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Product Specification SILICON OIL 1000cs

We sell Silicon Chemical 1000cs Dow Chemical produced with very sophisticated technology to produce high-quality silicon with a slight thickness compared to others and the Siliconya content reaches 100%.

Generally silicon oil is used as the main ingredient in making silicon emusion, but the price of expensive silicon oil causes its use to be reduced, this can reduce the quality of your product. To improve the quality of your products and the relatively inexpensive production costs, reach 1000cs silicon oil with 12500cs silicon oil in a ratio of 3: 1.5. Silicon oil 12500 contains 125% higher active ingredients compared to silicon oil 1000 so that even a little usage is enough to improve the quality of your silico emulsion products.

In addition to 1000cs silicon oil polish products can also be used for:

1 Anti brittle for rubber so it lasts

2 Equipment / Furniture: Nuts, bolts, locks, locks

3 Treadmill Sports Equipment as a lubricant every 20 hours of use

4 Gearbox, piston, Mag and bolt GBB, O-RING

5 Fishing Rod (Reel / Rope & Rod Reels)

6 Tamiya Tuner (Toy Race Car) to make it run faster

7 Fan (if the fan / fan is often jammed due to rust and dust)

8 Motorcycle Chain Lubricants

9 Bicycles (To be more easy to pull) Shifter, Gear / Serration.

10 Small tools: Gear, O-rings, etc.

11 Tamiya: Gear, Dinamo, O-ring

12 The Lock Padlock is jammed so smoothly as new again

We are PT. Indo Daisun Sakti guarantees that our CHEMICAL products are not mixed with diluent products and so on,

We are very concerned about quality, because our motto "QUALITY No. 1 "

For prices and stock availability, please contact us at the number listed on our website or the product photo

For samples we can send or can also come to our office at LTC Glodok Lt. 2 blocks C 9 No. 7 and 8


• Each shipment takes time for neat and safe packaging, making the address label, the packing process and delivery to the courier

√ Orders that arrive until 3:00 p.m. will be processed on the same day

√ Orders that arrive after 3:00 p.m. will be processed the next day


• Gojek and Instant Grab: Jakarta

• JNE: Jabodetabeka and JAWA BARAT (stuck in West Java YES)

• TIKI: Jabodetabeka and JAWA BARAT (stuck in West Java YES)

• WAHANA: All of Java and Lampung are only major cities

• KOBERA: All over Java

• POS INDONESIA: Entire Java



• Shipments can only be made by those listed above, other than those listed we openly accept Expeditions / Couriers requested by the buyer as long as the expedition / courier is close to our location

excess shipping costs that have been agreed upon, can be returned via bank transfer

• For buyers who object to the long delivery time, it is recommended not to order this product! so as not to be disappointed. Because we are not AUTHORIZED to arrange expeditions


• Specifically for liquid shipments required by land Can not be via plane, to avoid rejection from the courier

• Outside P. Java Sumsel Bali Madura can now use POS Indonesia

with a minimum order requirement of 3 liters required!

• For buyers who object to the long delivery time, it is recommended not to order this product!

Please understand, because we give priority to the safety and interests of customers, we do not want our kind customers disappointed because of shipping

Price SILICON OIL 1000cs

In this era of intense competition, entrepreneurs must have strategies to create added value to the product to appear more attractive than other products, so that it can boost sales turnover.Quality products must be supported by quality, attractive and inexpensive packaging, without it being difficult for prospective buyers to glance at your product

Therefore, we PT. Indo Daisun Sakti comes with various solutions and innovations to help you win the competition in the era of free trade.We offer various solutions and innovations in the form of:1. Quality and inexpensive chemical raw materials2. Various types of bottle packaging with a variety of sizes, motifs, models and certainly quality
3. Ease in ordering goods4. Ease of transaction5. And convenience in shippingTo find out more details, please contact us on the telephone: 021-62200846, Address: LTC Glodok 2nd Floor block C9 No.7, Jl. Hayam Wuruk no 127. Jakarta 11180 or WA: 08176467515/081280301784 we serve you kindly and smile.

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