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Buy plastic tape or tape, cheap paper prices in black, blue, red, yellow and white colors from the closest, cheapest, most complete suppliers and distributors in Indonesia. Isolation / solation / tape is one of adhesive tools made from a mixture of paper, pvc, plastic and rubber that is strong resistant to water, heat and flexible which functions are used to cover or protect electrical cables and various other purposes. Solation is often used for cable wrapping equipment in various fields such as electrical homes, buildings, automotive, electronics and other industrial fields. For the needs of procurement of various plastic or paper material heat-resistant solations and for various other needs you can directly submit your purchase request directly through

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Isolasi Listrik Scotch 23 Rubber Merk 3MIsolasi listrik berfungsi untuk melindungi dan melapisi sambungan kabel dalam jaringan distribusi. Isolasi listrik berbeda dengan isolasi plastik biasa, dimana isolasi listrik mempunyai ketahanan terhadap tegangan listrik hingga 600V dan mempunyai daya rekat dan elastisitas lebih tinggi, sehingga mampu bertah

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Prices of Electrical, Color and Clear Paper Insulation in Indonesia

Do you need a large amount of solation, looking for the best brands and prices and complete choices in Indonesia? Immediately find the items you are looking for and want to buy for the procurement of company goods now at wholesale prices from all seller suppliers and distributors in Indonesia at the best prices. All types of tape that you want to buy, you can first compare the price and product quality from several sellers who offer the same product. To get price information you can also see the price reference below:

Type / Brand Estimated Price
3M Scotch 23 Black Rubber Insulation Rp. 80,000
Clear Tape / Transparent Brand 3M 12 mm x 66 meters Rp. 30,000
3M 2210 48 mm x 18 meter Paper Solation Rp. 13,000
3M 1500 Blue Electrical Insulation Rp. 14,000
Nitto Black tape 2/4 inch x 25 mm Rp. 4,750

Supplier, Distributor of the Best Brand Isolation in Indotrading

Want to procure goods in large quantities from suppliers and distributors? Let's soon find various types of masking tape of the best brands such as 3M, Nitto, Denso Polyken and others in Indotrading. All types of solation sold here are goods or products that are directly sold by large companies such as distributors / suppliers and importers. All of which sell various types of goods at the best offer at wholesale prices that can be adjusted in number to match the needs of your shop, company or office. Immediately submit a purchase request with various specifications that you want to make it easy to get the best deals right now.

Types and Functions of Isolation Based on the Material

Want to find various types of masking tape based on ingredients? Now you will easily search and find items that you can use for your various business and company needs, as for the types you can see in full in the explanation below:

1. Paper insulation is made of paper material and is often used for wrapping cable connections, equipment used to help the process of painting walls and various other functions that have many benefits.
  2. Plastic insulation is made of plastic or PVC and mixtures are used for various purposes which are not only used for electrical cable insulators. Because this item is often also used for other needs.

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