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Wallpaper is a coating paper taped to the wall to give a unique style to the walls of the room. These wall papers usually have a wide selection of shades and colors, so it can be tailored to the concept of interior that has been designed. Installation of wallpaper must be by using a special adhesive, so that the coating is not easily separated from the wall. Wallpaper size sold in full / roll form size 50cm - 130cm with length 10m up to 50m.

The advantages in the use of wall paper that is; 1) Not flavorful. Layers of paper and glue do not emit a sharp aroma, 2) easy to clean. The wallpaper layer is usually air-resistant so it can be cleaned easily if exposed to spillage of beverages and other stains, 3) Many variations of colors and motifs. There are many options with different color combinations.

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