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Prevectron Lightning ProtectionPrevectron 2 How does an ESE lightning rod work When lightning strikes an electrical field is always created at ground level and this increases in intensity as the downward leader approaches. Once this reaches a certain level of between 50 and 100 kV m the Corona effect which wpzoom develops naturally at the top of any high structure allows discharges known as upward leaders to rise toward the cloud see previous section on the lightning phenomenon. The postition of the ionised path which will allow the lightning current to pass is determined by where the upward leader comes into contact with the first downward leader from the cloud. animation prevectron The sooner the rising discharge upward leader leaves the lightning rod to move toward the cloud the sooner it will move closer to the downward leader and the greater the chances of the two making contact before other rising discharges from nearby high points. It can be seen then that it is the start the point of the first upward leader which determines the point of impact of the lightning on the ground. An early streamer emission lightning rod is designed to provide optimal conditions for the formation of this rising discharge. For this the following conditions are necessary The presence of primary electrons at the top of the rod these electrons given off in the form of plasma encourage the start up of the rising discharge. Plasma being well-formed Onised at the right moment when lightning is about to strike in other words in phase with the rising electric field at ground level. Prevectron 2 features In an intense electrical field to the lower set of sensors charges the ionization device with electrical energy and when the lightning strikes the upper set of electrodes generate sparks allowing an upward leader to form and intercept and channel the current down to earth through the central tip. the Central pickup tip made of electronytic copper or stainless steel passes through the lightning conductor creating an uninterrupted path to earth for the lightning to flow down A stainless steel waterproof housing connected to earth An upper set of spark electrodes generating An electrical triggering device shielded in its protective housing. A lower set of sensors for ambient energy absorbing. prevectron 2 Key benefits of Prevectron 2 The skills of INDELEC s engineers the variety of tests carried out in both high voltage laboratories and real life lightning conditions and the experience gained from the thousands of PREVECTRON 2 installations around the world have allowed us to develop a complete range of lightning conductors offering a host of key benefits 5 model range offering customized solutions for each project easthetic constraints required protection area etc. Fully autonomous operation Total reliability even in extreme climatic conditions Proven robust design able to withstand multiple lightning strikes Lightning conductor only becomes active when the electrical field intensity lightning discharge rises likely the PREVECTRON 2 presents no danger to the site Straightforward installation maintenance using tools specially developed by INDELEC including protection calculation software counter strike and PREVECTRON tester High voltage laboratory test results available on request Real life test results scientific reports available on request Ultra safe capture tip thanks to full electrical continuity between the tip and the earth point ISO 9001 2000 manufacturing process certificate 116,884 Prevectron 2 features Five Prevectron2 models are available with the latest technical developments of the central pickup rod and upper electrodes made of copper with chromium plating new blue translucide cap including upper electrode insulation device and new blue coating of stainless steel lower electrodes. Millenium Version This latest version has been specifically developed to endure the most severe climatic conditions humidity heat. prevectron2 S prevectron2 prevectron2 + 4.50 S 6.60 S+ 3.40 Mag Prevectron 2 S 6.60.185 mm H 385 mm Prevectron 2 S 4.50.185 mm H 385 mm Prevectron 2 S + 3.40 Mag. 185 mm H 385 mm prevectron2 + 3.40 Mag prevectron2 TS 2.25 TS Prevectron 2 TS + 3.40 Mag. 100 mm H 330 mm Prevectron 2 TS 2.25 100 mm. Silent H 330 mm Protection radius A 2 conductor lightning Prevectron s protection radius Rp is calculated according to the NF C 17 102 September 2011 standard formula. It is a dependent ona number of parameters The Prevectron efficiency T see test summaries on the Pre     

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