changes in all sectors of human life . Have occurred fundamental changes , both fast and slow good in all aspects of national life . This requires the mastery of information , technology , knowledge and new discoveries . Aware of the dynamics of these changes , we PT . Putra Karya Maju determined to meet the challenges of the present and future with one intention , to donate services through our contribution to the field of Construction , Manufacturing , Trading and Consulting Indonesia .

4 Year
Sinartech Multi Perkasa By PT Sinartech Multi Perkasa

PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa is a company engaged in the construction of manufactur, engineering and consultants, the workmanship includes EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and OPC (Operational Procerement Construction), specifically on the work of PALM OIL MILL, KERNEL CRUSHING PLANT, REFINERY PLANT, CRUMB RUBBER FACTORY.PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa established in 2014 which is a GROUP of PT.Nasatech Sukses Abadi which has been established in 2013 and has a branch in Bubutan field under the name of PT. Sinartech Multi Engineering, to improve the field of industrial manufactur in the country, especially in PALM OIL MILL by inviting experts and professionals and experienced in their field as employees and equipment and equipment that supports the achievement of optimal results.PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa has a great commitment to move forward and develop on every project that is handled, and will give the best result in achieving the desired completion target in terms of cost, quality, time and satisfactory service to client.PT. Sinartech Multi Perkasa provides an optimal and efficient price offering and competitive provide good material quality in accordance with the specifications in the completion of each job in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

2 Year
Indo Gemilang Sakti By PT. Indo Gemilang Sakti

PT. Indo Gemilang Sakti is a contractor, building maintenance and IT networking data center company established since 2008, with an official legal body engaged in construction, technical service provider & pegadaa brang, renovation and maintenance of buildings, mechanical electrical plumping (MEP) WTP, STP, computer and network devices. We hire experienced construction experts so that the end result can be perfect and satisfying. If you need a contractor that can work together to discuss design, materials and price estimates in accordance with your needs and finances, then our company is what you need. Sturdy, classy and qualified is our company motto in responding your trust. We do not want to say by theory only but we will prove it when we do the job then giving the job will self-assess the work of this company. Hopefully we are given the opportunity to prove directly to you to do what you need.

Tirta Jaya Mandiri By PT. Tirta Jaya Mandiri

PT. Tirta Jaya Mandiri is a company engaged in contractor services. We are based in Jl. Yos Sudarso, No. 84, Sunter Jaya, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. Supported with advanced and modern equipment and a qualified and experienced workforce keep us number one in this field.

Sakagima By Sakagima

We are a provider of construction and landscape serviceswhich reaches Jabodetabek area of West Java, Central Java, East Javawe are currently expanding our business coverage to outside Java,our vision and mission Make SAKAGIMA JAYA one of the most trusted and best contractor company in Java by advancing on development, development of human resources and technology and information management.Advancing the company's competitiveness in construction and general trading services by prioritizing service and delivering quality work to consumersEnhance qualifications for human resources and provide employment.


Tria Pratama By Toko Tria Pratama

Toko Bangunan Tria Pratama shop dipalangkaraya Primary is the building materials market products with low price and the service quickly to serve customers diarea Central Kalimantan, we are ready to supply the material for corporate or individual projects. Currently we have been serving several private companies and government projects diarea Palangkaraya (Home Position Mayor of Palangkaraya, Palangkaraya Hajj Dormitory Building, Campus IAIN, WWTP Development Buntok (Barito Timur), Toko Buku Salemba, etc.) information please send email: | call +6285292122000

Ramdhani Jaya By PT  Ramdhani Jaya

Ramdhani PT Jaya was originally a business entity engaged in the production of goods and services are focused on the manufacture of products using composite materials, in particular the type of composite FRP (Fiber Reinforce Plastic). Established in 2009 we have focused on the production of material goods with FRP composite material which has advantages as follows: 1. Resistant to corrosion 2. Stiffness and strength higher 3. Age Fatigue is relatively higher than aluminum. 4. Strength can be adapted to the application, so that the resulting optimum structure. PT. Ramdhani Jaya is committed to provide best quality of goods and services to customers with excellent warranty and a more competitive price. We are committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction, especially for FRP composite products and the like. Development of materials and products with the latest technology always we bring for the future a more advanced, so that facilitate your efforts. The influence of the increasingly keen global competition requires companies to concentrate more on the creation of products related to the company's main business.

PT Ramdhani Jaya

Focus Mandiri Perdana By CV. Focus Mandiri Perdana

Since it was established in May 2014 in Surabaya in a high commitment, CV. FOCUS SELF PRIME has successfully completed various tasks entrusted by User Services to our company, in accordance with our planning and implementation of the development. In line with the company's Vision and Mission in giving service, then we have always adhered to the principle of optimum benefits to User Services. With the support of young professionals who are optimistic, dynamic and highly committed, services to the target goal can be fulfilled User Services By applying the principles always oriented towards improving the quality product services based on research and development and human resource competencies will produce services that are cost effective, quality, timely, expediency corresponding functions and risk minimization. Finally, to the User Services we congratulate our work and ready to be a reliable partner, dependable as well as a solution for all of you.

Duta Kurniawan By CV. Duta Kurniawan

Company CV. Duta Kurniawan has been registered as a Verified Supplier at This company located at Jl. Perumahan Duta Bandara Permai Blok Is 2 No.42-43, Jatimulya, Kosambi, Tangerang, Banten 15211, Kota Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.This company sell supplier bahan konstruksi

Ikan By CV. Ikan

Cv.Ikan Is A Business Line Which Sells Fish.

CV. Ikan

Cerah Communication By CV. Cerah Communication

Companies Engaged In The Promotion Of The Concept Of Consulting Services And Graphic Design Applications, Advertising And The Media In The Outer Space, The Muslim Media Advertising Agencies, Such As Radio Mqfm, Mqtv, Eramuslim, Sparks Faith Magazine, Magazine Organization. Experienced Also Create And Manage Internal Media Companies, Such As Magazines, Newsletters, And More. Also Experienced In Handling Services Banner, Banners, Baligho, As Well As The Manufacture Of Neon, Billboard, Billboard, Board-Cooperation Directions Department Of Transportation.

Lintang Lazuardi Adv By CV. Lintang Lazuardi Adv

One Of The Many Advertising Companies In The City Of Bandung Is We, Why Are We Not Different From The Others?, We Serve A Variety Of Publishing Newspaper Advertising Locally And Nationally, We Are Also The Production Of Billboards, Billboards, Banners, Banners, Sign Board, Board Of Directions, As An Alternative Means Of Outdoor Promotion. In Short "A Place For Everything Promotional" We Will Be Happy To Assist You. We Are Not Different From The Others, Except In One Case: "Quality". Our Warm Greetings. Thank You

Cipta Marga Abadi By PT. Cipta Marga Abadi

Along with the rapid development of the State of Indonesia, the need for steel construction and infrastructure is critical. For that PT. CIPTA MARGA ABADI engaged in steel construction and infrastructure trying to make a new breakthrough so that the needs on the market can be fulfilled. With the support of modern equipment, skilled and experienced PT. CIPTA MARGA ABADI keeps abreast of the market development of steel construction needs and its infrastructure while maintaining the quality of the products produced. Furthermore, with the motto "CMA TERUSSS BERKARYA" then PT. CREATE MARGA ABADI wants to join hands with you to jointly solve your problem, which is not only in accordance with customer demand but also give more than the customer wants.

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