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The emergence of hardware called a printer in the world of technology is already presenting many benefits. Device typewriter that since hundreds of years ago was present had been left out. Because of the sophistication of printer device that has a function as human beings want the world today. Is to print a document for personal benefit or a lot of people. Start of text, images, and combined text and images. Besides functioning to print a document, the printer also has other functions that have been adopted from other technologies. Call it the function of doubling the document (principle and function photocopiers), the function of scanning (scanning) and the function send data (fax). In this regard for Service Printers are increasingly sought after especially for offices, for Service Printer charge of maintenance in order to avoid obstacles when it will be used and also improve if there are obstacles diprinter.

Pusat  Services ID Printer canon MK-1500 By PT. Reka Sarana Sakti Pratama

Panjang: 30 mLebar: 6mm 9mm 12mmBahan: PETFitur: Berdasarkan pencetakan transfer thermal cetak yang jelas dan terang, anti gantung sikat air dan minyak, tidak memakai daya tahan.Model meja NamaModelSpesifikasiCassette Tape LabelTM-1106W6mm x 30 m PutihCassette Tape LabelTM-1106Y6mm x 30 m KuningCassette Tape LabelTM-1109W9mm x 30 m PutihCassette Tape LabelTM-1109Y9mm x 30 m KuningCassette Tape LabelTM-1112W12mm x 30 m PutihCassette Tape LabelTM-1112Y12mm x 30 m Kuning

Instalasi Printer Largeformat By CV. Media Grafindo

Kami menyediakan jasa instalasi untuk setiap pelanggan yang membeli printer dari mediagrafindo



Reparasi Printer Large Fornat By CV. Media Grafindo

Untuk setiap pelanggan kami, kami juga meyediakan jasa perbaikan/reparasi mesin anda.

PRINTER EKTP By CV. Bina Citra Bersama


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