Product Specification MTO2-Turbo Jet Aerator

MTO2-Turbo Jet Aerator: application in the WWTP/WTP and well water!

MTO2 for WWTP waste water treatment/ sewage water in General: usually in the process by means of filtration, neutralization/chemist and biologists!

1 industrial and domestic Wastes) that are processed with MTO2 very/Aerobe support the Nitrogen Cycle perfectly, with a high and DO evenly across bottom of pool would mendukung development of microbial bacteria


2) Application MTO2 very effectively remove toxic gases include Methane, H2S, CO2, and of iron, manganese, due to the oxygen content very finely and evenly so that it will easily remove the stench!

3) MTO2 very effective lowering a load of COD/BOD until 96% so easily all parameters can be controlled under the threshold.

MTO2 to WTPdan Pretreatment Plant: with the increasing pollution in the River, then the river water requires special handling/Pretreatment: 


1) contaminated river water : MTO2-Turbo Jet Aerator is very effective in controlling Algae, CO2, NH4, H2S, Methan Gas, very helpful koaglant and flocculation process, so it can save on PAC, Alumsulfat and chlorine

2) well water that smells : MTO2 very precisely in terapkan to lower iron (Fe), manganese (Mn), H2s gas, methan who terkotaminasi in well water


3) be Reused Water from WWTP : water from the shelter to be in the process of Process or WTP UF should advance at breakneck MTO2 aeration Aerator in order not to smell and was easy on the process and save on chemicals

MTO2 for Aquaculture:

MTO2 -Turbo Jet Aerator is also very much diaplikasikan on Outdoor Pond prawns and farmed fish to toxic gases mengotrol nitrate, h2s and increases oxygen levels in ponds as well as maintain ecosystems effectively, sehinggah can improve productivity


 MTOprivileges2 -Turbo Jet Aerator

  1. MTO2 very precisely in the sewage treatment industry because it is so effective at lowering the BOD and COD. the s/d 96% within 24 hours

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  • MTO2 very conducive to bacterial growth Aerobe because DO the high turbulence, the perfect Anaerobe bacteria, pressing so avoid decomposition of Methane and H2S gas that is toxic.
  • MTO2 has the advantage because it fits on any form of pond aeration and Equalisasi from a depth of 100 cm s/d 600 cm, without special construction
  • MTO2 -Turbo Jet Aerator sa
  • ngat effective transfer with Oxigen gas bubbles evenly distributed inside the pool, thus saving electricity 40%, as well as cost-saving Investments WWTP by 50%
  • All products MTO2 given a guarantee of 12 months

MTOreference2 -Turbo Jet Aerator in the WWTP/STP and WTP:

  1. Industrial Estate (industrial area)
  2. Textile, Crumb Rubber Factory & Skin
  3. Palm Oil/CPO Refi

Price MTO2-Turbo Jet Aerator

Company ProfilePT. Masterindo Prima Engineering with MTO2 Brand Products is a company that manufactures Waste Water Processing Equipment, MTO2 - Turbo Jet Aerator and MTO2 - Mixer, MTO2 - Clarifier Unit which has been known since 1989 and began to be introduced in PRJ Monas, then patented in 1990 at the Ministry of Industry and Minister of Justice by a Foundings Father of Tu-Berlin Alumni: Hans Johan Dipl.-Ing., So MTO2 was the First Aerator and Leading Market in the Waste Water Treatment Industry!MTO2 -Turbo Jet Aerator Machine EquipmentAlong with the development of industry in Indonesia and the demands that occur in the Waste Water Treatment Industry, especially Industrial Waste with Aerobic Process, MTO2 - Turbo Jet Aerator Machine has provided significant assistance and contributions among industries, because MTO2 is produced through careful research and development and quality which is high for the purpose of refinement in applications, efficient and effective for Waste Water Treatment and Clean Water.The most significant thing known in the application of wastewater treatment is how to eliminate foul odors, toxic gases and reduce the levels of COD and BOD, to meet this demand, until now, Masterindo has contributed more than 300 companies that have used MTO2 and more of 4000 units of MTO2 with very satisfying results!System: Engineering Consultant / DesignFrom our experience in the field and our know-how, since 1996 PT. Masterindo develops its business in the WWTP Consultant and Contractor Field for Industrial Estates, Paper Industry, Textile, Air Port, Hotels and Food IndustriesThe easiest installation, Space is relatively small, Operations are the simplest with better COD / BOD results.MTO2 also manufactures equipment and makes WWTP: 1. MTO2 - Aerator and Mixer2. MTO2 - Clarifier Unit and Lamella Clarifier3. MTO2 - Sand Filter and Carbon Filter4. MTO2 - Oil Separator and Pump Equipment Supplier in the field of Waste Water Treatment and Clean Water5. MTO2 - Biological Treatment / WWTP and WTP Turn Key ProjectWith 25 years of experience, we always consistently maintain good reputation in terms of quality and high commitment in the process and maintenance for 12 months after sales service.Conclusions and Problems of Wastewater TreatmentWe know that every company has tried hard to carry out waste water treatment. But we also know that in this case there are always obstacles that sometimes the wastewater treatment process is not perfect, because of the design concept and improper use of equipment, so that the BOD and COD parameters remain problematic, in this case Masterindo can provide solutions and suggestions positive to solve problems in the field, by making a pilot plant from the survey results at the WWTP site. What is more striking and highly liked by the user is very high oxygen transfer compared to the others (according to the results of the competition test) and customer references.

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