Product Specification Fence BRC

Fence BRC

The fence is a fence BRC minimalism with a range of advantages, namely:
Difinish BRC fence with 2 types of layers, namely galvanized electroplating and according to the research and trial, has galvanized coating durability against rust for more than 10 years before treatment/painting, so it is very suitable to wear/installed in a corrosive substance such as waterfront, sulfur, or areas near the factory. While the electroplating layer has a durability of sekestimated 2 years before treatment/painting.


Fence made of steel BRC high voltage U55grade voltage with permission 2900kg/cm2 approximately 2.5 times the iron of ordinary strength, making it very strong and not easily curved after the installation. The triangular profile of the top and bottom of the fence has a 10 cm width BRC almost 2 times larger than other similar fences that have only width 6 cm so that the fence BRC has a greater stiffness and.

The installation of fences is very flexible and easy to BRC, IE can use a pole that BRC is ready installed (complete with caps, bolts, u-clip, and angkur), associated to the reinforcement of the concrete pillars that will be casted, or didinabolt to the concrete pillars that were already so.


Fence BRC cheapest compared to any type of fencing, in addition, the mounting pole using BRC BRC, fences can be re-opened once without damaging kondisI fence BRC, so the fence can be easily moved to the new kelokasi.


BRC fence already in Indonesia more than 20 years and still meet the tastes of a minimalist design that complies with the present design with vertical lines and horizontal. On the welding connection, dipabrik use the machine resulting in a high quality connection clean and beautiful

We sell products:
FENCE BRC, TINGGI 90.120, 150, 175, 190
WIRE SPINES 4 Kg length of 40 M
BTO 22 Diameter 450 mm Long wearing 8 9 M
CBT 500 mm Diameter 65 Long 9 10 Usage M
CBT 700 mm Diameter 65 Discharging 11 12 M
CBT 65 980 mm Diameter Long Wearing 13 14 M
3315 ROOFMESH, HOLE 7.5 X 7.5 CM, THICKNESS 0.8 mm, 1.8 MX30M



KaWat razor blade lot serves as a safety net. With the design of a more regular and structured his sharp eye and siletnya are very unreliable as security offices, embassies, factories, correctional facility (prison), etc. Also widely used as delimiters when there are riots.



Almost the same functionality with razor wire, wire spines widely used as security on a complex of perumahanan, the building – important buildings such as offices, embassies, pabrIK and is also widely used as delimiters of the land and soil. We provide quality galvanized wire spines. This galvanized stainless material so that it can be used in quite a long period of time.



Iron, Wiremesh can be used as a substitute for iron reinforced concrete on reinforced concrete floor plate strukur, assembled an iron-mesh nets this rectangle we can create your own or order it direct from the factory, but making your own will certainly discussneed time arranging the iron as well as sizes less uniform if done manually without the help of a specialized tool maker wiremesh.


Wiremesh reinforcement steel net is a prefab at any point on the wire in electric welding meetings to get the "shear resistant", especially used for "concrete penulangan". Wiremesh can be produced in standard sizes or special sizes on demand building construction experts. the steel wire used is of the quality U-50 denGan melting characteristics voltage 2400 kg/cm2, whereas the minimum shear stress each point las is 2500 kg/cm2. The manufacturing process is done using machine-made Switzerland.


Penulangan of concrete by using "Welded Reinforcing Steel mesh" has been used widely in Malaysia and Singapore since 30 years ago, while in Germany is from 50 years ago.

The advantage of wearing Wiremesh:

Improving the quality of precision & jara

Price Fence BRC


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