Napolly synthetic rattan plastic chairs

Product Specification Napolly synthetic rattan plastic chairs

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Napolly synthetic rattan plastic chairs. plastic chairs, plastic benches, plastic garden chairs with the latest models from the Napolly factory, motifs and shapes such as woven rattan. This chair innovation is very attractive plastic chair but strong luxury and nice. there are many types of napolly plastic chairs. please come to our office or call 085232099000, wa 081331351580.

synthetic rattan chairs

KRS 673 dining chair measures 450 mm x 530 mm x height 875 mm

KRS 2R3 dining chairs measure 520 mm x 480 mm x height 820 mm

KRS 2R3 Arm park chair size 560 mm x 480 mm x height 820 mm

KRS 3R3, 3Y3, 3B3, 333 meatball seats size 380 mm x 380 mm x height 485 mm

Wicker chairs

KRS 7R3 Arm large park chair size 630 mm x 585 mm x height 685 mm

KRS 8R3 Arm park chair width 550 mm x 510 mm x height 860 mm

KRS 646 seashore seaside chair 450 mm x 530 mm x height 540 mm

KRS 663 Arm ergonomic garden chair 450 mm x 530 mm x height 755 mm

KRS 701 large rattan chairs 510 mm x 590 mm x height 845 mm

MRS7573 large rattan table 700 x 550 x 730 mm high

KRS 673 Arm of park chairs 600 x 530 x height 875 mm

we sell wholesale plastic napolly chairs, purchase a minimum of 100 bj, must first ask the factory stock for the availability of goods. please ask to contact us

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Selatan Jaya Was A Plastic's Distributor In Surabaya We Sell Plastic Products, Kitchenware, Houseware, Dinnerset, Etc. Melamine Product , Stainless Steel Product , Alumunium, Brand: Napolly, Tms, Ag, Ks, Kaisha, Ikimura, Maspion, Lion Star, Calista, Olympia, China Product , EtcProduct Category That We Sell Living Equipment:Chairs, Tables, Cabinets, Doormats, Carpets, Sweep, Mop Handle, Ashtray Melamine.Fixtures In The Dining Room:Spoon, Fork, Dishes, Bowl, Topless, Mug, Glass , Cups, Lunch Box, Close The Vegetable Rounded, Archival Now, Thermos, Sealware, Water Jug, Tray.Kitchen Equipment:Alumunium Pan, Stove Hock, Pots, Knife, Rice Cooker, Mixer, Magic Com, Blender, Magic Jar, Rice Bucket, Oven, Napkins, Industry Crates, Tampa, Trays, Stereotyped, Tray, Kitchen Set, Grill, Wick Stove, Pressure Cooker.Bathroom Fixtures:Place Soap, Baby Tubs, Pails, Buckets, Basins, Basin, Water Barrel, Scoop, Pretty Glass,Cisterns.Room Equipment:Hanger, Hanger, Clothes Flops.Baskets Clothing, Rack Shoe, Basket Garbage, Pots Flower, Chairs Garden, Chair Child, Chairs Eat, Chair Meatballs, Piggy Bank, Container, Ball, Big Boxer, Sieve.

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