Swimming Pool Contractor

Swimming Pool Contractor

Swimming Pool Contractor

Swimming Pool is an artificial construction that is designed to be filled with water and used for swimming, diving, or other water activities. Public swimming pools are usually part of a physical fitness center or a recreational park. Swimming Pool Contractor present to you who currently want to create a pool with the best service we have always provided, as well as various concept models of swimming pools newest, minimalist, modern and we always present and we recommend to the model selection pool from which and best for you. Swimming Pool Contractor has experience in making the pool with a reliable team in the work, so you do not have to worry about the results that will be given to you by using time as efficiently as possible without making you wait long manufacturing process.

Mosaic Kolam Renang By Mosaic Kolam Renang

It Is The Manufacturing Division Bbpool Pool , Water Boom , Selling Various Brands Of Ceramic Mosaic Seahorse Mass . Ceramic Mosaic Is Apt To Beautify Your Home Building , Ideal For Finishing Pool . Whir Pool , Bathroom , Kitchen Etc So It Looks Kelihatn Luxury And Quality , Ceramic Mosaic Has Many Varieties And Types , In Addition To Motive , Yer Beautiful Colors Found On These Ceramics , The Main Attraction , A Lot Of Homes That Use Ceramic Mosaic , Ceramic Mosaic Have A Smooth Surface So Easy In Perawatanya . Ceramic Mosaic Tile Is A Type Of Ceramic Pieces Are Formed From Pieces Of Small Size Which Will Then Be Assembled To Form A Certain Pattern In The Design Premises Sesuain Want. Ceramic Mosaic Has A Lot Of Excess Levels Of Very Low Water Absorption Into A Durable And Long Lasting . Bbpool Seeks To Help People Realize His Dream Has Its Own Swimming Pool Qualified And Not Just A Dream . We Are Very Flexible And Vary From Project Which Is Designed For The Purposes Of Our Clients , From Package Design , Package Development , Package Goods Providers And Monitoring Package , We Believe Through This Information , We Can Has Engaged In Planning An Outdoor Pool , Water Boom And Providers Of Ceramic Mosaic , It Makes Us Experienced In The Construction Of The Swimming Pool , The Better The Quality Of Our Work And Can Produce Work Pool And Water Park Are Beautiful And Quality . Bbpool Scope Of Work : 1 . Sales Agents For Ceramic Mosaic Swimming Pool , Water Boom , Kitchen , Bathroom . The Type Of Mosaic Tiles That We Provide Include Type : Mosaic Tsq , Mix Sq Sq , Sq Mix , Mix Is , Jli , Ps , Kl , Jir , Fan , Mos , Lv , Nyx.Pac . 2 . Contractor Manufacture Of Swimming Pool And Water Boom . Perfect Results Is Our Goal , Just Yangterbaik We Provide To Customers , Bbpool Realizing Your Dream Come True. Customer Satisfaction Is Our Pride, want to need mosaicamps with quality and fines prices feel free to call us night now

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Bintang Asia Pools By Toko Bintang Asia Pools

Welcome to bintangasiapool.com. Bintang Asia Pool is a Swimming Pool Contractor (Remodeling, Swimming Pool Maintenance) We also sell swimming pool equipment complete with the Hayword, Emaux and Bost brands. Now you don't need to move from your place to meet your swimming pool needs. Bintang Asia Pool can deliver all your swimming pool needs anywhere in Indonesia. Bintangasiapool.com, which was founded in 2014, is a swimming pool consultant located at Jalan Raya Raya No21 Pamulang, South Tangerang. We provide and sell a wide range of swimming pool machines, both pumps, filters and pool accessories for your swimming pool needs, swimming pool pumps, pool filters, LED pool lights, hoses, brushes, Mozaic and others.Since 2014, Bintang Asia Group / bintangasiapool.com has started serving swimming pool maintenance services in the Depok area and its surroundings, continues to grow through client trust to bam so that in early 2015 we expanded our reach to all JABODETABEK and in July 2016 we opened our services. Swimming pool construction services and swimming pool renovation for JABODETABEK's reach, along with consumer confidence in us, so we expand the reach of swimming pool consultants throughout cities in IndonesiaAs a swimming pool contractor and shop, we hope to meet all your swimming pool needs, so we continue to strive to add to the pool products and services we sell, the products we provide are from Hayword, Emaux, Bost, Staride and others.Apart from shops and swimming pool contractors, we also provide engineering tools (tools), as well as swimming pool equipment. For customer satisfaction, the price of swimming pool equipment that we sell is competitive and cheap, and we are also supported by expert staff who are ready to help you in technical matters.Our company, apart from being engaged in the manufacture and sale of swimming pool equipment, is also engaged in swimming pool renovation services, pool water purification, pool maintenance, garden making and fish pond construction.Hopefully this website can help and make it easier for you. We will try to meet your needs, so if the item you need is not here, please contact us. Thank you and happy shopping.

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Mitra Sembada By Mitra Sembada

Our Company Providers Building Supplies Such As: Ceramic, Toilets, Wooden Parquet, Wood Carpet.Products / ServicesSell:MosaicMosaic For Swimming, Bathroom,Kitchen.

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Mitra Sembada

Widyaloka Pools By PT  Widyaloka Pools

Pt Widyaloka Pool Starting In February 1983. Services Our Company Is The Manufacture Of Swimming Pool Services. Including, Design, Construction, Equipment. We Also Serve The Construction Of Waterboom, Spa, Sauna, Tennis Court And Futsal.

Kuhanda Semesta Group By PT  Kuhanda Semesta Group

In Addition To The Company As Special Contractors Swimming Pool We PT.Kuhanda Semesta Group Has Been Providing Care In The Field Shop Swimming Pool / Online Pool Shop The Covers Swimming Pool Equipment Supply, Pump Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Filters And Also Supplying Chemical Swimming Pool In The Old Timeline It Karya Bakti We Have Been Providing Services To Maysarakat Broad, The Local Community Formerly Jakarta, Bogor, Tangerang, Depok And Bekasi Now Have To Believe In Regional Semarang, Surabaya, Bali, Sumatra, And Borneo. In It's PT.Kuhanda Group In Support Supplier Supplier Direct So We Can Provide Affordable Price And More Affordable, While Supporting Product Supplier Kai Is Product Hayward, Waterco, Emaux Thus Hopefully Stores Swimming Pool / Online Pool Shop Which It Can Help You Need Kami.Khususnya Services In The Field Of Swimming Pool Supplies And Pool Supply . PT. Kuhanda Semesta Group. Jl Kesehatan Raya No4 Bintaro Utama Telepon 081385660373 (Herlin Widiantoro) http://www.tokokolam-renang.com

Ingga By CV. Ingga

"Swimming Pool Jogja" is Contractor Expert Author Swimming Pool and Water Treatment in Yogyakarta in particular and throughout Indonesia in a broader scope. Proces Swimming Pool Olympic / Slam, Swimming Pool Medium, and Small Swimming Pool. Job Specifications: Expert Author Swimming Pool construction Swimming Skimer or overflow system The circulatory system automatic / manual Jet stream system Water Treatment Early Periodic Water Treatment Swimming Pool Service Swimming Pool that can be done: Water Boom Swimming Pool Commercial / Tourism (Adult and child Arena) Swimming Pool Campus Swimming Pool Swimming Pool Housing Swimming Pool Private House

CV. Ingga


Hapidin Pool Service is a team of specialists who are skilled and experienced in the field of swimming pool construction, maintenance and manufacturing services serving the swimming pool located in South Jakarta. Services that we provide not only that, we also provide repair / remodeling, consultation, installation and sale of machine filters and waterheater pool. Our services span the entire area of Indonesia. In addition to addressing the manufacture of swimming pool for the company, we also menagani manufacture of pool for individual / individuals. If you possessed any questions or need information about the manufacture and maintenance of swimming pools, or even want to renovate and create a pool, do not hesitate to contact us.


We are a company of professional swimming pool contractor. We are ready to assist you in Making Services swimming pools, both private swimming pool, commercial, hotels, villas, etc. Our services have been unbelievable variety among personal, corporate hospitality, apartments, schools and others. In addition to our Indoor contractor, also provides swimming pool care, the renovation of the outdoor pool and provides a wide range of equipment for swimming pools with affordable fees. With the support of the community, and from our experience that consisted of a field workforce professionals, our company is the right choice to serve as the contractor to build your pool. Because the swimming pool we made handled team of experts experienced in their fields, so that we are able to provide the best service for you. We give a proof not pledge to our customers. Power construction and warranty we provide a warranty when there is a leak of construction for 10 years (subject to agreement) and 1 year of equipment at an affordable price.

Banyu Biru Pool Specialist By CV. Banyu Biru Pool Specialist

Bangunan, Konstruksi, dan Taman

Ganesha Pool By Ganesha Pool

CV. Ganesha Pool. (www.ganeshapools.com) swimming pool contractor, swimming pool contractor, swimming pool renovation, swimming pool maintenance, providing various needs and pool equipment, maintenance services, water treatment and providing various kinds of swimming pool medication. over a period of 19 yearsOur CV. Ganesha Pool has served more than hundreds of swimming pools from the simple level to the exclusive level which is spread in the city of Jabodetabek and outside Jabodetabek. with the support of experts, we are ready to realize your dream to have a swimming pool for families. with quality and construction quality guarantee up to 7 years and 1 year for pumps and filters outside the spare parts. Swimming pool contractor services good price and quality maintained, experienced and trusted. You are confused about choosing the services of a swimming pool contractor in the Depok, Bogor, Cibubur, Cibinong, Sentul and surrounding areas. We Ganesha Pool are ready to help realize your dream to have a swimming pool of classy and international standards. The correct plumbing system and the construction of swimming pools are strictly controlled. Installation of international standard poma and filters, providing the best quality pumps and filters, provides the completeness of cleaning equipment with number one quality.We provide a guarantee of construction of more than 7 years, guarantee for pool pumps and pool filters for 1 year, for Halogen Hayward or Astral pool lights we provide a 3-month warranty guarantee. We work on swimming pools, from the simple level to the exclusive level. On request, free design and offer price details can be completed one day. We work on minimalist swimming pools, olimpic swimming pools, and residential pool facilities. CV. GANESHA POOL is a company engaged in the swimming pool specialist. We serve swimming pool repair services, pool renovation services, swimming pool construction consulting services, swimming pool manufacturing services. As a support to our services, we provide pool maintenance services, pool cleaning services, pool pool service calls, services water treatment services and pool cleaning services. With affordable prices, cheaper and reliable. Pool equipment stores, we sell at good prices, good quality, good and reliable service. Security in online transactions must be careful of fraud. Choose a pool that has official legality and is located / trusted location. Contact numbers that are easy to call and addresses that are easy to find. All online shop payment systems are shipping goods can be processed after making a payment. However, if we can choose the store wisely, the goods will fit the destination well and correctly. Do not be tempted by cheap prices or prices below the market. Because things like this are not in the process of selling legally / legally. Take care before buying. CV. Ganesha PoolJl. Grogol Raya No.80F, Depok, West Java

Ganesha Pool

Samudera Alpha Solusindo By PT Samudera Alpha Solusindo

kontraktor bangunan dan renovai rumah

taman flora indah By UD. taman flora indah

Jakarta Park Service Our Is A Line Of Business That Specializes In Landscaping And Garden Construction. Our Long Enough To Pursue This Business. Besides We Also Help Solve Problems And Find Solutions In Optimal Land Use Also Aesthetic Function. Ranging From, Prumahan | Private Homes | Offices | Industry | General Facilities | And Its Other Facilities. We Do; Manufacture Of Garden | Garden Renovation | Minimalist Garden | Garden Reliefs | Ornamental Garden | Park Public Facilities | Minimalist Pool | Pool Reliefs | Fish Pond | Waterfall Pool | Bamboo Huts | Klapa Wood Gajebo | Flowerpot | Carpot And Others Of Her. Providing Various Types Of Grasses: Elephant Grass Mini | Mini Elephant Grass Besakih | Elephant Grass Plain | Grass Japan | Gollf Grass | Swiss Lawn | Lawn Tripe | Grass Dew. Various Plants Hiasa; Cycads | Chives Mini | Red Anjuang | Saberna | Lacker Virgin | Rembosa Mini | Dona Karmen | Ashoka | Broccoli | Chives Flower | And Many Others Of Her. Tnaman Bonsai; Shaved | Earrings Princess | Bringin Korea | Cambodia | Fir Shrimp | And Others. Various Kinds Of Ornamental Trees Issue Price Is Relatively Cheap And Responsible Information; 081310310726 Bb Pin; 7F66e29d

Kontraktor Kolam Renang By Kontraktor Kolam Renang

PT Widyaloka Pools is a company engaged in the field ofcontractors manufacture swimming pool, waterboom, spa & sauna, tennis court and futsal field.Until now there are many swimming pools, spas, saunas that we make. Our projects include Java island, sumatera, sulawesi, bali and southeast nusa. For projects outside Jakarta will be charged transportation fees and so forth.To provide the best service to consumers, We provide 5-year warranty for leakage of swimming pool and 1 year warranty for pump and filter with terms and conditions apply.In the making of the swimming pool he counted in a square meter. For every square meter the price is adjusted to the pool circulation system selected. Pool circulation system that can be selected is overflow, semi overflow and skimmer.Priceis not included swimming equipment & equipment that includes pumps, filters and others.The duration of a standard-made pool workspace usually takes ± 60 working days, The most difficult work on making a swimming pool is at the end or finishing. Especially when installing ceramics. We provide standard ceramics for swimming pool making. The standard type is exactly the same size as the typical ceramic used for home or bathroom floors.Warnakeramik that many dikangkonsumen dikolam usually white color and light blue color. Because the white color gives a reflection of blue and bright colors so easily seen from the outside and attract people to swim. If the ceramics in blue will cause a lighter color when exposed to sunlight.We also provide mosaic tile for swimming pool if the customer wants it but there will be additional cost because the cost is beyond the cost of construction. In the process, required precision in terms of installation of mosaic. because its size is smaller than standard ceramics. So for the finishing process will take a longer time.

Sinergiasa By CV. Sinergiasa

Sinergiasa Is A Company Engaged In The Printing , Advertising , Waterpark Series , And Led Lighting That Stood Since 2009 . We Have Areas Of Work Or Products Are Offered To Prospective Clients Or Customers : Printing ( With Brand Brochure Center ) ; Serving The Making : Brochures , Posters , Books , Magazines , Letterheads , Id Card , Company Profile , Seminar Kits , Calendars , Packaging , Merchandising , And Digital Pinting . Advertising ( Making Of Out - Of Home Media ) ; Serving Manufacture : Billboards , Neon - Box , Singage , Neon - Sign , Embossed , Led Display Running Text , Branding The Car , Display System , And Other Promo Media . Waterpark Series ; Serving The Making : Water Slider , Spilling Buckets , Water Bikes , Water Games And Other Devices . Renewable Energy ( Led Lighting & Solar Home System ) ; Serving Procurement : Pjuts ( Solar Powered Street Lighting Units ) , Led Indoor Light , Led Outdoor Light , Led Street Light , Led Obstruction Light , High / Low Bay Led Light , Led Displays And Running Text And Moving Sign . Security System; Serving Procurement : Automatic Barrier Gate , Turnstile Tripod ( Beam Entrance ) , Flap Barrier , Automatic Fence , And Other Auto Products . Sinergiasa ( Cv Sinergiasa Makmur ) Always Put Service Delivery With Proactive , Creative , And Dynamic So That Our Clients Step Ahead Of Other Competitors , Also Always Also Apply In Any Job That Vision Into A Nationwide Enterprise And Creative Professional And Quality Recognized By Every Client

CV. Sinergiasa

Wahana Cakra Legawa Pools By Wahana Cakra Legawa Pools

Pt. Wahana Cakra Legawa Is The Perfect Solution For Those Who Need Care Services Pool & Pool Manufacture. Here Are Some Examples Of Services That We Handle: ■ Pool Creation Services ■ Care / Maintenance ■ Consultation ■ Renovation Our Coverage Area To The Entire Indonesia, Jakarta And Surrounding Areas For The Service Of Making Large Swimming Pools / Public. If You Have Questions, Or Would Like Information Or Consultation About Creating & Pool Care, Or Even Want To Renovate And Create The Pool, Do Not Hesitate To Contact Us.

Antasena Pools By CV. Antasena Pools

Cv. Antasena Pools Swimming Pool Spets is a company, which is a Trusted Expert and Consultant in Progress pool, pool contractor and pool maintenance (Maintenance Swimming Pool), thanks to support experts in their field, So We Ready to Serve Job Creation pool, pool Repair Care and Commercial Nor Private Pool, Swimming Pool Equipment And Supplies, Waterboom, Waterpark, Spa, Steam, Sauna, Waterfall, Fountain and Waterwall.

Kembar Jaya Pool By PT  Kembar Jaya Pool

About U.S. Twin Pool Jaya Is A Company Engaged In The Design , Manufacture Swimming Pool , Maintenance And Selling Everything Needed For A Pool . When This Work Has Been Done By Our Team Very Fruitful And Got A Lot Of Confidence From The Public. We Also Strive To Be A Swimming Pool Contractor Spets And Reliable , So It Can Realize , The Desire And The Confidence Of The Wider Community In The Work We Always Put Quality And Quality , Developing Development In All Fields , Especially In The Division , A Swimming Pool . And Of Course We Also Provide Warranty Leaks In Swimming Pool Construction . We Care About In Person Has Changed Society's View That Having And Caring For A Swimming Pool Is Not Covered Be Affordable We Strive To Help People To Realize The Dream Of Having Their Own Pool Of Qualified And Not Just A Dream In Terms Of Production We Are Very Flexible And Vary From Project Designed For The Purposes Of Our Clients From Start To Package Development , Package Design , Package The Provision Of Goods , Etc. The Control Package . In Short A Perfect Result Is Our Goal Only The Best That We Provide To Customers . Together Twin Pool Jaya Your Dreams Into Real Form Because " Your Satisfaction Is Our Pride "