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Pipe Box Hollow

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Product Specification Pipe Box Hollow

Hollow or so-called pipe box is the material most familiar among mechanical and welding workshop. Many products that use a pipe box of small size to the size of the largest. Suppose forge welding products used as materials for pipe box canopy, ralling stairs, Tralis, fences and others. Even in the world of automotive hollow widely used as vehicle frame but with a thickness that is not standard (very thick). There are two kinds of pipe and RHS SHS box that is where the difference of the dimensions have the same size in width and there is a different example: 40 x 40 and 40 x 20.

NO A (mm) B (mm) T (mm) L (m) Weight (kg)
1 12 12 0.9 6 1.99
2 15 15 0.9 6 2.42
5 20 20 0.9 6 3.26
6 25 25 1.0 6 4.55
7 30 30 1.0 6 5.49
8 40 40 1.2 6 8.81
9100 20 0.9 6 2:42
10 12 27 0.9 6 3.26
11 15 30 0.9 6 3.69
12 20 40 1.0 6 5.49
13 25 50 1.4 6 9.58
14 20 60 1.4 6 11:56
15 50 50 1.6 6 87.00
16 50 50 2.3 6 120.60
17 60 30 2.3 6 108.00
18 60 60 3.2 6 198.00
19 75 45 3.2 6 198.00
20 75 75 3.2 6 252.36
21 50 100 3.2 6 252.36

Price Pipe Box Hollow


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