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NPK Fertilizer, Are There Benefits and Disadvantages? Do you know NPK fertilizer? Is one type of compound fertilizer with very complete ingredients. Both macro and micro, everything is in the fertilizer. It is very important, giving NPK fertilizer to plants because there are essential elements needed in order to fertilize the plants. Among them are nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, chloride, boron, iron, manganese, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, zinc and many more. Well, the discussion below is not a matter of the types of substances, but the role for plants (plants).
Actually there are lots of things but everything is summarized into one so that you understand it more easily. Consider immediately reviewing the following. Benefits of NPK Fertilizer
1. Plant Metabolism The presence of potassium in NPK fertilizer is very helpful in terms of photosynthesis. That way, plants will get energy more quickly so that it can support all activities ranging from the growth of the stem, leaves to form prospective candidates for fruit or flowers.
On the other hand, the effect is also quite effective on water efficiency, the process of opening and closing pores of plant leaves (stomata). So, it can be said if the deficiency of potassium levels results in slowing the stomata to carry out photosynthesis. In addition, other functions of potassium include helping to overcome tanman disease, increasing resistance to extreme climates, balancing ions in plants, breaking down carbohydrates, essential protein cystensis and engaging in fruit formation.
2. Respiration and cell division As many people know, NPK fertilizer also has an important role to occur in normal respiration and cell division in plants. Therefore, this process will later make the plant grow bigger and more fertile. In connection with this, of course, can not be separated from the role of phosphorus.
Phosphorus does not only help to sustain respiration or cell division, but also improves the quality of germination, development of roots, seeds and even fruit. So when the plant looks stunted, does not want to bear fruit or form abnormal daunya it is ensured that the condition is the first symptom due to lack of phosphorus.
3. Plant Growth and Growth You know, the benefits of this one NPK fertilizer? It's true that its existence is so important for the continuity of growth and development of plants. Considering that in NPK fertilizer there is a substance called nitrogen that can improve the quality of plants by showing dark green (meaning high chlorophyll content).
On the contrary, if you have too many NPK fertilizer members, then the content of nitrogen actually shortens the generative period and it can be ascertained that the production or quality of the plant will also decrease.
4. Stimulating This means that NPK fertilizer is useful to stimulate the growth of plant roots and leaves. Where is its function really helps neutralize organic acids. Some sources also say that the source of calcium will be hydrated into CaO (lime burns on plants) to form a great reaction that can kill microbes or disturbances of weeds around it.
5. Helping Enzymes and Vitamins The next role of NPK fertilizer is very useful in determining the enzymes and vitamins needed by plants. In addition, it also stimulates nodulation (for fixation) so that it can support the formation of chlorophyll even though it is not part of chlorophyll.
6. Formation of Cell Walls In general, plants with thick skin will be more durable to certain weather and environmental conditions. Well, if you also want to maintain plant health, then don't hesitate to provide NPK fertilizer because it can act as a plant cell wall.
In the end, it helps minimize the risk of fungal diseases in both seed and leafy plants. But remember, give it regularly (to taste) and don't overdo it

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