Photoelectric Switches Keyence GT-H10

Product Specification Photoelectric Switches Keyence GT-H10

Photoelectric Switches Keyence

This sensor uses light-sensitive elements to detect objects and consists of transmitter / emitter (Source Light) and receiver (receiver). This sensor uses a light-sensitive element to detect objects and consists of transmitter / emitter (light source) and receiver (receiver). There are 4 types of photoelectric sensors available:

a. Direct Reflection

Transmitters and receivers are placed together and use reflected light directly from the object to perform the detection. Selection of photosensor of this type should consider the color and type of surface of the object (rough, slippery, opaque, bright). With the opaque surface, the sensing distance will be affected by the color of the object. Bright colors affect the maximum sensing distance and gela colors affect the minimum sensing distance. If the surface of the object is shiny, the surface effect is more important than the color. In the technical data (catalog), the sensing distance indicated is a test using a white paper (matte).

b. Reflection with Reflector

Transmitters and receivers are placed together and need reflectors. The detected object cuts the light between the sensor and the reflector so that the receiver does not receive light. These photocells allow further sensing distances. With the reflector the emitted beam will be reflected completely to the receiver.

c. Reflection polarized with reflector (Polarized Reflection with Reflector)

Similar to Reflection with reflectors, these photocells use anti-reflex devices. So the reflector is not shiny. This sensor bases the function on a polarized light tape, providing accurate gain and detection even when the surface of the object is very shiny. Technical data does not exist because it is strongly influenced by random reflection (any object).

d. Through Beam

Transmitter and Receiver are placed separately and object detection occurs when cutting the light between the transmitter and receiver so that the receiver loses light for a moment. These phototells have the longest sensing distance.


Keyence GT-H1 Photoelectric Switches

- 12 to 24 Vdc


Price Photoelectric Switches Keyence GT-H10

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