Gps Tracker Motorcycle Car Tracker Km-01

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Product Specification Gps Tracker Motorcycle Car Tracker Km-01

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Name Produk : GPS Vehicle Tracker

Type : KM-01

Size : L81mmxW42mmxH13.5mm



Specifications :

1. Working voltage : DC 9V-36V

2. Working Current : 25mA @12V (static current10mA)

3. Standby battery : 3 hours

4. Size :  L81mmxW42mmxH13.5mm

5. Location Accurancy : <10 meter

6. Communication : GSM.GPRS

7. Working Temperature : -25+75

8. Storage Temperature : -140+85

9. Weight : 27g



Red Light (GSM Status Indicator) :

{C}1.     Quick Flashing : GSM in the initialization

{C}2.     Slow Flashing : Signal Working

{C}3.     Continuously in bright status : GPRS on line

{C}4.     Continuously in dark status :  No SIM card or no signal


Yellow Light – (GPS status indicator)

{C}1.     Quick Flashing : GPS signal searching

{C}2.     Continuously in bright state : GPS has been positioning

{C}3.     Continuously in dark state : GPS dormancy/not working


GPS Functions :

{C}1.     Real Time Tracking : According to the set time update the longitude and latitude information

{C}2.     ACC Status : Every time when the device uploaded data will include the ACC on/off status

{C}3.     Power down alarm : when device checking the voltage is lower than 5V it will has power down alarm

{C}4.     Over speed alarm : when speed is over than the set speed, device will has over speed alarm

{C}5.     Fuel Checking : Cut off/supply fuel through server and message



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