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Buy Gaskets / Perpak cheap prices brands Garlock, Tombo, Klingersil, Klinger, Valqua, Enka, Hylomar, DLL from suppliers and distributors of the most complete and biggest gasket packing / packing in Indonesia. Submit purchase requests directly from all the cheapest sellers in Indotrading. Get various types and specifications of Perpak from the brands of the best choice to be used as material for the two surface machines or other mechanical devices that function to cover both slits so as to avoid oil / oil leakage on the engine and other engine components such as heavy vehicles, automotive vehicles and others. Immediately shopping for packing / resale or repairing your machine is now also, get the cheapest price of all the cheapest wholesale price offers.


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  • Price : Rp3.432.423
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Seller :
PT nadya shop
Jawa Tengah , Grobogan

Gasket untuk speaker, anti-vibration. Design custom berdasar kebutuhan klien, proses tooling hingga

  • Price : CALL
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Seller :
CV. Maju Karya Bersama
Jawa Tengah , Kudus

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Latest Motorcycle Gasket Price Range

To find out what the price range for the various types of gaskets you are going to buy, the method is very easy. You simply submit a request to buy directly to all existing sellers in Indotrading through the page for a request for a quote to purchase goods at the latest wholesale prices for your needs. All the items that you submit can easily enter the name of the item, for example the specification and brand and what kind of model you can send via the purchase request form that has been provided to connect to all the seller selak from hundreds of suppliers from all over Indonesia who are members of

Gasket Brands / Perpak Best Options in Indotrading

You can shop various items at low prices that you can get directly from all sellers such as suppliers / distributors in Indotrading. Get various brands of brands such as Klingersil, Klinger, Valqua, Enka, Garlock, Tombo , Hylomar and others available various models and sizes specifically for certain types of machines such as gaskets for motorbikes / cars and various industrial engines. Only in Indotrading you can get various types of top quality perpak from the best ingredients to use for a long time.

Choose Gasket Size and Model / Compact Model as Needed

Find a variety of boot sizes / packing gaskets with a variety for all the needs you want to buy, if you need in large quantities to resell you can immediately submit various sizes and models that best suit the needs of your store or company. You can get all the prices, sizes and brands through offers from hundreds of suppliers / sellers in Indotrading. From tens to hundreds of mobile suppliers that have responded to purchase requests from what you have submitted, you can easily determine which sizes, types / the specifications and brand you want to buy can be compared accordingly.

Type of Material / Material on Gaskets

When seen in plain view, Perpak is made of selected materials that can withstand heat while holding back the leakage of oil and lubricants of oil and lubricants able to withstand hot temperatures with very high pressure. The material or material for making motorcycles / cars is made of three non-metallic materials, semi-metallic and metallic. Of the three materials, each has its functions and advantages such as holding high pressure (operating pressure) and holding very high heat temperatures (operating temperature) and others. But all types of perpak, certainly have the feasibility of using with different time periods depending on the type of material used, type and no less important, namely its use.

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