Geologist Services

Geologist Services

Geologist Services

Geological Services provide initial services in the field of mining, namely geological survey or exploration plays an important role in localizing or finding areas that have the potential to mine economically viable and profitable for partners. This type of service Geologic Services include: Survey Review, an exploration stage coal or mineral earliest in order to identify areas containing coal deposits or mineral prospect for further investigation. Prospecting, conducted site selection areas containing coal deposits or mineral potential to be developed with the aim to identify the distribution and potential coal deposits or mineral exploration will be targeted next. Early exploration and exploration Detail, the purpose of this activity is to obtain a preliminary picture of the coal deposit covering a distance point of observation, the thickness, the slope of the layers, shapes, layer correlation, distribution, and sedimentary geological structure, quantity and quality.

Sinartech Multi Perkasa By PT Sinartech Multi Perkasa

PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa is a company engaged in the construction of manufactur, engineering and consultants, the workmanship includes EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) and OPC (Operational Procerement Construction), specifically on the work of PALM OIL MILL, KERNEL CRUSHING PLANT, REFINERY PLANT, CRUMB RUBBER FACTORY.PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa established in 2014 which is a GROUP of PT.Nasatech Sukses Abadi which has been established in 2013 and has a branch in Bubutan field under the name of PT. Sinartech Multi Engineering, to improve the field of industrial manufactur in the country, especially in PALM OIL MILL by inviting experts and professionals and experienced in their field as employees and equipment and equipment that supports the achievement of optimal results.PT.Sinartech Multi Perkasa has a great commitment to move forward and develop on every project that is handled, and will give the best result in achieving the desired completion target in terms of cost, quality, time and satisfactory service to client.PT. Sinartech Multi Perkasa provides an optimal and efficient price offering and competitive provide good material quality in accordance with the specifications in the completion of each job in accordance with a predetermined schedule.

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Testindo By PT Testindo

PT TESTINDO is the # 1 SOLUTION in the INDONESIA Monitoring System & Control System, Products & Services we provide include:Products: - Rubber Testing Equipment (Rheometer, Mooney Viscometer, Ozone Tester Chamber, Tensile Strength Tester, Aging Oven Tester etc.) - Sensors & Tranducers - Non Destructive Testing - Sound Level Meters - Soil Test Tools - Data Loggers (Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers, Temperature Measuring Instruments) - Borescope - Balancing Machines - Laser Alignment - Tank Level Monitoring - Universal Testing Machine - Oil AnalysisEngineering Services: - Monitoring System Customize - Customize Control System - Integrated Online Monitoring - Condition Monitoring - Repair & Upgrade ServiceWe have experience in various system & control system monitoring applications in Indonesia as follows : - BPPT B2TKS (2010) - Bump Test Services: (Personal Frequency Analysis) Velg-Bali (2009) products: Sound Monitoring and Analysis System of Art-PU (Pusjatan) Bandung (2009): Mon System itoring Indoamplas Gemilang Bridges (2010): Up-Grade Material Testing Machine - STPI Curug (2009): Energy Power Data Acquisition & Analyzer- University of Bengkulu Mechanical Engineering (2009): Dynamic signal analyzer- University of Bengkulu (2009): Data acquisition and sensors for the Mechanical and Electrical Testing of UGM Yogyakarta (2010): Data acquisition for civil structure testing - Atma Jaya University Yogyakarta (2010): Monitoring System for Civil Testing - PLN Pusharlis Bandung (2011): Turbine 16 channel Monitoring System - Indonesia Power UP Mrica (2011): Vibration Monitoring of State Password Institutions (2011): Dynamic Signal Analyzer-ABB Installation Materials (2010): Fuse test design (100% QC) - Suramadu Bridge (2007-2009): Instrumentation Design on Structural Health projects Monitoring System (SHMS)Your Advantages Choosing Us, As A Solution To Your Problems, Are: - Guaranteed After Sales - Support Engineering Experienced & Reliable - Competitive Prices With Best TechnologyUnt uk More Information Like Full Specifications, Videos Or Catalogs You Can Visit Our Website At & Or Contact Contact Below: Immediately Pt TestindoOffice: Jl. Radin Inten No 61 B Duren Sawit East Jakarta - Indonesia Tel (021) - 2956 3045Fax: (021) - 2956 3052Email: sales@testindo.comWebsite: |

PT Testindo

Heiwa Tirta Pratama By PT  Heiwa Tirta Pratama

Our Company Is Engaged In The Drilling Of Water Boreholes Operating Underground Since 1996 , We Have 4 Units Boring Machine Import Capacity 0-500 Yards , 3 Units Of Type Toho Tbm Rotary , 1 Mobile Unit Type Pakasong Diameter Of 17 Inches , Suitable For The Needs Of Industry , Housing , Taps , We Also Provide Facilities Geoelectric , Determining The Point Well , Logging , Determination Of Water Sources , Well Construction , And Procurement Of Submersible Pumps . Clean Water Is A Vital Requirement For The Various Activities As Well As The Need For Production , Our Company Seeks To Answer The Need For Clean Water In The House , Factory , Hospital , Apartment , Hotel And Other Public Property . Pt . Heiwa Tirta Pratama Is One Water Drilling Company That Has Long Experience Working On Ground Water Exploration Activities , As Well As With Experienced Experts And Support Sufficient Drilling Equipment Trying To Answer Every Challenge In Exploration Activities To Find The Source Of Water To Meet The Needs Of Clean Water In The House , Factory Or Other Public Property . We Can Also Help You To Have Clean Water Shortages Caused By The Iron Content Is So High That Water Into The Iron Smell , Yellow And Very Disturbing And Damaging Your Property . By Drilling Deeper Water Conditions Smelly , Yellow And Others Can Be Resolved Without The Use Of Filters . With The Support Of Machine Tools , Experts , Vendors And Our Fleet Can Confidently Answer Any Challenge To Address The Needs Of Clean Water For Our Customers . Solution Provided By Making In Well Drilling Drilling Deep Wells ( Deep Well Drilling ) Has Several Advantages Over The Use Of Water Filter To Process The Raw Water That Does Not Meet The Requirements Of Clean Water Into Clean Water . The Use Of Water Filters Require Care And Maintenance Is Tedious And Requires A High Maintenance Cost . By Using Well Drilling In ( ` Deep Well Drilling ) Problem Can Be Overcome Because Of The Tendency Of Soils That Have A Water Content That Is Ugly / Not Qualified Clean Water Depths Typically Range In 12 Ms / D 40 Meter .

Geosindo Utama By PT  Geosindo Utama

Pt. Geosindo Utama Is A Company Engaged In The Field Of Soil Investigation And Topography Services, Includes: Cpt, Spt, Boring, Uds And Ds Sampling, Dcp, Sand Cone, Vane Shear ,Testing Laboratory And Topography.

Citrakansa Emeralindo By PT Citrakansa Emeralindo

PT.Citrakansan Emeralindo has 9 years of experience and was established in 2009 as a mining consultant and also sells gold mining equipment such as gold detection devices, gold dulang and gold refineries. We as consultants will provide integrated consulting services to meet various aspects of project development and mining, starting from mining material search activities in nature, identifying locations or areas indicated by the presence of mining material. Calculating the resources and reserves of mining materials (coal, gold, nickel, rock and sand, zircon sand, silica sand, phosphate and mineral C), planning and calculating the operational costs and feasibility of the mine.We also collaborate with the largest distributor of the Garret and MineLab brands, PT. Promining, which has experience in making and selling gold detection devices, gold mining equipment and gold processing equipment, both gold (primary gold) and alluvial gold rivers.Partner companies that have used our services in mine planning activities, mine surveys, making feasibility studies, RKAB, RKTTL and AMDAL as follows:PT. Elok Indah Subur JayaPT. BIna Insan Sarana MandiriPT. Malindo Mandiri MakmurPT. ParamountPT. STM Tunggal JayaPT. Andesit Mandiri MakmurPT. Mina International EnergyPT. Ocean Metal IndonesiaPT. Bhineka Citra TomosindoPT. Titan Daya MandiriPT. De Times IndonesiaPT. Semestas Ferris WheelPT. Permata Inti MakmurPT. Atlas ResourcesPT. Wijaya Indo MiningPT. Synergy Bara PratamaPT. Itacha GroupPT. Berau Prima EnergiPT. Sagita GroupPT. Titan Aneka TambangPT. Matahari Anugrah PerkasaPT. Kyung Dong MineralPT. TrimitraPT. Petrobas IndonesiaPT. Build Indonesian EnergyPT. Witson Wahana IndonesiaPT. Artha Tyani MineralPT. JindalPT. Hanson Energi

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