Blower Jumbo

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Product Specification Blower Jumbo

Browse through the extensive list of Seed Drying Machine. Find the best offer from thousand of supplier in Indotrading.

This Rice and Corn Drying Machine is useful for producing dried unhusked rice into ready-to-pack rice even in the rainy season. Our Rice Dryers also save time and costs and can increase production compared to manual drying systems.

In addition, this rice drying machine can also be used to dry grain, corn, coffee, cloves, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, galangal, soybeans, crackers, turmeric, candlenut, other spices, compost for animal feed, and all kinds Other drying, according to your needs!

This machine is specially designed to dry the product in the room or a special box for drying, by prioritizing the temperature so that it remains stable, because it is equipped with an adjustable temperature and duration sensor.

What is the obstacle obtained from our products?

The advantages are very diverse, namely:

1. Equipped with a temperature regulator, so consumers can adjust the temperature at which the object is dried to produce a better texture and the object does not change color.

At this point, which will not be owned by other producers of rice dryers and corn.

2. In addition to temperature control, it is also equipped with a timer. Thus, business people can save human labor to control the results of drying.

3. The result of indirect heat is wasted. instead they are reused for drying because hot air has been compressed into the room

4. The casing will not heat even if the engine is used continuously.

5. Maintenance of the casing is very easy and durable, because it has a full stainless steel material

6. Flexible mobility (moveable), so it doesn't need a big place

7. Will not change the color and aroma of the drying object.

8. Better drying results and faster drying process

9. This machine can dry various needs with greater capacity and more efficient.

Then, how much capacity is provided?

We provide drying machine capacity ranging from 500 KG, 1 TON, 2 TON, 3 TON, 4 TON, 5 TON.
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Welcome to Raja Dryer, Manufacturer, Supplier and Sales Center for Laundry Dryers, Oven Machines, Heating Machines to Rice Dryers and Agriculture Machines to help meet your needs and increase the profitability of your business, both home industry, medium business, to industrial businesses.CV. Raja Dryer has been registered with the INTEGRATED LICENSING SERVICES AGENCY, and has a trade permit: NUMBER: 510/261 / 404.6.2 / 2013 NPWP: 31,778,136.7-603,000, Thus we can assure you all so that you don't have to hesitate to make a purchase. Coupled with a good after sell service for your satisfaction
Sebagai partner bisnis dan produsen mesin pengering, pemanas, dan penghangat yang mencakup sektor pertanian, peternakan, dan perindustriam nomor 1 se Indonesia.
1. Meningkatkan inovasi produk untuk terus memberikan yang terbaik,
2. Menyediakan produk dan jasa yang berkualitas tinggi, tepat guna dan memenuhi kebutuhan konsumen melalui pemasaran berbasis online ke seluruh wilayah Indonesia,
3. Mengembangkan produktivitas dan penguasaan pasar di bidang manufaktur di seluruh wilayah Indonesia.

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