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Product Specification Milk powder goat Etawa Aliifa

Milk Goat Etawa Aliifa not yet as popular as cow's milk, but the benefits of goat milk have started to be known in the community, goat's milk is now starting a lot of fans. Many who consume Etawa goat milk are believed to have a lot of efficacy / benefits contained therein.
Etawa goat milk is a complete food that is known to contain vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, chemicals, enzymes, proteins, and fatty acids that are easy to use, even your body can digest goat's milk in just 20 minutes. Compare with the 2-3 hours needed to digest cow's milk. The composition and structure of fat goat and cow milk are different. Goat's milk fat grains measuring 2 micrometers, while cow's milk fat is 2.5 to 3.5 micrometers. With smaller fat sizes, goat's milk is faster dispersed and the mixture is more homogeneous, in terms of natural composition, nutrients, and chemical properties, high glycerol ethers.
Benefits of Etawa Goat Milk Etawa milk is believed to have tremendous health benefits. It is based on research that says that Etawa goat milk has a fairly complete nutritional and mineral content. Among them, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and fluorine. Therefore, milk etawa claimed to have benefits that are almost equivalent to breast milk. By looking at the nutritional content is very diverse and complete, it is not surprising that the benefits of Etawa goat milk also spelled out a lot and vary.
Benefits / Benefits Etawa milk is expected to help as a remedy for a variety of diseases including:
Etawa goat's milk has natural anti-inflammatory properties
Etawa milk is homogenized naturally. The fat bubbles found in this Etawa goat milk can break themselves into smaller parts when compared to cow's milk. It is useful to facilitate the digestion and absorption of food by the body, for people suffering from intestinal problems or indigestion caused by inflammation, Etawa milk is very good for consumption. The probiotic properties contained in Etawa goat milk can encourage the development of a better digestive system.
Etawa goat milk contains essential fatty acids
Etawa goat milk contains about 35% higher fatty acid when compared with cow's milk which only has 17%. In addition, Etawa goat milk feels more useful if drunk in a state still raw, even for those who are lactose intolerant. Etawa milk is also useful for lowering high cholesterol. Antimicrobial fatty acids such as caprylate and capric acid found in etawa milk goat are also useful for improving the digestive system.
Etawa's goat milk improves the digestive system
As mentioned earlier, Etawa milk is very good for digestive health. This milk has the ability to soothe your digestive tract and suppress hunger effectively so it is perfect for weight loss. In addition, the absence of a complex protein in Etawa goat milk makes this milk less allergic when compared with cow's milk.
Etawa's goat milk does not cause allergies
Many people complain that cow's milk can make them allergic and susceptible to respiratory diseases. But you do not worry, milk etawa goat is a very powerful and efficacious alternative to overcome the problem. High fat content in cow's milk is the cause of the buildup of mucus that triggers allergies. The fat bubbles contained in etawa's milk are only one-tenth of the fat present in cow's milk. Therefore, irritation of your intestines because consuming milk can be avoided.
Etawa goat's milk as a metabolic agent
Research and studies conducted on Etawa goat milk concluded that Etawa goat milk is closely linked to increased ability to absorb iron and copper, especially in people who have a disturbed digestive system.
Etawa's goat's milk is rich in calcium
Although people consume cow's milk to increase calcium intake and prevent osteoporosis, it's good you also try Etawa goat milk because Etawa goat milk is very rich in calcium and amino acid tryptophan.
Etawa goat milk as a good and natural nutrition
Goats are known as bio-organic sodium animals because nutritious to boost morale, flexibility and vitality for people who like to consume goat's milk. Sodium bio-organic is an element that keeps the joints flexible and healthy. In addition, Etawa goat milk is also widely used as a remedy for maintaining and regenerating the nervous system.
Etawa goat milk can help treat tuberculosis and asthma
Etawa goat milk can be used as a medicine to treat TB and Asthma disease because it contains Flourin and Betakasein. In addition, Etawa milk is also beneficial for those who have problems with breathing.
Etawa goat milk can be for pregnant and lactating mothers
Other benefits of Etawa goat milk is as an additional nutrient for pregnant women. In addition, the impact of consuming milk etawa on pregnant women will nourish the fetus as well. As for breastfeeding mothers, Etawa milk is good to facilitate breast milk.
Etawa goat's milk can nourish the skin
Etawa goat milk can be used as a face mask and body scrub. This method is useful to smooth the skin and shrink the pores of the face so free from various skin problems such as acne.
Etawa milk is expected to improve the ability to metabolize iron and copper, especially in people who have limited absorption and digestion, and are effective in overcoming inflammatory bowel diseases, not increasing the risk of asthma attacks in those with digestive disorders. Because it does not trigger acid reactions that increase mucous production, good for the heart, regulate blood pressure, reduce stroke risk, help with atherosclerosis, lower cholesterol levels. Goat milk has a nutritious mineral content as an antiseptic and protective tissue of the lungs. Goat Milk has a natural antiseptic and is thought to help suppress the growth of bacteria in the body because it contains fluorine 10 - 100 times greater than cow's milk. Goat milk also has protein and low laxative effect, so it does not cause diarrhea for those who consume it. Goat milk is identical with its smell (prengus odor) so it is less desirable. Some dairy goats etawa try to remove the smell of prengus characteristic of milk etawa goat, Now has been present milk etawa milk products in the form of milk powder that is not so feels the smell of goat milk are: Milk Goat Etawa Aliifa.
Etawa Aliifa Goat Milk is a herbal product from Etawa Goat Etawa raw material processed with special technology to produce good quality. The taste and aroma do not smell fishy. Milk Goats Etawasudah proven since hundreds of years ago has benefits and efficacy in helping the treatment of various diseases.
Selling Prices Wholesale Goat Etawa Aliifa milk is actually quite cheap when viewed from the benefits / usefulness / efficacy that can be obtained from Etawa Aliifa Milk Goat. Benefits of Etawa Aliifa Goat Milk to treat various diseases. We Sell Etawa Aliifa Goat Milk with Cheap Etawa Aliifa Milk Price to make it more affordable.
Etawa Aliifa Milk Price on the market is diverse, Milk Goat Aliifa offers a special price of goat etawa milk with 200 gram container, of course the price of Alifu goat etawa milk is more economical. Etawa Aliifa Milk Price is very competitive with other Etawa goat milk, the price of Alifu goat etawa milk is expected to be proportional to the benefits or benefits obtained from this Aliifa etawa milk goat.
Rules of presenting and storing goat milk etawa Aliifa:
Dissolve 2 tablespoons of goat milk powder in a glass of hot water (200cc), mix well and ready to drink.
Store in a safe and dry place. Put into the jar and close tightly to keep the aroma.
The composition of Etawa Aliifa goat milk:
Milk Goat Powder, Vegetable Crimer and Sugar
Etawa Aliifa Goat Milk
Manufactured by: CV. SARI HONEY MAJOR
Karanganyar - Central Java
BPOM / POM: MD 805011004185
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