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Selling Low Price AC Spare Parts

Buy AC Parts at low prices brands Copeland, Danfoss, Bristol, Daikin, Tecumseh, Panasonic and others from suppliers and distributors of ac parts and accessories complete and cheapest for all ac repair needs. There are thousands of spare parts for air conditioners and air conditioners such as the main ac components such as ac fans, ac compressors, ac hoses and others which have different functions as a whole and are used to regulate temperature, circulation, humidity and air cleanliness in a room . With regular maintenance and replacement of ac parts according to the provisions, all components and ac performance will run normally so that the room air remains cool and clean. For those of you who are looking for ac spare parts to be resold, you can immediately submit an item offer from the supplier and all sellers in to get the cheapest prices at wholesale prices.

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AC Spare Part

Fan Blower AC Katsu / VentilatorPrice List Produk :*) Ukuran Kipas : 8 inch   Rp850.000*) Ukuran Kipas : 10 inch  Rp1.200.000*) Ukuran Kipas : 12 inch  Rp1.500.000*) Ukuran Kipas : 14 inch  Rp1.800.000*) Ukuran Kipas : 16 inch  Rp2.100.000*) Ukuran Kipas : 18 

  • Price : Rp850.000
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Jawa Tengah , Kudus
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Price of AC Spare Parts from Supplier in Indotrading

All types of spare parts for air conditioners and coolers in Indotrading are products that are sold directly from suppliers / distributors with the provisions of retail prices and most of which sell purchasing systems / wholesale sales . To determine and compare prices, besides you can immediately see all the offers that come from suppliers, you can also see the estimated prices below, prices can change at any time so make sure to always update information from offers directly from suppliers in .

Product Name Brands Estimated Price
AC compressor LG Rp. 396,000
AC hose Tateyama Rp. 43,000
AC Filter All Brand Rp. 14,000
AC Blower LG Rp. 400,000
AC fan All Brand Rp.180,000
AC Condenser All Brand Rp. 400,000

Buy Spare Parts AC / Complete AC Parts from Supplier / Distributor in Indotrading

Get various types of spare parts for air conditioning and refrigeration at the lowest prices for all business needs and procurement of goods for ac / electronics shops and workshops that are looking for cheap prices in large quantities. Find all types of spare parts for ac that are complete from a variety of different benefits and functions as well as a choice of various brands of the highest quality. All spare parts sold from suppliers are still low prices, so what are you waiting for, buy now for a large stock of spare parts for your diverse needs and consumers.

Find the Cheapest and Most Complete Distributor of AC Spare Parts in Your City

Want to find where the most complete air conditioner and air conditioner parts distributor in Indonesia or near your city? You can directly search for companies that sell various types of spare parts for the most complete air conditioners that can be used for various brands of air conditioning so you adjust the specifications, brands and can also upload images to make it easier to find the type of spare parts you are looking for. If available, you will definitely get a lot of product offers and the lowest prices. Not only that, you can also choose the location of the company closest to your office or business and company easily, just select the company category by location.

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