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Buy the best brands of excavators / dumplings at low prices from mini to largest sizes from the closest, cheapest and most comprehensive suppliers, importers and distributors of heavy equipment in Indonesia Heavy equipment on this one is often referred to as stupid that functions for machinery or digging equipment for soil, sand and rocks that are often used in mining activities and certain projects such as dredging soil and sand in rivers and mining land. In accordance with its benefits, this machine has many types or models based on size that are often adjusted to the terrain or location to be dredged or excavated, so that with a variety of sizes and models will facilitate the work of excavation. If you are looking for or want to buy a variety of heavy equipment products, you can simply submit a request for procurement of goods directly to all sellers of heavy equipment including tools / machinery digging in Indotrading.


Nail Bucket Excavators
Nail a Dingle or bucket is the usual spartpart in use in the excavator in

  • Price : Rp725.000
Response Rate :
Seller :
CV. Baja Sp
Jawa Tengah , Klaten

Ready Stock, Komatsu PC75UU-2 ex jepang, bukan bekas rental di Indonesia. CV. Asa Noor arofah

  • Price : Rp400.000.000
Response Rate :
Seller :
CV. Asa Noor Arofah
Jawa Tengah , Semarang

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Getting to Know Excavator Equipment by Size

These digging machines are often encountered in projects such as river or river dredging, large projects in building buildings and malls. In addition we often encounter in the mining area sand , soil, stone and coal as well as various types of mineral and other metal mining. Because in accordance with the function of the digging tool or dredge this material has indeed become one of the digging machines that are very helpful in various project and mining works. Due to the use of benefits that greatly help the work of the project, the manufacturer or manufacturer of heavy equipment produces various types of dumb with various sizes based on the size that there are four types of dumb sizes.

  1. Mini excavators are usually used on small digging scales such as plumbing, landscaping or digging channels.
  2. Small-sized bego prioritizes digging that is larger than mini-size, such as construction.
  3. The function is not very different from the mini size.
  4. Bego super size: reliable in mining areas.

Excavator Main Components

In general, heavy equipment that functions to explore this have 3 main parts or components namely First, the stem and bucket which functions to dig. Second, the cabin room or control room of the dumb operator which is equipped with various digging panels and engine controls. Third, the hydraulic engine and main engine that usually uses diesel engines as the main engine of this engine. In addition, there are also many other important and important components such as cogs and various other spare parts .

Best Mini and Medium Brand Excavator Prices

Before buying heavy equipment, you should choose the best type, size and brand, how to choose this dumb or digging machine according to the needs for mining equipment, dredging ditches / gutters and according the location that you will be working on. All items must be adjusted according to needs. For the latest price information from companies selling heavy equipment such as suppliers and importers in Indotrading, you can simply submit a request for direct procurement of goods in order to get detailed and complete information. In addition you can also see the following price range references:

Brand / Type Estimated Price
Mini Excavators Rp. 199,000,000
Volvo Type EC55B PRO Rp. 678,900,000
JIAHE Type JH22 Rp. 499,290,000
Mini Bobcat E45 Rp. 80,000,000
Komatsu PC75UU-3C Rp. 485,000,000

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