Building Contractor

Building Contractor

Building contractor

Building Contractor is a person or a legal entity or a business entity in the contract or in the lease to run the project work based on the content of the contract which he won from the project owner, the agency / government agencies, legal entities, business entities, and individuals, who have made appointments formally. By using a Building Contractor you can find out how the budget costs to be incurred, can discuss the design and floor plan that suits your needs and budget funds are prepared, oversight of the work tersistem and discipline, no need to laboriously search for materials, no need to laboriously search for and supervising bricklayers, do not need to think about the security of material, do not have to worry about the technical construction and construction phases, if the work is less well able to complain without any additional charge.

Gema Teknik Perkasa By PT. Gema Teknik Perkasa

PT Gema Teknik Perkasa is a company engaged in the industry, especially those engaged in the installation of Refractory such as Castables Casting, Castable Gunning, Refractory Brick, Acid Resistance Brick, Refractory Plastic, Ceramik Blanket and wool, Blanket Module Installation. We have Special Equipment for Refractory installation and supply various kinds of refractory standard or specifically Refractory Fire Brick, Insulation Fire Brick, Refractory Castable, Insulation Castable, Mortar, Precast Block, Ceramic Paper, Ceramic Blanket, Rockwool Calcium Silica Board etc., We provide long-term and cost-effective solutions for your company, can respond with innovative answers to the problems you face.

5 Year

Greetings Success,On this occasion, let us PT Agusta Mitra Sukses is a national company engaged in the supply and distribution of construction equipment. PT. AMS has established itself as a distributor company in collaboration with related company partners. From this sector, we serve rental, buying and selling, service, sales of engine spare parts, up to special production according to the order, whether the design is set or we are designing according to market needs. In running a business, PT. AMS has always been committed to the company's vision and mission through innovative and comprehensive methods to get quality, reliable and safe work.During our duties in that field, we have worked closely with contracting companies, Sub-Contractors and individuals. Therefore, we wish to introduce our best service to your company, with the hope of establishing good cooperation in the fulfillment of various units and machine parts that are needed in your company. With the support of competent human resources in their fields, PT. AMS consistently applies efforts to improve productivity that will synergistically improve performance for our customers.

4 Year
Abadi Jaya Isolasi By CV. Abadi Jaya Isolasi

CV. Abadi Jaya Isolasi is a company engaged in the General Supplier. Our sales cover the whole area of Indonesia .We cooperate with the expedition of land, sea and air to support the speed of sprinklers barang.Speed of service and customer satisfaction is the motive of our work. Our Consumers consist of various fields: Individual Company / contractor. You can also consult first for the selection of the right material to use. various fields: Company, Contractor,The material we sell is 1. Rockwool 2. Glasswool 3. Roofmesh Galvanis, Wire Mesh 4. Bubble Insulation : Shine Foil, Zeltech, Polynum 5. Aluminium Foil 6. Aluminium Sheet 7. Glass Cloth 8. Karpet Peredam Glasswool, Karpet Hias 9. Turbine Ventilator Cyclone 10. Black Tissue 11. Rockwool Pipa 12. Ceramic Fiber 13. Asbes Cloth, Termo Cloth 14. Kawat Loket, Kawat Anyam 15. Sinus Wave / Busa Telur 16. Asbes Pita / Asbes Tali 17. Aluminium Tape & Metalyzing Tape 18. Spindel Pins

4 Year
Cahaya Abadi Teknik By CV. Cahaya Abadi Teknik

We are a company engaged in construction and sales of Polyurethane sandwich panels, condensing units and other materials for Partition, coldstorage, abf, chiller etc. along with other accessories.Sandwich Panel DistributorCV. Cahaya Abadi Teknik is a Sandwich Panel Distributor located in Surabaya. Sandwich Panel We give you the choice to choose between different insulation materials, profiles, dimensions of insulation, surfaces and various colors. The panel is compact, all-in-one element, which consists of the outside, solid envelope, insulation layer and inner layer. Facade panels can be used horizontally or vertically and are also available with a clear or confidential display. Using Sandwich Panels from CV Sandwich Panel Distributors. Eternal Light Technique is possible to build a building quickly and effectively, and also has optimal fire insulation and safety, with an aesthetically pleasing facade and roof. Our high-performance sandwich panels can be used in a variety of applications including agriculture, industry, offices, showrooms, warehouses, cold storage, etc.

3 Year
Sakata Utama By PT. Sakata Utama

PT. MAIN SAKATA is a company engaged in the construction field for development, maintenance and development in various fields. From since its establishment in 2006, our company always emphasizing professionalism, quality and timely that lead to the ultimate goal of our customer satisfaction.Over time, supported by the ability and experience of our team, technology and extensive partner network, making our trusted as a partner by a few large companies in the development of its business in Indonesia.With increasing competition in the field of construction, we are committed to continuously improving the quality and timeliness in the quantity of our work

4 Year

PT. Sakata Utama

Jaya Interior By Jaya Interior

Welcome Site On This Page You Will Get Info And Know About Vinyl Floor And Floor Parquet wood pattern.We Are Located In Jakarta, the Office Us On:JAYA INTERIOR Jl. Pinangsia Raya No.16G Taman Sari West Jakarta We serve jabodetabek and Indonesia Phone: (021) 6907040 Mobile: 0812 8411 7691 (WA) Bbm: 5B3C4887In Central Tight Market Competition Patterned Vinyl Floor Wooden Parquet Floor, We Present Opening Enterprises Wood Floor Jakarta Because of Interest We Opens Ventures To beautify the room you.Well used in floors, walls and stairs.

4 Year

Jaya Interior


PT Hasta Karya Ananta (HKA) is an equipment distributor of material handling and construction, with the brand Heli, Mantall, KH, and OilSteel Indonesia, located in Jakarta (Kota Tangerang) and Surabaya.HKA Service includes: sales / sales, after sales / warranty units, rental / leasing, service, spare parts, trade / tradein, even modifications.The products we sell are: Forklift (forklift diesel / solar, battery forklift / electric forklift gasoline / petrol and LPG forklift) Heli/CHL Man lift / electrical ladder (scissor lifts, articulating boom lifts, telescopic boom lifts, aerial work platforms) Mantall Wheel Loader (ZL16F, ZL18F, ZL20F, ZL30F, ZL35F, ZL36F, ZL50F, HL933) Heli and CHL Skylift (snake, scorpion, octopus, eagle) OilSteel Reach Truck (reach truck stand up and reach truck seat down) Heli/CHL Hand lift / Stacker (full electric stacker, semi-electric stacker, and a manual stacker with type Narrow, Wide legs, Reach Stacker, and Counter Balance) Heli/CHL Hand Pallet (full electric / Pallet Mover and Manual / Hand Truck) Heli/CHL Towing Tractor (diesel and battery) Heli/CHL Drum Equipment (drum handler, drum porter, and drum gripper)Especially for trade-ins for products forklift, scissor lift, wheel loaders, skylift, reach truck, stacker, and a new tractor towing us by: Former forklift brand Toyota, Komatsu, Mitsubishi, Caterpillar, TCM Scissor lifts brands of used Genie, JLG, Dingli Wheel Loader former Komatsu, Caterpillar, Lonking Skylift former Palazani, Socage Reach Truck former BT, Linde, Crown Former Krisbow Stacker, Jungheinrich Towing tractor former Toyota, PatriaQuality products, competitive prices and cheap, with a 2 year warranty *. The reason why we dare warranty of 2 years? Because we are confident in the quality of our products, we tested a minimum through the service rental / lease (forklift scissor lift, etc.), where the consequences of a rental / lease (forklift scissor lift etc) which are (1) the terrain / different locations, (2) the operator (forklift scissorlift etc.) are different, and (3) self belonging operators (forklift scissor lift, etc.) are lacking; than if the property itself.Our office: PT HASTA KARYA ANANTA Commercial Cendana No. 38 Taman Royal Jalan Benteng Betawi Rt 04 Rw 15 Tanah Tinggi, Kota Tangerang, Banten, 15 119

3 Year


Sumber Teknik Indonusa By PT. Sumber Teknik Indonusa

INSTRUMENTATION-RENTAL-CALIBRATION AND HYDROTEST VALVEIn the Age of the Globalization, the need for services, especially trade, was very important and seeing the existence of a business opportunity today until the future is very much needed in its utilization. For that we ventured to open this business in utilizing natural resources in Indonesia for the prosperity of all components of the nation.PT. Sumber Teknik Indonusa is a company engaged in mining, trade and services, until now PT. Sumber Teknik Indonusa still exists in this field and will develop its wings and provide better service than before. Good cooperation, credibility, loyalty and honesty are the most important things for us to do business in this field.Our company is strong in exponentially diversifying energy for humanity, power, government, shareholders, society and the environment so that future generations can reap a bright future.

4 Year

Starting from a few years before, we build consumer confidence through Resaller throughout Indonesia. Through our Door To Door Service, we are still trying to provide perfect service to all consumers and society. We are determined, for the future, to always provide the best service and always be able to improve ourselves in service. PT. SSMAS (Sumber Sarana Makmur Abadi Sentosa), is a Building Material Supplier with specialization of Iron. Many types of iron that we distribute such as Iron Concrete, Iron IWF-Habiem, UNP, CNP, Wiremesh and Steel Light. In addition we also distribute iron materials, we also provide building work, such as Civil Works, Infrastructure. From our business line, we strive to always provide the best service and contribution to all consumers. We also accept and advise on matters relating to MaterialBuildingserta building. We hope that in the future we can always improve and improve our service and competitiveness.Vision - Making PT. SSMAS (Source Sarana Makmur Abadi Sentosa), always get the priority on the customer's attention of the whole layer Mission - Giving satisfaction to all customers, so it can raising trust and making it a loyal customer. - Providing trust based on Quality, Accuracy, and Price Competitive.SERVICES & FOCUSTechniquesSipil: The construction of government and private housing either in the form of Office building or Rumah Toko / RUKO and factory / warehouse. Pengurugan and dredging land for development Housing and offices, both private and government agencies, includingperawatannya. Cutting and cutting works (cut & fill) Provider of office building and shopping mall maintenance services, including building painting maintenance, maintenance of office maintenance facilities for office building and shopping malls, including painting maintenance, and maintenance of Park Providers of consultant services for building planning in the form of working drawings, 3D images, drawings of structures and the calculation of Cost Plan (RAB).Mecanical & Electrical:Installation of electrical installations of buildings and offices, duckting, maintenance & and as a provider of Electrical ME equipment, Air Conditioning. Installation of System Guard / CCTV In office and housing. Installation of PABX Network and Cabeling network office and residential telephone Installation of a housing drainage installation Installation of clean water, dirty water and wastewater disposal, office, etc. Installationinstallation of home.Steel Equipment:In addition to our field of services in contractors, we also provide and Distribute Material Building to all consumers, be it Project, Government Institution, Private or individual. AmongSteel Equipment and PVC Pipes we are preparing for: - Steel bar - IWF, CNP & UNP - Wiremesh - Spandex & Bondex - Wavin, Rucika, Vinilon & pralon. With a price offercompetitive.

Poly Stamino Indonesia By PT. Poly Stamino Indonesia

PT Poly Stamino Indonesia, a company engaged in the manufacture, maintenance and processing of STP (extended and FRP), TANK PANEL, GREASE TRAP, WWTP and WTP.We also provide decomposition enzymes of fat / oil, industrial, hospital, domestic or sewage, and Septic Tank waste with the brand BioWasteTM. Can help reduce COD, BOD, H2S, Ammonia, Sludge, reduction of medical use and ODOR problems or achievement of quality standards on WWTP and STP

3 Year
Multi Karya Tata Bersama By PT. Multi Karya Tata Bersama

PT. Multi Karya Tata Bersama is a company engaged in fire extinguishers, we also work a lot for the fabrication of fire extinguisher tubes, hydrant box fabrications, and also tank fabrication for fuel and water storage. There have been many projects that we have worked on in various regions in Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan and Bali.

Dayacipta Anekareksa By PT. Dayacipta Anekareksa

We, PT Dayacipta Anekareksa is a company established since 1988 is engaged in Pile Square industry, Precast Fence, Spun Pile. Our products have proven their quality and superiority so that they can be relied upon to support your industrial work system.PT.DAYACIPTA ANEKAREKSAJl.raya serang km10 Cikupa Tangerang

3 Year
Trimitra Green Enviro By PT. Trimitra Green Enviro

PT. Trimitra Green Enviro is a company engaged in the Planning and goods and services for WTP and WWTP based in Bandung, we provide services to all customers with the best quality.

3 Year
Panca Logam By Panca Logam

We have been trusted to be a supplier for technical and material needs by hundreds of our customers throughout Indonesia. We provide various building materials such as wire counters, PVC pipes, HDPE pipes, hand saws, saw blades, safety devices, and others. Entrust your building material needs only to us and get affordable prices for each superior product.

3 Year

Panca Logam

Bumi Mulia Chemindo By PT. Bumi Mulia Chemindo

PT. BUMI MULIA CHEMINDO is a company engaged in Supply & Services Specialty Chemicals for Industrial and Design Engineering focusing on water treatment and waste water treatment.Since 2006 in line with the company's running in order to optimize customer service, the company focus and adhere to the values of the Company, we believe that consistently strives to be more focused, efficient and targeted towards the company's values to be achieved. For that we are very grateful to the customers who have trusted in our quality products, and make us as a partner.

3 Year

PT. Bumi Wirastaraya Sejahtera is a company that distributes several pumps and blowers in Indonesia. We have experience in supply technically, we serve some high quality products from famous brand based on customer requirement. Our products are suitable for the needs of sewage treatment plants, hospitals, restaurants, malls or plazas, medium industries such as automotive, garment or textile etc.PT. Bumi Wirastaraya Sejahtera was officially established through the notarial deed of Nurdjaja.SH on February 22, 2010, with No. deed 12.Our scope includes:  Mechanical and Electrical  Fire hydrant  WTP And STP  Procurement and installation of pumps: Hydrant Pumps, Water Pumps, Dirty Water Pumps

Chasana Global Mandiri By PT Chasana Global Mandiri

PT. CHASANA GLOBAL MANDIRI (CGM) is a company engaged in the production services of Corrugated Steel Pipe Armco or commonly called Galvanized Steel Culverts. Corrugated Steel Pipe / Gorong-Gorong Baja can be used / applied for Drainage / culverts, irrigation canals, sewers, bridges, tunnels, underpasses or for other constructions such as the conveyor cap. The types / types of Corrugated Steel Pipe are as follows:*) Type of Nestable Flange E-100 (NF), type two upper and lower shaft. The type which is the simplest and most versatile for culverts, irrigation canals, sewerage drains, small bridges and conveyor lids. The size / diameter starts from: 450 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1500 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm with a thickness of plate thickness of 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 3.5 mm with specs extending 1000 mm*) Full round type Multi Plate Pipe (MPP) type with wave plate sheets assembled to the desired shape and size. For sizes ranging from 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2100 mm, 2250 mm, 2400 mm, 3000 mm, 3300 mm, 3600 mm, 4050 mm, 4200 mm, 4500 mm, 4800 mm, 5100 mm, 6000 mm to 8500 mm with plate thickness of 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm and 7.0 mm extended 2400 mm*) Multi Plate Pipe Arches (MPPA) type round oval with wave plate sheets are assembled according to the desired shape and size. The size / stretch starts from a stretch of 1850 mm armco height 1550 mm up to a stretch of 6350 mm height 3950 mm with a plate thickness of 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm and 7.0 mm extending 2400 mm *) Multi Plate Arches (MPA) type of special semicircle is assembled according to the shape and size needed. This type of semicircle is assembled / seated on a prepared foundation. The sizes range from a stretch of 2000 mm height 890 mm to a stretch of 8500 mm height 4210 mm plate thickness 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm and 7.0 mm extended 2400 mm*) Multi Plate Type Underpass and*) Multi Plate Super Span TypeIn addition to Corrugated Steel Pipe / Steel Steel Pipes, PT. CHASANA GLOBAL MANDIRI also provides / manufactures Guardrail Road Safety Fence and Bailey Panel Bridge productionFor more information, contact our marketing team.

6 Year
Tumbuh Kembang Desa By PT. Tumbuh Kembang Desa

PT. Growing Kembang Desa is a company engaged in the contractor building, interior, security system & telecomunication. We are located in Tangerang. Supported with quality modern equipment and a qualified and experienced workforce keep us number one in this field. Number Whatsapp : 081212007720

2 Year
Mulyo Tekhnik By CV. Mulyo Tekhnik

CV. Mulyo Tekhnik is a company engaged in the field of plate cut and bend plate. We are located in Sidoarjo. Our products are well-tested for quality and superiority that can be relied upon for your industry.

2 Year
Sinartech Multi Perkasa By PT Sinartech Multi Perkasa

PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa is a company engaged in the construction of manufactur, engineering and consultants, the workmanship includes EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and OPC (Operational Procerement Construction), specifically on the work of PALM OIL MILL, KERNEL CRUSHING PLANT, REFINERY PLANT, CRUMB RUBBER FACTORY.PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa established in 2014 which is a GROUP of PT.Nasatech Sukses Abadi which has been established in 2013 and has a branch in Bubutan field under the name of PT. Sinartech Multi Engineering, to improve the field of industrial manufactur in the country, especially in PALM OIL MILL by inviting experts and professionals and experienced in their field as employees and equipment and equipment that supports the achievement of optimal results.PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa has a great commitment to move forward and develop on every project that is handled, and will give the best result in achieving the desired completion target in terms of cost, quality, time and satisfactory service to client.PT. Sinartech Multi Perkasa provides an optimal and efficient price offering and competitive provide good material quality in accordance with the specifications in the completion of each job in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

2 Year

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