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Frequently asked questions About Buying Request (RFQ)

Buying Request or RFQ (Request for Quotation) is an online quotation feature in This Feature can be used by Buyers who are looking for Goods or Services needed with certain specifications and quantities. After your RFQ is verified, the list of goods or services needed will be displayed on's "Buying Request" page. Then, The Buying Request will be broadcasted to every Gold Member who suits with the product category so sellers can create the quotation through Indotrading's specialized team will help buyers find the goods or services by contacting the seller who has what you need.
Before you create a Buying Request in, make sure to already have an active user account at Select the "Create Buying Request" option then fill in the detailed information about the goods or services needed. After that, your submitted Buying Request will be processed immediately and our specialized team will find the best seller for you.
To submit a Quotation, sellers need to use 1 token. Tokens can only be purchased by sellers who are registered as Gold Members in So, only verified and trusted sellers can submit Quotations.