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PT Ramdhani Jaya

Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
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jasa kontraktor jalan raya dan perumahan
06 Nov 2015
jasa kontraktor jalan raya dan perumahan
Road Contractor
Installation of new power poles requires a very large investment, large investments must be balanced by the good quality of the pole so that it will b...
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Jakarta Pusat, DKI Jakarta
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Jasa Perbaikan Tiang Listrik
Ramdhani PT Jaya was originally a business entity engaged in the production of goods and services are focused on the manufacture of products using composite materials, in particular the type of composite FRP (Fiber Reinforce Plastic). Established in 2009 we have focused on the production of material goods with FRP composite material which has advantages as follows: 1. Resistant to corrosion 2. Stiffness and strength higher 3. Age Fatigue is relatively higher than aluminum. 4. Strength can be adapted to the application, so that the resulting optimum structure. PT. Ramdhani Jaya is committed to provide best quality of goods and services to customers with excellent warranty and a more competitive price. We are committed to providing excellent customer satisfaction, especially for FRP composite products and the like. Development of materials and products with the latest technology always we bring for the future a more advanced, so that facilitate your efforts. The influence of the increasingly keen global competition requires companies to concentrate more on the creation of products related to the company's main business.
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PT Ramdhani Jaya
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