Package Sound System Great Seminar Meetings Meeting 1 Yamaha For The Hall Auditorium

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Product Specification Package Sound System Great Seminar Meetings Meeting 1 Yamaha For The Hall Auditorium

Prices Do Not Include VAT DERPROBel Speaker GROUP Buses 1 Stereo Bus 4 AUX (incl. FX) XLR balanced outputs Internal universal power supply for world-wide use Rack Mount Kit Included Metal chassis Spec The framework of the Mixing Processor capabilities on-board SPX algorithm: 24 programs, PARAMETER control: 1, FOOT SW: 1 (FX RTN CH on/off) I/O 48 V Phantom Power Digital i/o USB 2.0 compliant, Class Audio Sampling Frequency: Max 192 kHz, Bit Depth: 24-bit Outline The Mono Channels input [MIC/LINE] 8 Mono/Stereo [MIC/LINE] 2 Stereo [LINE] 2 The output Channels of the STEREO OUT 2 MONITOR OUT 1 PHONES 1 AUX SEND 4 GROUP OUT of 4 The Stereo bus: 1, GROUP: 4, AUX: 4 (incl. FX) Input Channel Function PAD 26 dB (Mono) HPF 80 Hz, 12 dB/oct (Mono/Stereo: MIC only) COMP 1-knob compressor (Gain/Threshold/Ratio) Threshold: 10 dBu to-8 dBu, Ratio: 1:1 to 4:1, Output level: 0 dB to 7 dB Attack time: approx. 25 msec, Release time: approx. 300 msec EQ HIGH Gain: 30 dB/-3 dB, Frequency: 10 kHz shelving EQ MID Gain: 30 dB/-3 dB, Frequency: 250 Hz Mono y; " > Total Distortion of harmony 14dBu @ 0.03% (20 Hz to 20 kHz), the GAIN knob: Min, 0,005% @ 24dBu (1kHz), the GAIN knob: Min Frequency response 0.5 dB/-1.5 dB (20 Hz to 48 kHz), refer to the nominal output level @ 1 kHz, GAIN knob: Min Hum 100 AUDERPRO PROFESSIONAL POWER AMPLIFIER SA-700 On the occasion of this good AUDERPRO again offered the Professional Power Amplifier SA-the third generation of the Series. Present in 5 types namely SA-300, SA-SA-400, 500, 700 and SA-SA-900. With the power out sound Bridge maximum between: 1,500 Watt, 2,000 watts, 2,200 watts, 3,000 Watt and 4,200 Watt. Professional Power Amplifier SA-Series continues with a sturdy appearance and strength of get out the vote YesNG awesome. So there need be no doubt in using Professional Power Amplifier SA-Series. In this modern era of development of audio that is so rapidly. AUDERPRO products are also very naturally follow the desires of consumers who expect the presence of products that generate a nice, clear voice, clear and of high quality. In this case AUDERPRO always committed to fulfilling the intent of the masses of consumers ' desiresbut. Professional Power Amplifier as a superior product with this always uses the components of high quality and guaranteed to produce high quality products as well. During this AUDERPRO not only pay attention to the price that is more affordable to the consumer but also more AUDERPRO focusing on product quality. of course no means product prices are cheap but not balanced with good quality products. Specifications Type of goods: SA-700 Power Output/Power Out Every Chanel/Channel At: Stereo/Mono): CH Acoustic performance AP-125 and mesmerised in all music event. Professional passive speaker is designed with a slim, light weight, strong grip as well as facilitate the use of it in terms of mobility from one place to another. For easy installation in the top dilengkapin with holes to attach the hanger bolt and on the bottom is equipped with holes to attach the stand tripot. At the time of diletakkan dilantai as a monitor can be set on position 45GN: justify; " > Application: This passive speakers can be applied as sound reinforcement for speech, meeting, seminar, karaoke, training, public speaking, campaigns, promotions, exhibitions, music playback in entertainment events, monitor the band and other activities. This passive speakers can also be used ditempat-tempat such as: Teaching/school, Office, conference room, Church, Mosque, Lecture Hall, auctions, promotional events, indoor and outdoor pool, etc.5 Frequency Response:/-3dB 37Hz quo; There Is Noalizer with FBQ Feedback Detection System Professional 31-band stereo graphic equalizer for both live and studio applications Revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection system instantly reveals critical frequencies and can also be used the US audio analyzer A dedicated mono subwoofer output with adjustable crossover frequency Additional sweepable high and low-cut filters for each channel remove unwanted frequencies, e.g. floor rumble, hiss tape, etc. Highly accurate 12-segment LED input/output metering and input gain control for easy level setting Ultra low-noise audio operational amplifiers offer outstanding sound performance Relay-controlled hard-bypass with an auto-bypass function during power failure (failsafe relay) Servo-balanced inputs and outputs with 1/4onents and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany Enjoy the limelight ULTRAGRAPH PRO FBQ3102 with the, a professional 31-band stereo graphic equalizer for both live and studio applications. Its amazing patent-pending FBQ Feedback Detection System instantly detects feedback frequencies and can also be used as an audio analyzer, making the FBQ3102 a welcome addition to every touring setup. Adding some extra oomph to your music is made easy with the dedicated mono subwoofer output with adjustable crossover frequency. You can effortlessly remove unwanted frequencies such as floor rumble and hiss tape by utilizing the additional sweepable high and low cut filters for each channel, and level setting is a snap with the highly accurate 12-digit LED input/output metering and input gain control. Those in the know will appreciate the FBQ3102 ultra low-noise audio operational amplifiers that provide outstanding sound performance, or the servo-balanced inputs and outputs with 1/4t-align: justify; " > WIRELESS MICROPHONE AUDERPRO AP-929WM-HH INFRALED FREQUENCY SWITCH AUTOMATIC SCAN (LOUDSPEAKER MICROPHONE WITHOUT CABLE) Main Function: * Two chanel microphone * Circuit ACT, seeking in automatic channel undisturbed. * UHF PLL circuit, 740 nyaringan to avoid signal is disturbed. * Design with increased regulator. * Power Indicator for proper charge and capacity. * Use the circuit noise removal. * Hold the noise or cries. * Supervisory Circuits with anti-floor noise interference. * Frequency on the design based on the character of the sound. * Code pronunciation locked, signal useless double mute control locked, and resolve interference. * Available 200 frequencies. Recommended for pubs, lounges, family karaoke, KTV, school, conferensi, meeting, and others. * Reach 100 metres in good conditions, 80 metres under normal conditions. Specifications: Function/The Overall System: * Frequency:BSP; The ratio of disturbing channel:60 (MM) STAND TRIPOT SPEAKER RENZA RZ-520ST Specifications: Design by Renza Materials made of iron with a thickness of 3 mm diameter 3.5 cm Speaker position slab made from thick and strong fiber Third footwear equipped with anti-slip rubber material PIN Lock settings high low speaker with crome and iron insafety chain anti lengkapapi off. Open the lid using the locking bolt with the head of a large grip Able to withstand the weight of the maximum safe usage. : 50 Kg Have 5 holes step height settings as you wish Minimum height 110 CM Maximum height of 185 CM Dimensions of Unit: P X L X h = 14 CM X 14 CM X 103 CM The dimensions of the Box: P X L X h = 15 CM X 15 CM X 105 CM Utilized to measure speaker 8 MICROPHONE STAND r/> Third footwear equipped with anti-slip rubber material Altitude control systems use per, so it's easier and faster Minimum height 115 CM Maximum height 180 CM Dimensions of Unit: P X L X h = 9 CM X 9 CM X 100 CM The dimensions of the Box: P X L X h = 15 CM X 15 CM X 105 CM Basic Color: Black Connection Color: Purple Utilized to put microphone microphone cable and wireless. FY; " > RACK HARDCASE FULL BODY RENZA RZ-12U-M Hardcase rack is designed to protect the appliance device sound system. Design by Renza Hardcase Rack is also to facilitate bringing the device sound system for travel. Because all of the tools of sound system is already terakit in Rack Hardcase with handle/bracket. So devices that brought so much safer on the road. The Rack can also protect Hardcase peralaTan sound system from the water. To facilitate this Hardcase Rack is moved is mounted with 4 wheels. To secure the Rack does not move, Hardcase 2 wheel the front mounted an existing key. Specifications: The main ingredient is made of multiplex Board with a thickness of 10 MM, outer dilapisin aluminum thin, making it look luxurious and elegant in appearance. On the inside of the thin sponges, dilapisin berthe color black. The corners are installed so that the thicker the aluminum structure Rack Hardcase so powerful. Part of the elbow/corner Rack mounted aluminum Hardcase half oval so it's not sharp. The top of the (permanent), front and rear Rack Hardcase can be opened and closed and a strong lock 4. The inside of the front pole bracket mounted already contained a hole bautnya to make it easier to install the mixer, power, equalizer etc. Height 98 CM Width 54 CM Deep/64 CM Thickness Wheel diameter 10 CM Color Silver Used to put a mixer, power, equalizer, wireless mic receivers, DVD, Crossover and others. SPEAKER CABLES AUDERPRO AP-2120CS Speaker cables AUDERPRO AP-2120CS made of wire, copper wire that are of high quality. It consists of two audio path that is a path of positive and negative are braided with sanGAT is strong. The outside is wrapped with rubber is very pliable, thick and strong that make it easy to install. This can protect the outer rubber fiber wire from the water and Eve hot or cold weather. This cable is only used to connect speakers with impedance DC on line 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm and 16 Ohm. Specifications: Professional audio speaker cables Ultra perfect audio signal introduction The dense fibers have a level Very Flexible Not easy to disconnect Resistant to extreme weather/heat and cold Low noise Copper levels with 80% The large size of the fiber wire 2 x 120 The positive wire of copper colored fiber Negative wire of copper colored fiber combination silver Wrapped with a strong outer rubber Rubber outer color transparent/Clear Length of 35 Meters t-align: justify; " > Website: HP/WhatsApp/SMS: 0812-8989-8988 Phone/Fax: 021-2937.1067 email: Line: tokoluxaudio Twitter: @tokoluxaudio Instagram: tokoluxaudio Facebook: the store lux audio LinkedIn: the store lux audio YouTube: the store lux audio THE STORE LUX AUDIO MGK Mega Kemayoran Ruko Blok F no. 10 Jl. Angkasa Kav. B6

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