Cargo and Logistic

Cargo and Logistic

Cargo and Logistics

All items of cargo is shipped by air (airplanes), marine (boat) or land (container trucks) to be traded, either between regions or cities within the country or between countries (international) known as export-import. Logistics is the management process of the removal and storage of goods and related information dai in providing resources to the end users effectively and efficiently. Cargo and Logistics are the two things are interrelated, cargo is the goods and the logistics are part of the supply chain or (supply chain management) planning, implementing, and controlling effectively and efficiently, the flow and storage of goods and services and related information from point (a) origin to the point (a) consumption that aims to meet customer needs.

Jaya Utama Santikah By Jaya Utama Santikah

PT JAYA UTAMA SANTIKAH Cooperate for the management of work services as follows: Apartment cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service, cleaning service , cleaning service service pertokohan, cleaning service banking services, cleaning service warehousing services, cleaning service factory and other cleaning services.Maintenance services of parks, office maintenance services, office maintenance services, hospital garden maintenance services, park mall maintenance services, residential garden maintenance services, garden garden maintenance services, garden clinic maintenance services, garden care services shouroom, garden maintenance services pertokohan , and warehouse care services park, garden maintenance services at the factory and others.Services scurity apartments, office security services, security scurity services, hospitality scurity services, scurity mall services, housing scurity services, restaurant security services, clinical scurity services, scourge shouroom services, security services, and security warehousing services, scurity services at factory and others.Delevery services, coustemer service, parking services.Competitive price and quality Contract system annual, monthly and daily (job break)

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Cahaya Lintas Semesta By PT. Cahaya Lintas Semesta

We PT Cahaya Lintas Semesta are a leading and trusted company in the field of import services in Indonesia because we have provided this Import service for more than tens of years to various requests and needs of the community with full responsibility from any country throughout Indonesia because of the goods you entrust us only to be entrusted therefore we will maintain that trust.

4 Year

PT. MANDIRI RAJAWALI HUTAMA is a private company engaged in general trade and services, established in 2018 at Bogor, West Java, Indonesian.

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Jaya Agung Cemerlang Karya By PT. Jaya Agung Cemerlang Karya

PT Jaya Agung Cemerlang Karya is a company engaged in cargo services located in Medan dan Jakarta. We have experience in the field of cargo and shipping services throughout Indonesia. We serve cargo shipping services via air port to port and port to door as our main service to immediately fly your shipment quickly, precisely, safely and professionally.

Cahaya Mandiri Express By CV. Cahaya Mandiri Express

Cahaya Mandiri Express is a company engaged in the field of freight forwarding. We are located in Surabaya. We are supported by a quality fleet that is roadworthy and also supported by professional experts who are experienced in the field of shipping.

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Bintang Rodamas By PT. Bintang Rodamas

Kami dari PT. BINTANG RODAMAS, sebagai perusahaan jasa kepabeanan yang mengimpor bea cukai melalui pelabuhan tanjung priok maupun bandara soekarno hatta. PT BINTANG RODAMAS DAPAT MELAYANI SEBAGAI BERIKUT: 1. Jasa Pengurusan Impor & Eksport Via Udara Dan Laut 2. Jasa Pengurusan Perijinan Impor & Eksport 3. Jasa Konsultasi Kepabeanan & Logistik BADAN - DENGAN ANGKUTAN UDARA DAN LAUT Jika perusahaan Bapak / Ibu Membutuhkan konsultasi mengenai ekspor dan impor, dapat menghubungi kami. Demikianlah penawaran ini kami ajukan semoga dapat terjalin bersama yang baik kami ucapkan. Terima kasih. Terima kasih & terbaik Sutisna Ponsel: 082213387323 PT. BINTANG RODAMAS BIZ Lofts @ U-Residence karawaci Unit 2818

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Trans Engineering Sentosa By Trans Engineering Sentosa

PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) was established in 2002 with its own Office and Warehouse in Medan, Indonesia. At the same time we have also prepared Telecommunications special services with a focus on Power System Installation, Network Installation in an integrated Logistics Service Package.PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) is progressing and developing with the vision and mission of offering and providing installation services and transportation services in the area where we exist. PT. Trans Engineering Sentosa (TES) has a Collaborative Relationship with Key Actors in the Telecommunications Industry Globally Like, PT. Telkomsel, PT. Indosat, PT. Hariff DTE and PT. Fluidic Indonesia as a United States (USA) Company, PT Lintas Artha, PT Moratel, PT. Westindo Eka Perkasa, PT. GSPE, PT. Abhimata Citra Abadi (ACA). We continue to innovate and move forward and are committed to maintaining the best service for our customers wherever they are.

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Adinda Jaya Logistics By CV. Adinda Jaya Logistics

CV. Adinda Jaya Logistics (Adinda Cargo) is an inter-island shipping company door-to-door freight forwarding services using containers throughout the Indonesian archipelago. This container shipping service company first engaged in the world of freight forwarding and logistics in 2012 located in Jakarta with a specialist serving shipping goods door to door using containers.Along with the development of time and the increasing needs of customers, we also explore other services such as handling export import goods shipments, truck rental services, customs handling services and import and export undername rental, car and motorcycle shipping services.Intersular Container Shipping Services with door to door service conditions include large cities such as:Sumatera Sumatra Region: Medan, Pekanbaru, Dumai, Batam, Bintan, Tanjung Pinang, Palembang, Bengkulu, Jambi, Bangka, Belitung.Kalimantan Kalimantan Region: Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Palangkaraya, Kumai, Sampit, Balikpapan, Samarinda, Tarakan, Berau.Sulawesi Sulawesi Region: Makassar, Palu, Gorotalo, Menado, Toli toli, Luwuk, Mamuju, Bau Bau Kendari Java, Bali, NTB, NTT: Surabaya, Semarang, Denpasar, Lombok, Labuan Bajo, Bima, KupangAmbon Ambon, Maluku, Papua: Ambon, Ternate, Sorong, Manokwari, Biak, Nabire, Timika, Bintuni, Jayapura Our Services are as follows: Door to Door Container Delivery Services     Container Shipping Services by Ship      o Train Shipping Services      o Container Shipping Services with Trailer Trucks     o Export and Import Container Shipping Services Door to Door Wholesale Import Services  Import Undername Rental Services  Customs Clearance Services  Truck Rental Services for Java and Sumatra RegionHead Office: Jl. Kav. DKI No. 57, Duren Sawit, East Jakarta 13440 Indonesia Tel: 6221-22088623 Mobile: 085311740321 WA: 087787415222 Email:

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Khatulistiwa Mandiri Logistik By PT. Khatulistiwa Mandiri Logistik

Our company is engaged in the delivery and transport of goods both via land and sea. The company was established since 1992 with the name of CV. KHATULISTIWA MANDIRI and in 2015 turned into PT. KHATULISTIWA MANDIRI LOGISTIK (KHAMANLOG). Having more than 20 years experience in transportation and logistics makes us the best choice for your company solution.

Yokatta Makmur Perkasa By PT. Yokatta Makmur Perkasa

Welcome to PT. Yokatta Makmur Perkasa. We are a company established since 2012 engaged in the industry of Plastic Products, Industrial Baskets, Chicken Baskets, Bak bowls and water filters, Buckets and dusted blade scraps, Keset Woven Hangers and other products, Basket of fruit. We are at JL. SOUTHERN BEAUTIFUL RUKO PAPER I BLOCK B5, KALIDERES. Find our best range of products (CART FORD, Plastic Container, Plastic Container, Plastic Basket) with the best quality and price you can get. "YTH" is a brand developed by PT. Yokatta Makmur Perkasa ... Which is where the company produces various kinds of plastic equipment and other equipment, all its products are 100% made in indonesia ... In addition to the field perplastikan PT.Yokatta Makmur Perkasa Group pioneering career in the production start spartpart motorcycle with YTH lebel where this product has been circulating throughout Indonesia. therefore with success in the sparepart field,  PT. Yokatta Makmur Perkasa Group began to develop its products with various plastics and melebelkan his production with YTH, the company has been studying the market in the need of consumers so by brave and confident in its production with YTH. following the results of the production of PT.Yokatta Makmur Perkasa Group, and we will always expand the production to meet all the needs of consumers. We PT. Yokatta produce basket / boiler chicken increment as basket of chicken with design and lint YTH have 2 grade and 2 size, fruit basket which is suitable for fruit fruit supplier agent to keep buah2 to neatly and always with good condition have 2 size and 2 grade , Multifunctional industrial / multifunctional basket has a wide range of sizes and has 2 grades to suit your industry / business needs ...

4 Year
Cahaya Nusantara Express By CV. Cahaya Nusantara Express

CV. CAHAYA NUSANTARA EXPRESS is an integrated freight forwarding company that provides easy delivery of goods. For Us size, weight of goods, and speed is not a problem for us, because We are able to provide solutions delivery of goods as needed.Along with the business development and increasing market demand, CV.CAHAYA NUSANTARA EXPRESS is ready to cooperate with any company in serving delivery and distribution to all regions of Indonesia by using qualified human resources, professional and highly qualified in the field of transportation, especially land, sea, Air with fleet support available.CV. CAHAYA NUSANTARA EXPRESS domiciled in Surabaya address JL.Sidotopo Lor 24 C Surabaya and has an integrated network in big city cities throughout the Territory of Indonesia. Until now We are running in the delivery service has been trusted by various companies to be partners to work on the delivery of various types of goods.

Wahana Persada Nusantara By CV. Wahana Persada Nusantara

CV. Wahana Persada was established on 2003 and we are a legal distribution agent of Refina Salt. We are the leading distributors in the salt industry, and we maintain our reputation with good client relationships that we have built over the years. We believe that clients are always the first - which means the best products, prices, and services. CV. Wahana Persada has grown and has several warehouses in Jakarta, Bandung, and Jogjakarta. The type of goods distributed are growing and includes various commodities such as sugar and cooking oil. We believe that all of our clients deserve the best service and products, and we committed to provide just that. If you are looking for a selection of high-quality commodity products, prices within budget and a team that truly understands your needs, CV. Wahana Persada is perfect for you. Call us today to learn more.

Chasana Global Mandiri By PT Chasana Global Mandiri

PT. CHASANA GLOBAL MANDIRI (CGM) is a company engaged in the production services of Corrugated Steel Pipe Armco or commonly called Galvanized Steel Culverts. Corrugated Steel Pipe / Gorong-Gorong Baja can be used / applied for Drainage / culverts, irrigation canals, sewers, bridges, tunnels, underpasses or for other constructions such as the conveyor cap. The types / types of Corrugated Steel Pipe are as follows:*) Type of Nestable Flange E-100 (NF), type two upper and lower shaft. The type which is the simplest and most versatile for culverts, irrigation canals, sewerage drains, small bridges and conveyor lids. The size / diameter starts from: 450 mm, 500 mm, 600 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1400 mm, 1500 mm, 1600 mm and 1800 mm with a thickness of plate thickness of 2.0 mm, 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 3.5 mm with specs extending 1000 mm*) Full round type Multi Plate Pipe (MPP) type with wave plate sheets assembled to the desired shape and size. For sizes ranging from 1500 mm, 1800 mm, 2100 mm, 2250 mm, 2400 mm, 3000 mm, 3300 mm, 3600 mm, 4050 mm, 4200 mm, 4500 mm, 4800 mm, 5100 mm, 6000 mm to 8500 mm with plate thickness of 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm and 7.0 mm extended 2400 mm*) Multi Plate Pipe Arches (MPPA) type round oval with wave plate sheets are assembled according to the desired shape and size. The size / stretch starts from a stretch of 1850 mm armco height 1550 mm up to a stretch of 6350 mm height 3950 mm with a plate thickness of 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm and 7.0 mm extending 2400 mm *) Multi Plate Arches (MPA) type of special semicircle is assembled according to the shape and size needed. This type of semicircle is assembled / seated on a prepared foundation. The sizes range from a stretch of 2000 mm height 890 mm to a stretch of 8500 mm height 4210 mm plate thickness 3.0 mm, 3.5 mm, 4.0 mm, 5.0 mm, 6.0 mm and 7.0 mm extended 2400 mm*) Multi Plate Type Underpass and*) Multi Plate Super Span TypeIn addition to Corrugated Steel Pipe / Steel Steel Pipes, PT. CHASANA GLOBAL MANDIRI also provides / manufactures Guardrail Road Safety Fence and Bailey Panel Bridge productionFor more information, contact our marketing team.

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Gemini Trans Logistics By Gemini Trans Logistics

Our Company Activity : . Shipping With Conditions Door To Door The Whole Territory Of Indonesia And Abroad . Agent Container / Nvocc Agency . Cargo Project For Construction Of Factory Or Power Plant . Cargo Handling . Handling Container Port · Shipping Agent · Freight Truck Entire Region Of Sulawesi · Heavy Equipment Transportation By Road · Dry Cargo Chartering · Custom Clearance · Stevedore Nickel Ore & Coal · Transhipment Barge And Ocean Going Barge " With Our Best Let Your Trust , Do Your Moving Of Cargo " . Please Feel Free To Contact Me For The Inquiry From / Into Indonesia , Especially At Makassar , Sulawesi South Region . As I ' Ll Be Your Kind Assistance For All The Time . Many Thanks For Your Precious Co -Operation And Great Support , As Much Appreciated ! We Always Have An Endeavor For Establishing Our Life - Long And Endless Relations With Our Worthy Business Partners Or Agents Like Yourselves Through Co -Operation And Supply Of Best Quality Services Under Vigilant Supervision In Our Company .

Mds Kaltim By Mds Kaltim

Mds Trans Kaltim Balikpapan Is A Transportation Services Company Land, Sea, Air Special Purpose East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, South Kalimantan. Ready To Distribute Goods Materials Project Mining, Coal, Construction, Rig, Pipe, Cement, Fertilizer, Oil Gas, Iron, Concrete, Spaer Heavy Equipment Parts, Household Movers. Private Car, Motorcycle Safety With Emphasis.

Mds Kaltim

AB Logistics Balikpapan By PT  AB Logistics Balikpapan

Ab Logistics Is A Service Company Land, Sea, Air Other Destinations In East Kalimantan. Ready To Distribute The Materials Project Mining, Coal, Construction, Rig, Pipe, Cement, Fertilizer, Oil Gas, Iron, Concrete, Spaer Heavy Equipment Parts, Household Movers. Private Car, Motorcycle Safety With Emphasis.

Sintra Cargo Service By Sintra Cargo Service

Our Company Is In The Service Freight Forwarder, And Local Emkl Ppjk, Based In Makassar Very Experienced In And Have A Delivery Service Agent / Link Inside Or Outside The State, Has Been Trusted By The Various Parties Whether Personal, Private And Government Over The Years To Implement In Shipping And Cargo Handling Process.


Pt. Infinity Indonesia, Located In East Jakarta Which Is One Of The Integrated Services, Export-Import, Trading Agent & Supplier.

Timur Mentari Express By PT  Timur Mentari Express

Founded In 2008 With The Full Confidence Of All Our Customers, We Serve Nationwide Delivery Service Throughout The Day With The Best Services To, The Warranty One Day Service.


PT. WIRA ADI JAYA is a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, domiciled in South Jakarta, Companies engaged in construction / construction, container sales, container rental, container modification, container repairs, warehouses and container shipping services through land and sea Vision: 1. The fastest, best and high integrity company development services to achieve optimal customer satisfaction, and have a positive impact on the people, nation and country of Indonesia 2. The company that provides the largest container, the best, high quality and quantity 3. Companies that provide the fastest trucks, best and best meet client needs 4. Companies that provide the largest and most successful container modifications in Indonesia 5. The biggest and most successful development / development company in Indonesia 6. A company that provides container shipping services throughout Indonesia / Domestic Freight Forwarders 7. Companies that provide the most convenient and best warehouses in Jakarta Mission 1. Prioritize customer satisfaction by generating jobs or services that we provide 2. Improving the quality of human resources that are reliable, competent and of high integrity 3. Improving Work, Maintaining the Biggest Quality and Quantity in Indonesia



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