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PT. Kacima Anugerah

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Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta
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Kawat Ban
Rp 600
Steel Wire
02 May 2023
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Carbon Black Mesh Size 200
Rp 5.000
02 May 2023
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Profil Perusahaan
Establishment Year
Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta
Number of employees
25 People
Company Field
Minyak Bakar, Kawat Ban, Carbon Black
We Sell
RCO,Carbon Black,Serbuk Karet Ban,Kawat Ban Bekas
PT. Kacima Anugerah is one of the companies engaged in processing industrial waste into fuel oil (RCO), Carbon Black and Rubber Powder.RCO (Rubber Chemical Oils), the alternative fuel oil in resulting from distillation of used rubbers, such as used tires from motor vehicles or rubber generated from factory production waste. So basically the rubber as the main raw material RCO and no other material additive materials (non additive) processed during the production process. RCO is solid black in accordance with the basic color of used tire rubber, smelling somewhat sharply. In addition to producing RCO fuel, the production process also produces carbon black (Rubber Carbon Black), and steel wire scrap (Steel Wire Scrap), all of which have economic value high and is the raw material of various industries. Rubber Carbon Black is the most widely used in the tire industry as a mixed formula for the composition of tire components for added strength and flexibility, a small portion used for pigments. Also used for dyes and black pigment in the process of making plastics, master batches, rubber, paint, laser printer toner, photocopy, car rugs, sandals, shoe soles, asphalt, electrical wires, pipes, plastic films, automotive parts, other.
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PT. Kacima Anugerah
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