Alat Pemadam Api Ringan Cobra Abc-Powder

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Product Specification Alat Pemadam Api Ringan Cobra Abc-Powder

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COBRA DCP is a fire extinguisher with chemical powder type media. Where when used to extinguish a fire, the powder released will cover the burning media so that it separates oxygen which is one of the components of the fire. Has been tested by the DKI Jakarta Fire Management Agency. Suitable for placement in homes, buildings, factories, apartments, shop houses, hotels, malls, industry, gas stations, etc. Advantages: 1. Chemical powders are not harmful to humans 2. Effectively used in open spaces 3. Not conductors of electricity 4. Can be used for class A, B, and C fires


Media Type: Dry Chemical Powder (DCP)

Media Expired: 3 Years (Free Maintenance) *

Fire Rating:

  1. 2A / 6B (3Kg)
  2. 5A / 10B (6Kg)

Pressure In Tube: 12-14 Bar

Gas Thrust: Industrial N2

Suitable for placing houses, buildings, factories, apartments, shophouses, malls, industries, gas stations etc.



2. FREE FSE (Fire Safety Education) Training

3. The tube will become the property right after the lease period

*Terms and Conditions apply

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Company Detail
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Alat Pemadam Api, FIRE INHIBITOR
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We sell
Alat Pemadam Api,Fire Blanket,fire equipment,Fire Maintenance
Company profile
PT Sanindo Perkasa Abadi is a company that has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Fire Safety Equipment, especially clean fire extinguishers. We are the first industrial clean fire extinguisher (clean agent) in Indonesia. We provide regular maintenance services. We also provide hydrant project services, and automatic fire management modules. Our products have been certified internationally to nationally such as LPC BRE UK, WIL research USA, SGS UK, Huntington Life Sciences, and the Jakarta Central Fire Service.
Menjadi perusahaan yang peduli dan berpartisipasi aktif dalam pencegahan kebakaran di Indonesia
1. Memberikan konsultasi fire safety kepada instansi/perusahaan di Indonesia; 2. Memberikan edukasi sdini mungkin bagi masyarakat dan instansi industri berupa pelatihan pencegahan dan penanggulangan bencana kebakaran; Menyediakan pelayanan pemeliharaan alat pemadam sehingga alat pemadam tetap dalam kondisi optimal; 4. menyediakan pemadam api bersih, berteknologi tinggi, ramah lingkungan serta aman bagi manusia dan tidak merusak aset; 5. menyediakan peralatan keselamatan yang berkaitan dengan kebakaran

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