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Product Specification individual quick frozen

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IQF stands for Individual Quick Frozen, is a way to freeze many products in the same area and each unit of product is set the distance. Foods that are frozen by IQF freezing do not stick together and separate from each other.
With the advancement of freezer machine technology, IQF freezing techniques are also applied to the use of fast freezing machines to ensure the texture, taste and moisture of frozen foodstuffs are maintained.
Fast freezing machine is a relatively simple and efficient type of tunnel structure fast frozen device, suitable for cakes, fast frozen foods, meat and other foods.
this product has the following features
1. Simple structure, easy operation, long service life.
2. The board adopts library polyurethane double insulation stainless steel sandwich board, good performance insulation, internal components using high-quality stainless steel SUS304, easy cleaning, HACCP requirements.
3. Stainless steel mesh belt, smooth surface, easy to clean.
4. Using ice water, ensuring clean sanitation.
5. Inverter control to realize far adjustable speed, frozen frozen goods time is adjustable, can be applied to various frozen goods processing.