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Bekasi, Bekasi
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02 May 2023
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Company Profile
Establishment Year
Bekasi, Bekasi
Number of employees
10 People
Company Field
Rumbai, Sarung Kursi, Cover Meja, Background Dinding, Plafon Dekor
We Sell
Tenda Sarnafil, Tenda Promosi, Tenda Pengungsi, Sarung Kursi, Tenda Lipat, Jaring Bangunan / Polynet
Sami Jaya Tenda is a company that has moved more than 15 years. Distributors and producers of tarpaulin tents for needs in all sectors of industry, livestock farming, fisheries such as krambak nets, development such as blue polynet nets, party supplies such as sarong chairs, table covers, tassel for promotions such as sarnafil tents, folding tents, cafe tents , garden umbrella. Emergency response needs for natural disasters such as squad tents, tent tents, refugee camps, and the needs of the general public in general. The cheapest and most complete tarps with quality and guaranteed products for the size and shape according to demand, serve and provide the best service for our customers. With affordable prices and the best quality we are ready to serve you.Sami Jaya Tenda, which now sells various kinds of tent needs in Bekasi, is now more focused on selling tarpaulin tents, sarnafil tents and promotional tents. Sincerely helping in your needs.
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Sami Jaya Tenda
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