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Minyak Cedarwood Virginia (Cedarwood Oil, Virginia)

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Product Specification Minyak Cedarwood Virginia (Cedarwood Oil, Virginia)

Price Per 100 Ml, The Purchase Of More Than 1000 Ml Please Contact Us!

Essential Oil:
Cedarwood Virginiana

Latin Name:
Juniperus Virginiana

Dry/Woody Aroma, Sweet/Balsamic. The Scent Reminds People Of Pencils, And Has A Tobacco Type Note To It.

Production Method:
Steam Distilled



Aromatherapy Properties:
Harsher And More Irritating Than The Other Cedarwoods. It Is Best To Use Cedar Atlas Or Himalayan For Skin Therapeutic Benefits. Warming, Uplifting, And Toning. Comforting And Reviving. Considered An Aphrodisiac In That It Is Grounding And Inspiring At Th

Suggested Application:
Your Closet Should Smell Like Cedarwood To Keep Moths Out, And You May Want To Place Tissues With Drops Of Cedarwood (And Lavender), As Well As Your Empty Cedarwood Bottles, In Your Closet.

Blends Well With:
Great In Most Blends, Gives Them A Spirited Note, While Helping Them To Last Longer. Blends Well With The Citrus Oils, Giving Them A Base Note That Very Nicely Complements Them. Its A Nice Masculine Note To Add To Aphrodisiac Blends. Nice Also With Rosemary, Chamomile, Eucalyptus And Many More.

Precaution (If Any):
Non-Toxic, Yet Possible Irritant. Avoid During Pregnancy, And Rather Use Atlas Cedarwood For Skin Therapy.

Price Minyak Cedarwood Virginia (Cedarwood Oil, Virginia)

: Rp325.970
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