PARKER INDONESIA EasyShip Kittiwake DIGI Industrial Kit Multi Parameter Kittiwake FG-K1-107-KW

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Product Specification PARKER INDONESIA EasyShip Kittiwake DIGI Industrial Kit Multi Parameter Kittiwake FG-K1-107-KW


EasySHIP DIGI Industrial Kit Multi Parameter

Brand : Kittiwake

Type : FG-K1-107-KW





Multiparameter Test Kits


DIGI Combined Oil Test KitA range of On-Site oil test kits based around an electronic test cell for Water &/or BN. Features include fully digital display and 5 year battery life. Where appropriate, tests incorporate our new range of EasySHIP reagents that greatly reduce HAZMAT and Transportation considerations. DIGI tests provide quantitative results for trending, they generally require replacement consumables available in comprehensive packs. ECON tests are entry level qualitative go/no go type test where the test also forms the replacement reagent pack.

Various configurations are available in either an aluminium or ABS carry case complete with consumables for 25/50 tests. The range covers:

    Water - DIGI Electronic test cell. High and low water ranges.
    BN (TBN) - DIGI Electronic test cell (duel function, option to test Water also)
    Viscosity - Either a falling ball DIGI Viscometer or ECON Viscostick
    Insolubles - Either an electronic DIGI IR Insols test or an ECON filter test.
    Salt - ECON Salt test
    AN (TAN) - ECON AN test.

Customer specific branding options available.

Test Kit Options

Test Name

Tests Included

Order Number

EasySHIP DIGI Water Test Kit

Water: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm


EasySHIP DIGI Water & Viscosity Kit

Water: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm, Viscosity: go/no go



BN: 5-100


EasySHIP DIGI Basic Kit

Water: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm, Salt: go/no go, Insolubles: qualitative, Viscosity: go/no go


EasySHIP DIGI Industrial Kit

Water: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm, TBN: 5-100, Insolubles:qualitative, Viscosity:go/no go


DIGI Field Kit

Water: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm, TBN: 5-100, Insolubles:qualitative, Viscosity:go/no go, TAN: 0-6


EasySHIP DIGI Combined Kit

Water: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm, TBN: 5-100, Insolubles: qualitative, Viscosity: go/no go, Salt: go/no go


DIGI Clean Oil Kit

Water: 0-1%, 0-10%, 0-20%, 200-10000ppm, Viscosity: Falling ball technique, TAN: 0-6



Viscosity: Falling ball technique


DIGI Biodiesel Test Kit

Density: 850-950 kg/m3, Water in Biodiesel: 100 - 3000 ppm, 200 - 10000 ppm, 0 - 10%, Viscosity: 1 - 10 cSt @ 40 °C, TAN: 0-6, Visual Test: Qualitative




Heated Viscometer

Heated ViscometerProduct Code: FG-K1-200-KW

The Heated Viscometer is suitable for testing viscosity of both residual fuel & lube oil from a wide variety of applications including diesel engines, gas and aviation turbines, gear boxes, hydraulics and marine fuels. Testing viscosity of fuel oil is important for verifying the correct grade of fuel is delivered, for calculating combustion performance, plus adjusting of fuel handling and injection systems. Viscosity of lube oil is the most important property with the correct viscosity providing optimum film strength in system clearances, with minimum friction losses and leakage.

The Parker Kittiwake Heated Viscometer:

    Monitors changes in lubricating oil viscosity reporting in cSt @ 40°C, preventing costly engine and machinery failures
    Verifies correct fuel grade or blend has been delivered and acceptability for storage, pumping and purifiers
    Estimates the combustion performance (CCAI).
    Correct density from 50°C. to kg/m³ @ 15°C in vacuo

The Heated Viscometer is extremely rugged and ideal for harsh industrial application. It can be purchased as a stand-alone kit, supplied in its own case, or as part of a more extensive suite of testing equipment in the Fuel and Lube Oil Lab, Power Plant Lab or Oil Test Centre. With readings being uniquely provided directly in centistokes, it can be used in 3 ways:

    Unheated with automatic viscosity correction to 40°C and calculated at 100°C for lube oils.
    Heated to 50°C for viscosity measurement of residual fuel oils.
    Heated to 40°C for viscosity measurement of distillate fuels and lubricating oils.

The Parker Kittiwake Viscometers have been proven to be as accurate as laboratory methods. Click this link to view an independent report from a leading analysis laboratory.



Typically within ±3% (20 - 450 cSt)


Fuel Oils and Lube Oils


Viscosity at 15°C or 40°C (heated), Viscosity at 40°C (unheated, corrected to 40°C), Viscosity at 100°C (calculated), Calculated Aromaticity index (CCAI), Density correlation from 50°C to 15°C in vacuo, Variable viscosity Index (for unheated mode)


ASTM D445, IP71


25 cm x 13 cm x 9 cms


110/240 VAC user selected


20 - 810 cSt at 50°C (ISO Fuel Grades RMA 10 to RMA 55), 20 - 810 cSt at 40°C (Lubricating Oils SAE5 through SAE50)

Test Time:

Heating from 25°C in 10 mins, Viscosity at 40°C unheated 3 mins, Repeat tests 30 seconds maximum


10 kgs

Spares & Consumables


Part Number

Spare Seals, Fuses and Balls


Viscometer Power supply


Viscometer End Plug


Viscometer End Cap


Viscometer 24v Power Lead




Marine Fuel Density meter

Density MeterFuel is delivered from the bunker barge by volume and confirmed by meter or tape soundings. It is paid for by mass with a conversion relying on an accurate density reading. The density meter provides that and more. CCAI, Density in Vacuo, Viscosity conversion. The Density Meter measures more than just diesel & residual bunker fuel density:

    Confirm the quantity of fuel delivered, correcting volume to density
    Verify that the correct grade of fuel has been delivered under ISO 8217
    Estimate the combustion performance (CCAI) and correct viscosity in cP to cSt.

Most oils can be measured at 50°C with an option at 70°C very viscous fuels. The calculator provides Density in kg/m3 @ 15°C in a vacuo. For a known viscosity it will convert Censtistokes or Centipoise and calculate CCAI*. Purchased as a stand-alone kit supplied in its own case or as part of a more extensive suite of testing equipment in the Fuel and Lube Oil Lab or Power Plant Lab. The Density Meter has been proven to be as accurate as laboratory methods.

Note: The Diesel and Fuel Density Meter must not be used for heating any liquids other than diesel or residual fuel oils. It is not suitable for use with any fuels with a low flash point temperature (e.g. gasoline).
* CCAI = Calculated Carbon Aromaticity Index





Typically within ± 0.1% (800-1010 kg/m³)


Density in kg/m³at 15°C in vacuo, centiPoise to centiStokes, CCAI - Calculatd Carbon Aromaticity Index


ASTM D1298 IP160


18 cm x 23 cm x 10 cm


110/240 VAC (autoselected)


800 to 1010 kg/m³ @ 15°C


50°C and 70°C

Test Time:

Heating from 15°C 10 mins, Repeat test maximum 30 seconds


2.20 kg

Spare Hydrometers

Part Number

Range, Relative Density


0.80 - 1.01 @ 15°C


0.85 - 0.95 @ 15°C


0.90 - 1.01 @ 15°C





Flashpoint Tester

Flashpoint TesterProduct Code: FG-K16909-KW

Flash point is the temperature at which the vapours of a fuel ignite when a test flame is applied. The flash point for all fuels to be used in bulk onboard vessels is set at 60°C minimum (SOLAS* agreement). ISO8217 Grade DMX, a special low cloud point gasoil, may only be stored onboard in drums because of its < 60°C flash point. The fuel flash point is an important quality and safety assurance measure. The flash point of biodiesel is used to detect contamination from low flashpoint methanol.  Flashpoint is used in lube oils as an indication of fuel oil contamination.

The Flashpoint Tester / Analyzer is easy to use, completing a fuel flash/no-flash test in less than two minutes. It will determine the flash point of a lube sample within a temperature range of 0 to 300°C in typically 8 minutes and boasts the following core features:

    Digital display showing test parameters, instrument status, and the flashpoint test result.
    Audible alarm when flashpoint test is completed and action is required from the operator.
    Automatic flash detector enhances repeatability and reduces the chance of mis-interpretation.
    Small sample size - 2 or 4ml.

*SOLAS - Safety of Life At Sea - International Convention.

For shipping reasons, a butane refill cartridge is not supplied and so will need to be purchased locally.


Cup Material:


Ramp Rate:

2°C / min ramp

Sample Size:

2 - 4 ml

Size (HxWxD)::

26 x 28 x 26cm

Temp Range:

Ambient 0 to 300°C

Test Duration, Rapid Equilibrium Mode:

1 minute below 100°C, 2 minutes above 100°C, or user determined 1 to 99 minutes

Test Modes:

Rapid Equilibrium and Ramp, 1 to 99 minutes.


110/120V or 220/240V, 50/60Hz (switchable), 12Vdc with optional adaptor


4 kg

Ordering Information

Part Number



Electronic Flashpoint Tester





ANALEX pqL - PQ Index Wear Debris


ANALEX pqLProduct Code: FG-K17000-KW

ANALEX PQ measurements are a very commonly applied technique for screening laboratory Used Oil Analysis samples. This is the most significant improvement made in the last 20 years with greatly increased reproducibility at low range, reduced footprint and faster cycle time. Wear debris screening allows easy trending and rapidly identifies high wear rates to flag for in-depth examination. Reporting ferrous debris levels is an essential part of used oil analysis.

Designed specifically for used oil analysis laboratories as a replacement for the widely used pqM and pqA instruments. Developed with new hardware and upgraded software, the ANALEX pqL boasts the most accurate means of detecting and measuring ferrous wear debris in lubricating oils, hydraulic oils and greases. Features include:

    Increased accuracy and low range reproducibility (across instruments)
    Improved reliability and durability
    Measurement cycle time more than halved compared to pqA
    Reduced footprint
    Sample container flexibility
    Backwards data compatibility
    PC and ethernet connectivity
    4 x USB Ports (for Memory Stick, Printer, Keyboard, Mouse etc)
    Optional barcode scanner, Optional loading robot



±4 PQ or ±1% [whichever is greater]                


1 PQ

Measurement Range:

0 - 5000 PQ

Cycle Duration:

4 Seconds

Minimum PQ Detection:

1 PQ

Size & Weight:

370 mm x 230 mm (3.6 kg)

Optional Extras & Consumables

Part Number



Printer Kit


Barcode Scanner


Spare Paper

Part Number



100 ml HDPE sample bottles (288)


100 ml PET sample bottles (288)


5 ml plastic sample pots for oils and greases (3000




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Brochure  kittiwake indonesia ,

Fuels & Lube  : Total base Number ( TBN ) , Total AcidNumber ( TAN ) , Viscocity -Heated , Viscosity - Non Heated , Water in Oils / Fuel , Flashpoint tester , Soot Index , Salt in Oils / Fuels , Particles ( Cleanliness Test )


Industrial Water : Portable water lab , Drinking Water , Boiler Water management , Boiler Water test , Cooling Water Test , Laundry water test , Waste Water test , Food and Baverage water test , Awimming Pool & Spa , Consumables Reagent





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