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Tangki Air

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  • Country Origin Indonesia
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Product Specification Tangki Air

TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK500LiterDiameter800xTinggi950Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK1000LiterDiameter1000xTinggi1150Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK1500LiterDiameter1200xTinggi1400Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK2000LiterDiameter1350xTinggi1450Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK2500LiterDiameter1350xTinggi1750Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK3000LiterDiameter1500xTinggi1750Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK3500LiterDiameter1500xTinggi2000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK4000LiterDiameter1350xPanjang2200Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK5000LiterDiameter1350xPanjang2800Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK6000LiterDiameter1500xPanjang2500Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK7000LiterDiameter1500xPanjang3000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK8000LiterDiameter1500xPanjang3500Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK9000LiterDiameter1500xPanjang4000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK10000LiterDiameter1500xPanjang4600Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK12000LiterDiameter2000xPanjang3000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK15000LiterDiameter2000xPanjang4000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK18000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang3600Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK20000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang4000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK23000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang4600Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK25000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang5000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK30000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang6000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK35000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang7000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK40000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang8000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK45000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang9000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK50000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang10000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK60000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang11300Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK63000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang11800Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK65000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang12000Qty Tank1
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK70000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang7000Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK75000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang7500Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK80000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang8000Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK85000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang8500Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK90000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang9000Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK95000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang9500Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK100000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang10000Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK105000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang10500Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK110000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang11000Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK115000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang11500Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK120000LiterDiameter2250xPanjang11800Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK125000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang10000Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK130000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang10500Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK135000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang11000Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK140000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang11500Qty Tank2
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK145000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang7800Qty Tank3
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK150000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang8150Qty Tank3
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK160000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang8700Qty Tank3
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK170000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang9200Qty Tank3
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK180000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang9800Qty Tank3
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK190000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang10300Qty Tank3
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK200000LiterDiameter2500xPanjang10800Qty Tank3
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK300000LiterDiameter3000xPanjang11300Qty Tank3
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK400000LiterDiameter3000xPanjang11300Qty Tank4
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK500000LiterDiameter4000xPanjang8000Qty Tank4
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK600000LiterDiameter4000xPanjang9500Qty Tank4
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK700000LiterDiameter4000xPanjang11000Qty Tank4
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK800000LiterDiameter4000xPanjang11800Qty Tank4
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK1000000LiterDiameter4000xPanjang11800Qty Tank5
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK2000000LiterDiameter4000xPanjang11800Qty Tank10
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK3000000LiterDiameter4000xPanjang11800Qty Tank15
TANGKI AIR, WATER TANK4000000LiterDiameter4000xPanjang11800Qty Tank20

Price Tangki Air

Eco-friendly product manufacturers such as: Septic Tank, Bio Septic Tank, Biotech Septic Tank, STP Biotech, IPAL Biotech, Portable Toilets, Fiberglass Tanks, Grease Trap, and Septic Tank Biofilter.* Biotech Septic Tanks Are Divided Into Several Types Namely: Bt Series Biotech Septic Tanks, Rc Series Septic Tank Biotech, Rcx Series Septic Tank Biotech, And Rco Series Septic Tank Biotech (STP / Sewage Treatment Plant).* Type: BT SeriesBT Series Biotech Septic Tanks Are Commonly Used In Residential Houses With Scale Of Family / Household Processing, This Type We Are Special Design With A Size That Is Not Too Large To Facilitate The Installation Process, BT Series Septic Tank Biotech Is Divided Into 4 Namely:- BT Biotech Septic Tank - 06 With Capacity: 0.8 M3, Size: Dia. 900 X T. 1150, Suitable for Use in Small Families 2-4 People,- Biotech Septic Tank BT - 08 With Capacity: 1.2 M3, Size: Dia. 1100 X T. 1350, Suitable for Families in Medium 4 - 6 People,- Biotech BT Septic Tank - 12 With Capacity: 1.8 M3, Size: Dia. 1200 X T. 1600, Suitable for Family Use Enough for 6-8 People,- Biotech BT Septic Tank - 16 With Capacity: 5 M3, Size: Dia. 2050 X T. 2350, Suitable for Large Families 15 - 20 People,* Type RC SeriesRC Series Septic Tank Biotech Is Usually Used For Larger Scale Processing, Namely Between 10-20 People And Usually Our Products Are Very Suitable For Use For Commercial, Commercial, Small Offices, Warehouses, Etc. With the Excellence of Oval Forms Facilitate the Process of Digging and Stockpiling and the RC Series Processing Process is More Effective.* Type RCX SeriesRCX Series Septic Tank Biotech Is More Suitable For Factory / Workshop, Because This Type Is Able To Process Domestic Waste From 50 To 500 People, With Waste Water Results Very Good And Worth Waste.* RCO Series (STP) TypeBiotech Large Type Septic Tank / RCO Very Suitable For Building Or Buildings With Domestic Waste That Is Complex Or Various, Such As Hotels, Malls, Apartments, Hospitals (RS). Waste From Examples Of These Buildings Certainly Various Kinds, Such As Oil, Used Water, Soap Water, Used Water Operations, Drug Chemistry, etc. Biotech Septic Tank RCO Series Is Fitted With A Blower That Will Really Help The Process Of Decomposing Complex Waste Waste Into Waste That Has A Permanent PH So That The Waste Treatment Process Becomes Very Effective. This Blower We Give A Warranty Of 10 Years, By Using Our Biotech Septic Tank Type RCO Series Guarantee Your STP Waste Water Is Very Environmentally Friendly.* Fecal Decomposition Bacteria Powder Is One of Our Breakthroughs in Processing Domestic Waste Water, This Bacterial Powder Can Become Bioenzymes or Food for Decomposing Bacteria in Septic Tanks So that Our Septic Tanks Will Be Filled By Decomposing Bacteria That Are Able to Process Domestic Waste Becoming Water Is Worth Waste.* Portable Toilets Are Temporary Treatment Of Waste In The Form Of Public Toilets, These Products Are Commonly Used At Certain Events Such As Wedding Events, Flag Ceremonies, Etc. Its Use Is Very Easy To Make This Toilet Now A Trend In Indonesia.* FRP Tank Is A Tank Made Of Fiberglass Base, This Tank Is Very Strong And Durable And Easily Repaired If There Is A Leak On The Other Day.* Grease Trap Is Trapper Commonly Used Fat Trapping Fat From Kitchens, Commonly Used In Food Court, Mall, Restaurant, etc. Our Grease Trap Is Made Of Fiberglass Makes It Easier For Efficient Installation Of Time And Power.

We Sell
  • Septic Tank
  • Septic Tank Bio
  • Septic Tank Biotech
  • Toilet Portable
  • Sewage Treatment Plant ( Stp ) Biotech
  • Ipal Biotech

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