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Nut and Bolts

Nut and Bolts in Samarinda

Selling Low Price Nuts and Bolts

Buy steel / iron and stainless nuts and bolts at wholesale prices, complete sizes from the smallest to the largest, complete models buy from the cheapest, largest and most complete bolt supplier / distributor in Indonesia. Buy screws and bolts for all procurement of goods for the nuts and bolts shop business and company needs you can buy here. All types of bolts and sizes that you want can be searched and purchased directly from all trusted sellers in Consists of various types such as box bolts, hexagonal bolts, flange bolts, pointed bolts, L bolts, box nuts, hexagonal nuts, flange nuts, ear nuts. In addition, there are also various types of ring plates, per ring, wave rings, bowl rings and share other types that you can buy here at wholesale prices.

Nut and Bolts

Specifications Hexagon Bolt Atlas CopcoHexagon Bolt 0147-1367-03We sell equipment and spare parts to

  • Price : Rp123.456
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Seller :
Kalimantan Timur , Balikpapan
Nut and Bolts

Hex Head Screw 1619-2766-00We sell equipment and spare parts equipment and can also be rented such a

  • Price : Rp123.456
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Seller :
Kalimantan Timur , Balikpapan

Lihat Semua

Types - Bolts and Nuts are sold in

Are you a company or shop that wants to sell bolts and nuts / screws? Relax, in you can get various types - types of bolts and nuts / screws of various models and sizes that are complete and you can buy directly from bolt distributors and screws at the cheapest wholesale prices for any type of business or business selling small, medium and large scale bolts and nuts. How much need for screws and bolts you want to buy is available in Indotrading. Here are the types of bolts, nuts / screws that you can find and buy from suppliers and distributors here.

Bolt Type Nuts / Screws Type Ring Type
Hexagonal Bolts Hexagonal Mur Plate Ring
L Bolt Box Nuts Ring Per
Box Bolt Flange Nuts Wave Ring
Star Bolt Ear Mur Bowl Ring
Screwdriver Bolt

Star Bolt

Planting Bolts

Bolt, Nuts / Screws and Ring Size

Select the bolts, nuts and rings with steel material and the iron strong choice and anti-rust. And you can also choose the right size for all the functions that you can get in full in In addition to the type and shape of the nuts or bolts as listed above, you also need to know how many sizes of bolts and screws you want to buy. Because by knowing the size of the length and diameter of the bolt and nut you want to buy, it will facilitate the order / purchase and minimize purchase errors. The following is a list of sizes based on the length of the bolt and screw and also the diameter of the bolt ring.

Bol Nut Length Bolt Nut Diameter Ring Diameter
10 mm 2 mm 4 mm
12 mm 2.5 mm 5 mm
15 mm 3 mm 6 mm
20 mm 4 mm 8 mm
25 mm 5 mm 10 mm
30 mm 6 mm 12 mm
35 mm 7 mm 14 mm
40 mm 8 mm 16 mm
45 mm 10 mm 10 mm

Search for Prices of Nuts, Bolts and Cheap Ring Kilos / Grains

Buy nuts, bolts and rings from distributors with the cheapest price of kilo or grain for purchase in large quantities at wholesale prices only in Indotrading. Because to find the latest price list you can directly through the request to buy from a distributor of bolts in All specifications, brands and prices you want can you request through Indotrading RFQ. Get the right price according to the need for a nut bolt shop or procurement of goods for other businesses or businesses.

Distributors of Bolts, Nuts and Rings are stuck in Indonesia

Find the types and models of bolts and nuts and rings that you want to get at cheap wholesale prices, all the needs you want can be purchased directly from distributors from all over Indonesia for all the needs you want. Get special prices for the purchase of products in large quantities, for shop needs you can immediately shop at wholesale prices and shop for various types of screws and bolts complete with various types and models. Immediately submit your purchase from manufacturers or bolt manufacturers from all over Indonesia who can supply large quantities of products for kilo purchases or wholesale purchases.

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