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Scaffolding or also known as Steger is a building construction equipment or tool made of iron or steel pipes designed like a ladder that can be arranged with a modular system and has the function to support the workers or artisans as well as to carry out all types of carpentry activities when building house or building. Besides being used for construction aids, this tool is also often used by various other workers in other works. If you want to procure a lot of goods for you to sell again or for various needs such as steger rental business for various other needs, you can simply submit a request to buy or offer goods with the best price and quality from all sellers in Indotrading now.

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Low Scaffolding Prices Per Set

You're looking for the cheapest set of steger prices in Indonesia, buy directly from the closest distributors and suppliers from your city and complete in Indonesia. All choices of brands and complete sizes you can get at the best price through direct procurement of goods to all sellers in To find a variety of price estimates you can immediately also see the price list as below:

Size Estimated Price
Per Set Height 170 cm Rp. 570,000
Per Set Height Size 190 cm Rp. 706,000

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Get various types of stegers of different sizes that are generally sold per set at the best prices from all suppliers and distributors in Indotrading by offering the best price and quality ingredients from iron pipes are of a precise size so they are easily arranged according to their wishes or use. Because in the use of this construction tool must adjust the height of the work area to be reached, for example when building construction work.

Specifications and Scaffolding Parts in a Set

There are some very important parts in each steger set that can be used as tools for building construction. To buy a set of stegers you should also pay attention to some important parts of which must consist of the following parts:

1. CatWalk, the part used for footrests at the top of the steger.

2. Main Frame, a very important part, as the supporting post.

3. Arm Lock, is the locking part of the steger pole connection.

4. Main Frame, is the part that functions as a horizontal partition in the middle.

5. Ladder Frame , which is a vertical side buffer.

6. Cross Brace, is part of a buffer mounted across the stegger.

7. Joint Pin, is the part used to connect between the main pole and the base pole.

8. Wheels, are the most important part that functions to move or move to make it easier.

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