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Product Specification machine Cococnut

So far, coconut coir is only considered an unused material, it turns out that coconut coir can be processed into raw materials in the manufacture of mats, upholstery materials, and many more that can be processed to have a sale value, coconut coir before being processed into raw materials, the results of stripping coconut coir processed again with a coconut fiber decomposing machine, so that it can separate the fibers of the coconut fiber with the outer skin

Spesifikasi : 

A. Dimensi

Unit Keseluruhan : 2610x980x1268 mm

Bagian Pemasukan : 478x425 mm

Bagian Pengeluaran Serat : 600x195 mm

Bagian Pengeluaran Serbuk :1300x395 mm

B. Unit Penggerak

Jenis : Motor Diesel

Daya : 26 HP

C. Unjuk Kerja

Kapasitas : 522,81 Kg/Jam

Efisiensi Penguraian : 91.74%

Hubungi Kami :

Karya Mitra Group

Address : Ring Road Utara No. 134 Taman Yasmin VI, Bogor, Indonesia

E-Mail : kantor_ rumah@

Telepon : 0251-7538483( Hunting)

Fax: 0251-7543 281

Handphone :

081310840690 ( WahatsApp ) - Zimson Manurung

081298216070 ( WhatsApp ) - Zimson Manurung


" Kepercayaan dan Kepuasaan Klien Menjadi Prioritas Kami dalam Berbisnis"

" Kami Akan Berusaha Memberikan Pelayanan Yang Exelent Bagi Klien Kami "

"Harga Yang Kami Tawarkan Kami Sesuaikan dengan Kualitas 

 Material, Kesesuaian Akan Komposisi dan Standar , 

Material Yang Kami Gunakan Material Baru Bukan Rekondisi / Hasil Daur Ulang "

Price machine Cococnut

: Rp35.500.000
CV. Agricultural Machinery Equipment is a company engaged in general trading, manufacturing machinery, laboratory equipment, is part of the company's business partners work - Being and create a network of distribution source for machinery, electronics, services required by consumers (general public).Mission - Providing satisfaction in service to the consumer / customer. - Always strive to be the best at doing a new thing that the needs of consumers / customers can be met. -Provide timely performance according to the promise of the desired and the consumer / customer.With the vision and mission that have been listed above you should trust us to deliver our performance issues. The services we provide to the consumer or customer is the main thing that we focus and pay attention.Keeping that customer trust is our responsibility to provide the service or good service. With dedication we learn from time to time, we will always be the best.CV. Agricultural Machinery Equipment is a company who supply and manufacture of agricultural equipment, such as: Processing machines sugar ants, machine wood-waste processing machine tapioca cassava processing machine chicken slaughter, processing machines animal feed processing machinery melinjo, machinery processing cashew processing machine sorghum or hermada, machine processing of cocoa or chocolate, machine nut processing, machinery processing chili processing machinery hazelnut, tea processing machine, the machine processing of essential oils, machine coffee processing, rubber processing machinery, machine processing of soya or soya, processing machines out, processing machines tempeh, machinery corn processing, machinery processing oranges, machinery processing noodles, machinery composting, machines sago processing, machinery processing coconut fiber, processing machine briquette, machine processing apples, processing engine within, engine rice processing, machine oil processing, processing machinery potato processing machines onions, machinery tillage or soil, machine processing of sugar cane , organic fertilizer processing machinery, machine processing of gold or ballmill or glundung, engine waste processing machine waste processing, machinery processing fiber, food processing machinery, machine processing chips, processing machines dodol, press machine money, machinery ethanol, printing machine brick press, printing machine paving or conblock, printing machine brick pumice, machine brick Hebel , application of resin technology, tool harvest corn, crop tool rubber, tool oil palm harvesting, tile or analysis tools, green house, stone manufacture penyosok, alatmesin melinjo, machine tool cashews, machine tool cocoa and chocolate, machine tool peanuts, machine tool chili, machine tool hazelnut, machine tool tea, machine tool patchouli leaves, appliance coffee machine, machine tool soybean, machine tool orange, machine tool sago, machine tool oil, machine tool apples, machine tool range, tool rice machinery, machine tool oil oil, machine tool cassava, machine tool potatoes, machine tool onion, machine tool corn, machine tool rubber, machine tool tubers, machine tool cloves, machine tool nutmeg, tools tobacco machinery, machine tool cane, machine tool timber, machine tool bam bu, machine tool fruits, vegetables machine tools and drugs. The machine that we sell such as agriculture mesein have good quality and price memunyai machine at an affordable price.For further information and reservations please contact us.

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