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Building Contractor is a person or a legal entity or a business entity in the contract or in the lease to run the project work based on the content of the contract which he won from the project owner, the agency / government agencies, legal entities, business entities, and individuals, who have made appointments formally. By using a Building Contractor you can find out how the budget costs to be incurred, can discuss the design and floor plan that suits your needs and budget funds are prepared, oversight of the work tersistem and discipline, no need to laboriously search for materials, no need to laboriously search for and supervising bricklayers, do not need to think about the security of material, do not have to worry about the technical construction and construction phases, if the work is less well able to complain without any additional charge.

Global Digital Scale By CV. Global Digital Scale

Jl. Palir Asri C No. 213, Podorejo, Ngaliyan, semarang Telp. 024-76670800 Hp. 081808876385

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Mosaic Kolam Renang By Mosaic Kolam Renang

It Is The Manufacturing Division Bbpool Pool , Water Boom , Selling Various Brands Of Ceramic Mosaic Seahorse Mass . Ceramic Mosaic Is Apt To Beautify Your Home Building , Ideal For Finishing Pool . Whir Pool , Bathroom , Kitchen Etc So It Looks Kelihatn Luxury And Quality , Ceramic Mosaic Has Many Varieties And Types , In Addition To Motive , Yer Beautiful Colors Found On These Ceramics , The Main Attraction , A Lot Of Homes That Use Ceramic Mosaic , Ceramic Mosaic Have A Smooth Surface So Easy In Perawatanya . Ceramic Mosaic Tile Is A Type Of Ceramic Pieces Are Formed From Pieces Of Small Size Which Will Then Be Assembled To Form A Certain Pattern In The Design Premises Sesuain Want. Ceramic Mosaic Has A Lot Of Excess Levels Of Very Low Water Absorption Into A Durable And Long Lasting . Bbpool Seeks To Help People Realize His Dream Has Its Own Swimming Pool Qualified And Not Just A Dream . We Are Very Flexible And Vary From Project Which Is Designed For The Purposes Of Our Clients , From Package Design , Package Development , Package Goods Providers And Monitoring Package , We Believe Through This Information , We Can Has Engaged In Planning An Outdoor Pool , Water Boom And Providers Of Ceramic Mosaic , It Makes Us Experienced In The Construction Of The Swimming Pool , The Better The Quality Of Our Work And Can Produce Work Pool And Water Park Are Beautiful And Quality . Bbpool Scope Of Work : 1 . Sales Agents For Ceramic Mosaic Swimming Pool , Water Boom , Kitchen , Bathroom . The Type Of Mosaic Tiles That We Provide Include Type : Mosaic Tsq , Mix Sq Sq , Sq Mix , Mix Is , Jli , Ps , Kl , Jir , Fan , Mos , Lv , Nyx.Pac . 2 . Contractor Manufacture Of Swimming Pool And Water Boom . Perfect Results Is Our Goal , Just Yangterbaik We Provide To Customers , Bbpool Realizing Your Dream Come True. Customer Satisfaction Is Our Pride, want to need mosaicamps with quality and fines prices feel free to call us night now

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Mega Jaya Maju Indonesia By PT. Mega Jaya Maju Indonesia

Mega Jaya Abadi is engaged in engineering service and maintenance, industrial automation, mechanical electrical engineering, Jacketing and spare part boiler machine supplier. As a company that is committed to customer satisfaction, we are supported by qualified and experienced human resources in their fields and equipped with adequate mahchinery equipment to produce good output and standard in quality and quality.

Mustaka Multitehnik By PT  Mustaka Multitehnik

PT mustaka Multitehnik began as a micro bussiness entity that is UD mustaka that since 1993 , when it was only specialize in manufacturing stainless steel dome of the mosque , Time goes on PT mustaka Multitehnik add to the variety of products including our current products such as the dome color panels, decorative dome , stainless steel dome , dome ceiling , roof ventilator / turbine cyclone and products - products other metal hardware . As a manufacturer we are very open to serve specific customer needs , both on a small scale , large , individual or corporate project . Our workshop is located at the same office in Jln Raya Pati - Tlogowungu Km. 0,3 No. 05, Pati - Central Java , as a company with over 20 years experience we are always trying to improve the quality , product innovation and other support services such as free support and free design consult to customers . For more information visit our website at

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