Building Contractor

Building Contractor

Building contractor

Building Contractor is a person or a legal entity or a business entity in the contract or in the lease to run the project work based on the content of the contract which he won from the project owner, the agency / government agencies, legal entities, business entities, and individuals, who have made appointments formally. By using a Building Contractor you can find out how the budget costs to be incurred, can discuss the design and floor plan that suits your needs and budget funds are prepared, oversight of the work tersistem and discipline, no need to laboriously search for materials, no need to laboriously search for and supervising bricklayers, do not need to think about the security of material, do not have to worry about the technical construction and construction phases, if the work is less well able to complain without any additional charge.


HAITEK CIPTA BERLIAN is a company engaged in the product of valve and safety instrument. We are located in South Jakarta. Our products are well-tested for quality and superiority that can be relied upon for your industry.

2 Year
Abama By PT. Abama

PT. Abama is a company that is engaged in contractor services and supplier of generators. We are located in Central Jakarta. Supported by advanced and modern equipment and experienced workforce in their field. Our services include Electrical Installation, Fire Alarm Installation, Design & Fabrications for Furniture, Design & Built House and more.

2 Year

PT. Abama

Pava Mandiri Makmur By PT. Pava Mandiri Makmur

PT. Pava Mandiri Makmur is a company engaged in the field of technical equipment products, specifically parts in the field of conveyor systems (Bulk Materials) such as parts for Conveyor Stone Crusher, Batching Plant, Minning Crusher, Textile, Power plant etc. We are located in South Tangerang. Our products have proven their quality and excellence so that they can be relied on for your industry. We also provide connection services for Conveyor Belts both cold / cold splicing and hot / hot splicing, Lagging / Pulley conveyor, conveyor repair etc. With the support of our experienced technicians we are sure to be able to provide the best for the customer.

1 Year
Jesu Makmur Perkasa By CV. Jesu Makmur Perkasa

Jesu Makmur Perkasa is a contracting, fabricator & applicator company that focuses on handling aluminum frame, glass & aluminum composite panel (aluminum specialist) work that has been experienced since 2014.

Brilliant Decoration By Brilliant Decoration

We Are A Team Of Experts In The Family Of The Civil Building Work Doing That Good Home, Office, Shop, Shop, Restauran, Cafe, Club, Field, Footsal, Pool, Amusement Park, Park Children, Music Studio, Gallery, Dll, We're Doing Without Prejudice To Quickly We Have Many Kuwalitas Karna Experienced Team In Various Fields So If You Do Not Wrong Entrust Pekerjaann Above To Me, Other Than That My House Also Contained In Surabaya, Easy To Find And Contact Contract For Maintenance / Repair Cost Per Month Can Contact Me Directly. Karjono My Say Thank You.

Gramasindo By PT. Gramasindo

Company PT. Gramasindo has been registered as a Verified Supplier at This company located at Bintaro Park View Tower A 1st Floor, Bintaro Permai Pesanggrahan, Jakarta Selatan 12320, Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta, Indonesia.This company sell Barang / promotional item,Tas,Tumbler,Pakaian / seragam korporat,Merchandise,Suku Cadang,Alat Berat,Chemicals Dan Raw Material untuk Laundry,Kontraktor.

PT. Gramasindo

Medan Diver By Medan Diver

Diver Terrain Providing Employment Services Under Water, Such As: * Inspection Services * Repair And Maintenance Of Underwater * Inspection And Maintenance Of The Ship * Appointment * Construction Underwater Our Experience: * Underwater Dam Household Survey, Pt Inalum - Porsea * Underwater Construction (Installation Of Water Intake) Pt Sari Dumai True - Dumai * Etc ..

Medan Diver

Erha Design & Associates By PT  Erha Design & Associates

Erha Design & Associates Is A Company Engaged In The Field Of Design Services That Provide A Wide Range Of Modern Architecture And Minimalist.

Wijaya Karunia Megah By PT  Wijaya Karunia Megah

Enjoy The Comfort And Luxury Of Your Home With Rein Upvc And Windoor Upvc Equipped With 2 Layers Of Glass Technology (Double Glass System) To House More Soundproof And Cooler Room Air Conditioner As Well As Other Advantages. Rein Windoor Upvc Upvc And Is Suitable For Use In New Buildings, Renovations, Residential And Commercial Buildings. With Its Flexible Design, You Can Adjust The Shape Of The Windows And Doors Fit The Needs Of Your Home. We Have Several Designs For The Windows, And Doors, Among Others: The Window Lever, Swing, Sliding And For Doors: Swing, Sliding. Fold (Folding). You Can Design From Various Directions And Architectural Design According To Your Wishes And Your Interior Designer.

Duta Kurniawan By CV. Duta Kurniawan

Company CV. Duta Kurniawan has been registered as a Verified Supplier at This company located at Jl. Perumahan Duta Bandara Permai Blok Is 2 No.42-43, Jatimulya, Kosambi, Tangerang, Banten 15211, Kota Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia.This company sell supplier bahan konstruksi

Dutaflow Plastik Machinery By PT. Dutaflow Plastik Machinery

Dutaflow Machinery conducts business in Manufacturing as a Fabrication company to assist the industrial sector in manufacturing machinery.

Fahren Jaya Mandiri By CV. Fahren Jaya Mandiri

CV. FAHREN JAYA MANDIRI is the largest & highest quality epoxy flooring contractor in Indonesia, with the most work reference among other epoxy contractors. We are a professional work team consisting of experienced applicators specializing in working on Epoxy Floors, Floor Hardener, and Waterproofing. The services we offer include Installation, Procurement of Materials, and Tools.

Bungsu Jaya By UD. Bungsu Jaya

Ud. Bungsu Jaya Is A Company Engaged In Supplying Building Materials And Suppliers Seller Fabrication And Wire Gabion Gabion Wire Produced Manually (Hand Made) With Various Kinds Of Wire Size, Aperture, The Size Of The Box According To Budget Your Project With Iso Certified Raw Material And Have A Test Laboratory For Tensile Strength Webbing And Manual Manufacturing Premises Bargain Prices. Our Company Also Received The Services Of Filling And Installation Workmanship. We Are Ready To All Deliver Your Order Indonesia.Garansi Money Back!Contact Us:Gigis Meida GisnawatiMobile: 081224704050E-Mail: Udbungsujaya@Gmail.Com

UD. Bungsu Jaya

Raut Agung Group (Contractor) By Raut Agung Group (Contractor)

Construction Company Group Consists Of Several Companies That Have Been Experienced, Spet In The Field Of Architectural Construction; Housing, Offices, Factories, Hotels And Market Mechanical: Steel Construction Work, Electrical: Electrical Installations Of Buildings Houses And Offices And Computers

Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera By CV. Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera

CV Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera is a private company that provides Facility Management Services (Clean & Service AC, Washroom & Hygiene, Termite Control, Pest Control)In carrying out its operational activities, CV Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera is supported by a Team with a variety of expertise, experience and competencies that are in accordance with market needs and the ability to develop themselves according to company needs, CV Mandiri Berkah Sejahtera is determined to always provide the best, professional, timely and competitive and most important is Fast Response, Loyalty.

Fafe Jaya Abadi By CV. Fafe Jaya Abadi

Mungkin Maksud Anda Adalah: Cv. Fafe Jaya , Perusahaan Yang Berpengalaman Di Bidang Contractor - General Trading Dan Jasa Siap Memberikan Pelayanan Dengan Hasil Yang Memuaskan Kepada Setiap Klient. Kepuasan Klient Adalah Kebanggaan Bagi Kami. Cv. Fafe Jaya Yang Didirikan Di Surabaya Dan Telah Menangani Proyek-Proyek Swasta. Berorientasi Dalam Core Bisnis Kontraktor Perencanaan Pekerjaan Penggalian Tanah, Pelaksana Dan Pemborong Khususnya Jasa Pengurukan Tanah , Pematangan Lahan, Perataan Area Lahan (Cut & Fill) Serta Pemindahan Material. Dengan Dukungan Armada Dari Perusahaan Kami Yang Telah Dipersiapkan Untuk Menunjang Pelaksanaan Kelancaran Operasi (Pengerjaan) Di Lapangan. Dengan Didukung Oleh Tim Dan Sumber Daya Yang Berpengalaman Dari Perusahaan Kami Yang Senantiasa Berusaha Bekerja Dan Memberikan Pelayanan Demi Kepuasan Kepada Pelanggan Melalui Ketepatan Dalam Segi Kualitas, Waktu Penyelesaian Pekerjaan, Serta Biaya. Cv. Fafe Jaya Telah Bekerja Sama Serta Membantu Penanganan Kontraktor Swasta, Developer Maupun Pemilik Lahan, Gudang, Pabrik-Pabrik Dan Lain-Lain Apabila Anda Membutuhkan Bantuan Pengurukan, Pekerjaan Bangun Rumah, Gedung, Jalan Dan Jembatan. Hubungi: Arief, Telp: 0821 32935681 / 0816503074 Cv. Fafe Jaya, Experienced Company In The Field Of Contraktor - General Trading And Services Is Ready To Provide Services With Satisfactory Results To Each Client. Client Satisfaction Is Our Pride. Cv. Fafe Jaya Established In Surabaya And Has Handled Private Projects. Oriented In The Business Core Earthworks Contractor Planning, Implementing And Contractors In Particular Services Landfill, Maturation Land, Leveling Land Area (Cut & Fill) As Well As The Removal Of Material. With The Support Of Our Company's Fleet That Had Been Prepared To Support The Smooth Operation Of The (Work) In The Field. Supported By A Team Of Experienced And Resources Of Our Company That Always Tries To Work And Provide Services To The Customer Satisfaction Through Accuracy In Terms Of Quality, Time Of Completion Of The Work, As Well As Costs. Cv. Fafe Jaya Have Worked Together And Help The Handling Of Private Contractors, Developers And Landowners, Warehouses, Factories, Etc.

Sumber Berkah Akbar Perkasa By PT Sumber Berkah Akbar Perkasa

PT. Akbar Perkasa Berkah Source is a General Contractor company engaged in: Architecture, Civil Construction, Mechanical and Electrical, Steel Fabrication, Cargo And Project Transportation. PT Sumber Berkah Akbar Perkasa in addition to providing building contractor services, also produces well-managed building materials from mines in Glagah Village, Banyuwangi District. The products we sell are stone, sand, brick, paving, etc. We also provide quality excavator heavy equipment services and meet all the needs needed in the project.

Karyatim Surabaya By PT Karyatim Surabaya

PT. Karyatim Surabaya was born from a strong determination to develop Indonesia's beloved country under the umbrella of law enforcement. We work with enthusiasm, intention, and professional for the sake of promoting customer satisfaction. We always listen and evaluate ourselves to become a better company in the future. This is our step to take part in becoming a part that has great benefits for Indonesia.PT. Karyatim Surabaya is a company engaged in General Construction Services domiciled in Surabaya. Providing civil engineering services, buildings, roads, bridges, mechanics, electricity and other construction work.Email: WhatsApp: +6281332219261

Idham Djaya Technik By CV. Idham Djaya Technik

CV Idham Djaya Technik is a company engaged in the construction boom as construction steel, sheds, canopies and stainlees minimalist, minimalist railings, wrought pager, beeper stainlees, tralis, raling ladder, staircase, balcony, andreson doors, folding doors, steel construction light, water torent, etc..

Young Water Technology By CV. Young Water Technology

We, CV Young Water Technology are a consultant and contractor company of water /waste water treatment plant for any industry which supported by our expertise engineering team in the field to providing a proper consultancy in the design system of water / waste water treatment plant.

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