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PT. PIRAMID CAHAYA ABADI is a Pipe Supplier in Jakarta who sell Pipe in Jakarta as well as Distributor of Pipe in Jakarta, Serving sales to all over the archipelago. A wide range of Iron and Steel Products as well as Safety Equipments we offer are as follows:

PIPE IRON, Pipe Seamless Pipe, Pipe Welded, Spiral Pipe, Pipe Carbon Steel, Aluminum Pipes, Pipe Galvanized, Pipe Fittings, Stainless Steel Pipe, Pipe Japan, Pipes Korea, Pipa Malaysia, Pipe Sumitomo Pipe Nippon, Pipe China Pipe Bakrie, pipe Spindo, pipe ISTW, Pipa Xing Xing, pipe HengYang, pipe Cast Iron, pipe scafolding, pipe boiler, pipe tubing, HDPE pipe, PPR, Conduit, pipe Box, Iron pipe, pipe Holo, PVC pipes, ERW pipe, pipe casing, pipe wells, pipes Borpile, pipe Api 5L, pipe Medium, pipe Grade A, pipe Grade B, pipe SS 201, pipe SS 304, pipe SS 316, pipe schedule 10, sch 10 pipe schedule 20, SCH 20, Pipe schedule 40, SCH 40, Pipe schedule 80, SCH 80, Pipe schedule 160, SCH 160, round pipe

PLAT IRON, Black Plate, SPCC Plate, White Plate, SPHC Plate, Boat Plate, Galvanized Plate, Stainless Steel Plate, Aluminum Plate, Plat Bordes, Plat Strip, Coil Plate, Grating Plate, Hole Plate, Perforated Plate, Shim Plat, Plate HDPE, Plat HL, Plat Mirror, Plate Iron, Plat BONDEX, Plat Spandex, Plat wave, Koil Zincalume, coil Galvalume, Plat KS, Plat GG, Plate Grating Galvanized, Plate Hole aluminum, Plate Hole Stainless Plate Hole Galvanized, Plate Tin , Tin Sheet

IRON & STEEL, Rebar, Iron Screw, Iron Elbow, Channel U, Channel C, Iron WF Beam, Iron H Beam, Wiremesh, Iron ace, Iron UNP, Iron CNP, Iron Holow, Iron Pipe, Rebar KS, Rebar CS, LS Concrete Iron, KSTY Concrete Iron, Round Bar, Iron I Beam INP, WF Iron, Expanded Metal, Expanded Mesh

FITTING PIPE, Fittings, Pipe Fitting, Accessories Pipes, Ftting CS A234 WPB, Sus 304, SUS 316, SCH 10, SCH 20, SCH 40, SCH 60, SCH 80, SCH 160, drat 150, Reducer, Tee, Copper Fitting, Fitting Stainless Steel Fitting Aluminum, fittings Carbon Steel, Bolts, Nuts, Anchor, nut Bolt, Y-Stainer, US Copel, Sock drat, Reducer, Tee, Elbow, Cap, Fitting Cap Fitting Tee, Fitting Reducer, Fitting Elbow, Reducing tee, Cross Tee, Equal Tee, End Cap, Gasket, Weldolet, Sodolet, Redolet

FLANGE PIPE, Flange CS A105, Flange SUS 304, Flange SUS 316, Flange JIS 10K, Flange ANSI 150, Flange ANIS 300, Flange ANSI 600 RF, Gasket, Weldneck Flange, Flange Welding Neck Flange Slip-on, Flange Lap Joint, Flange Threaded, Flange Socket, Reducing Flange, Blind Flange, Blind Flange, Flange Cover, Flange Open, Flange Bolong, Welding Neck Flange, Rubber Gasket

VALVE & PRESSURE GAUGE, Valve, Instrument, Pressure Gauge, Pressure Switch, Globe Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve, Butterfly Valve, Check Valve, Foot Valve, Valve kitz, Relief Valve, Plug Valve, Wafer Valve, Wafer Check Valve, Wafer Butterfly Valve, Wafer Gate Valve, Wafer Ball Valve.

INSULATION / silencer, rockwool, glasswool, Aluminum Foil, Foam Insulflex, Flexible Duct, Tilement Spindel Pin, Silencer, Vitaulic, Tube Rockwool, Glasswool Pipe Insulation, Glasswool Board, Thermaflex Insulation, glasswool blanket,

EQUIPMENT SAFETY, Equipment Safety, Security Tools, Tool K3, Fire extinguisher, Personal Protective Equipment (Helmet Safety, Helmet, Gloves, Gloves, Jackets, Vests, Safety Shoes, Safety Glasses, Ear Protector, Ear Muff) Fire extinguisher ( Fire Tube, Clothes Fireproof, Fire Detector, Smoke Detector, Fire Hose, Fire Nozzel, Hose, Hydrant) Safety Marine, Oil & Gas (buoy Life Raft, Rafts, Rubber Boat, Distress Kit) Laboratory Safety Equipment, Road Safety Equipment (Road Barier, Stick Cone, Cat Eye, Road Signs), Security Equipments (Uniforms, Helmets, Hats, Shoes, Metal Detector)

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Price Japan Import Pipe

We PT Pyramid Cahaya Abadi is a company engaged in trading of iron and steel materials for various building construction needs. We offer and sell the best quality building materials with the best quality.

We Sell
  • Pipa Besi
  • Pipa Seamless
  • Fitting Pipa
  • Valve
  • Plat Besi
  • Pipa Jepang

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