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RCBO Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker Himel

  • Minimum Order 1 Pcs
  • Country Origin India
  • Last Updated10 Feb 2020

Product Specification RCBO Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker Himel

RCBO Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker Himel

  • 1P+N 6A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C6
  • 1P+N 10A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C10
  • 1P+N 16A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C16
  • 1P+N 20A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C20
  • 1P+N 25A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C25
  • 1P+N 32A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C32
  • 1P+N 40A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C40
  • 1P+N 50A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C50
  • 1P+N 63A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN1C63

  • 1P+N 6A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C6R300
  • 1P+N 10A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C10R300
  • 1P+N 16A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C16R300
  • 1P+N 20A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C20R300
  • 1P+N 25A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C25R300
  • 1P+N 32A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C32R300
  • 1P+N 40A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C40R300
  • 1P+N 50A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C50R300
  • 1P+N 63A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN1C63R300

  • 3P+N 6A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C6
  • 3P+N 10A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C10
  • 3P+N 16A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C16
  • 3P+N 20A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C20
  • 3P+N 25A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C25
  • 3P+N 32A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C32
  • 3P+N 40A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C40
  • 3P+N 50A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C50
  • 3P+N 63A Sensitivity 30mA Type HDB3wLEN6C63

  • 3P+N 6A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C6R300
  • 3P+N 10A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C10R300
  • 3P+N 16A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C16R300
  • 3P+N 20A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C20R300
  • 3P+N 25A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C25R300
  • 3P+N 32A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C32R300
  • 3P+N 40A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C40R300
  • 3P+N 50A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C50R300
  • 3P+N 63A Sensitivity 300mA Type HDB3wLEN6C63R300

RCBO Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker

Price RCBO Residual Current Operated Circuit Breaker Himel

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