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Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
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Establishment Year
LTC Glodok Lt. UG Blok B3 No.2-3, Lt.1 Blok A2 No.8-9, Jl. Hayam Wuruk, Jakarta Barat, DKI Jakarta
Number of employees
0 People
Company Field
Hioki, Multimeter, Phase Indicator, Clamp Meter, Other
We Sell
Alat Ukur Listrik, Alat Safety, Toolkit, kyoritsu, hioki
PT. Radius Allkindo Electric Is A Leading Provider Of Electrical Measuring Instruments, Instrumentation, Safety Tools, And Tools That Work Still Dealing With Electricity. Established In 2010, PT. Radius Allkindo Electric Has Developed Very Well, So In A Short Amount Of Time We Have Opened New Branches In Cities Such As Glodok Jakarta And Tebet, And Also In The City Of Surabaya. By Holding The World's Leading Brands Such As Kyoritsu, Tektronix, Hioki, Fluke, Respirex, Electrosoft, We Promote The Quality Of Goods As The Main Guarantee Customer Confidence. We Also Provide After Sales Services Such As Delivery Of Goods, Training, Servicing And Calibration Tool PT. Radius Allkindo Electric Sell Many Different Types Of Measurement Tools Multimeter, Tang Amperes, Meger / Insulation Tester, Grounding / Earth Tester / Earth Measuring Devices, Phase Indicator, Loop / Rcd Tester, Mutli-Function Tester, Lux Meter, Infrared Thermometer, With Brands Kyoritsu.
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PT. Radius Allkindo Electric
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