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Product Specification Glass Door

GLASS DOOR is a door made of glass. There are two kinds of glass doors, namely Frameless Glass doors and glass doors with aluminum frames.Frameless glass doors are made up almost entirely of thick glass. Minimum thickness is: 12 mm for swing opening doors with hinges planted below. Usually for office glass doors and building glass doors. And 10 mm thick for swing openings with side hinges (usually for shower glass doors or toilet doors).Sliding openings for framelessglass doors (Sliding) can use 10 mm thick glass and also 12 mm thick. For this type of frameless glass door, it is recommended to use TEMPERED type glass, because this is what people often say is safety glass or smart glass. What this means is that this type of tempered glass will break into small pieces if there is a hard impact that causes the glass to break, so that the glass will be safe if exposed to humans.For a glass door with an aluminium frame or frame, often also called a glass aluminum door, is a door whose surroundings are made of aluminum frames with a glass middle. For the thickness of the glass, you can use a minimum thickness of 5 mm and a maximum of 8 mm. I say at least 5 mm because if it is less than that, the glass will break easily, while the maximum is 8 mm, so that there is a gap between the glass and the aluminum frame to be filled with gaskets or rubber which functions as a vibration damper. If this gap is ignored, the glass will break easily if there is vibration, or even if there is an expansion process due to the heat of the sun.

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