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Product Specification export wooden pallet

Browse through the extensive list of Wood Pallete. Find the best offer from thousand of supplier in Indotrading.

wooden pallets are made of wood in accordance with consumer demand. selling wooden pallets we sell various kinds of wooden pallets, for example: mahogany, hardwood pallets, hardwood pallets and various other types like used wood pallets or used wood pallets, We provide various types of international standard wooden pallets such as USA pallets, Japanese pallets and European pallets, but we can also provide the type of pallet and size according to the design of the customer in accordance with the quality standards that have been determined and even try to provide more than the needs and expectations of the customer.

distributor of wooden pallets, we provide various types and sizes according to customer needs, We also provide other products such as wood haspel, iron haspel, semi-iron haspel, crates / boxes and others with competitive price and quality. wood or wooden pallets 2 way and 4 way teak belanda, sengon new and used cheap prices. CV Rafansa provides wooden pallet sizes ranging from the smallest to the largest sizes.

ready to supply vendors for your company's wooden pallet needs with a variety of wood for ISPM or local exports

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NB: Prices can change at any time

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Jumbo Bag, Pallet Kayu, Lengan Robot, Pallet Kayu Packaging, Pallet Kayu Trembesi
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We sell
Pallet Kayu,Jumbo Bag,Pallet Plastik,Peti Kayu,Pallet Triplek,Bahan Kayu
Company profile
PT Rafansa Prima Usaha is located in Sidoarjo, East Java. Engaged in trading and supplying industrial and fabrication supplies, the main focus is the supply of wood and wood pallets. PT Rafansa Prima Usaha, the supplier and producer of wood pallets have been able to serve the demand for wood and wood pallets in large quantities with varied specifications. This is supported by 16 wooden pallet workshops owned by PT Rafansa Prima Usaha spread in the area of the province of East Java. We are able to produce up to 15 thousand wooden pallets every month
Menjadi perusahaan yang berkontribusi dan memberi nilai tambah pada pertumbuhan industri dan pabrikasi secara berkelanjutan, dengan menjaga kualitas, profesionalisme dan terus meningkatkan kapasitasnya.
Manjadi perusahaan dengan kinerja profesionalisme dan terpercaya. Menjadi perusahaan yang bisa memastikan kecukupan pasokan bahan dan barang sesuai spesifikasi yang dibutuhkan industry maupun pabrikasi Menjadi perusahaan yang selalu meningkatkan kualitas kerja, layanan dan kapasitas produksi Menjadi perusahaan yang selalu menjaga hubungan baik dengan kalangan industry dan berbagai department di dalamnya secara jangka panjang.

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