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Product Specification Rambu Peringatan

Warning sign
Warning Signs or Traffic Signs Functioning To Give Warning To Users Road There Is A Dangerous Place On The Road In Front Of It.

Standard Signs:
- Signpost Material: Aluminum Plate 1.2 mm
- Reflective Series: 3M Reflective 610 Series, EG Prismatic Reflective (EGP)
- Diameter: 60, 75, 90 cm

1A. Sharp turn to the left.
1B. Turn right.
1C. Sharp turn to the left.
1D. Sharp turn to the right.
1E. Double Bend, First Turn Left.
1F. Double Bend, First Bend Right.
1G. Many Bends or Sequences in Several Bends, First Bend to the Left.
1H. Many Bends or Sequences of Several Bends, First Bend to the Right.
1I. Right-Handed Steering Director.
1J. Left Turn Director.
2A. Derivative.
2B. Steep slope.
2C. Climb.
2D. Trench Rise.
3A. Narrowing Left and Right of the Way.
3B. Narrowing on the Left Path.
3C. Narrowing on the Right Path.
3D. Bridge or narrowing on the bridge.
3E. Left Path Reduction.
3F. Right Line Reduction.
4. Lift Bridges.
5. Road to the water bank, edge of the cliff.
6A. Road Not Flat, Corrugated Or Hilly.
6B. Convex Road or Convex Bridge.
6C. Sunken road.
7. Slippery Road.
8. Loose Gravel.
9A. Landslides or rocks that fall from the left side of the road.
9B. Landslides or rocks that fall from the right side of the road.
10. Crossing People.
11. Many Children.
12. Many people cycling and often cross the road.
13A. Many Tame Animals And Often Cross the Road.
13B. Lots of wildlife and often cross the road.
14. There is work on the road.
15. Traffic Control Lights.
16. Airplane Trails.
17. Wind from the Side.
18A. Two-way traffic.
18B. Beginning of Separating Buildings for Two-Way Traffic.
18C. End of Separate Buildings for Two-Way Traffic.
18D. Beginning of Building for One-Way Traffic.
19A. Intersection.
19B. Left Side Three Crossing.
19C. Junction of the Three Right Side.
19D. The Three Serong Kiri Junction.
19E. The Three Serong Kiri Junction.
19F. Tiga Serong Kanan Junction.
19G. Tiga Serong Kanan Junction.
19H. Triple Type T. Junction
19I. Type Y Three Junction.
19J. Three Double Left Right Crossing.
19K. Three Double Junction Right Left.
19L. Left Three Double Junction.
19M. Three Double Right Intersection.
20A. Junction Four With Priorities.
20B. Three Left Side Junction with Priority.
20C. Crossing Three Right Side With Priority.
20D. Tiga Serong Kiri Intersection with Priority.
20E. The Three Serong Junction Right With Priority.
20F. Roundabout Junction with Priority.
21A. High Free Space .......... M.
21B. Room Width Besas .......... M.
22A. Flat Crossing With a Railroad Track
22B. Flat Crosses With A Doorless Railroad Track.
23. Be careful.
24A. Additional signs state distance of 450 M.
24B. Additional signs say 350 m distance
24C. Additional signs indicate distance of 150 M.
25. Warning about the Dangers of Landslides in the Rainy Season.

Price Rambu Peringatan

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Kapasitas, fungsi, engine (penggerak) peralatan atau pabrikasi mesin pertanian yang kami produksi bisa di sesuaikan dengan kebutuhan Konsumen.

Didukung teknisi kami yang sudah berpengalam bertahun-tahun di bidang pabrikasi mesin pertanian, kami berkomitmen untuk menghasilkan produk mesin pertanian, peralatan perkebunan, peralatan kehutanan yang berkulitas tinggi namun dengan harga yang bersaing.

Dengan penjelasan yang telah tercantum di atas anda boleh mempercayakan kepada kami untuk masalah kinerja kami. Pelayanan yang kami berikan kepada konsumen atau customer adalah menjadi hal utama yang kami Prioritaskan dan perhatikan.

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