Mesin Incinerator Limbah Medis Kapasitas 150 kg


Product Specification Mesin Incinerator Limbah Medis Kapasitas 150 kg

Medical Waste Incinerator Machine Capacity of 150 kg
Incinerator capacity: 150 kg / batch, with bucket
Equipped with Heat Part Retaining and Raticolo Horja
Type of Waste: Medical Waste, Hospital Waste, Health Center Waste, Health Clinic Waste
Operating hours: 8 hours per day
Minimum waste caloric value is 5,600 kCal / kg
Waste water content: 15% maximum
Density / Waste Species Weight: 1 to 1.15

a. Main Body (Main Body):

Burn Room Volume
First Combustion Room: 3.29 m3
Second Burning Room: 1.36 m3
Operating Temperature in Combustion Chamber 1: Minimum 800 Deg C

Burning dimension
First Combustion Room: pxlxt = 1910 x 1170 x 1470 mm
Second Burning Room: LxWxl = 1440 x 655 x 1470 mm
Operating Temperature in Combustion Chamber 1: Min 1000 Deg C
Equipped with Retaining Heat Part, Peep Hole

Have Mixing Room: 1440 x 400 x 1470 mm

Main Material of the Combustion Unit:
   - Wall: Carbon steel plate 5mm thick
   - Floor: Carbon steel plate 6mm thick
   - Joint Flange thickness: 20mm
   - Burner Port thickness: 6mm
   - Frames: CNP 100 / CNP80 / CNP80, other elbows and pipes
   - Padeyes: Plate Carbon Steel thickness: 10 mm
   - Cat: Epoxy Paint for Carbon Steel Material 60µ DFT

Air Pressure in the Combustion Room: Negative Pressure

Size of Incinerator (Main Unit): 380.3 x 150.8 x 161 cm

b. Exhaust Ducting:

Exhaust Ducting Material: 2mm Stainless Steel
The outside is coated with 2.5 cm Calcium Silicate
0.6 mm aluminum clading end cover

c. Air Pollution Control (APC):
   - Type: Wet Water Scrubber
   - Equipped with Raticolo Horja
   - Material Body Scrubber: 304 Stainless 2mm and 3mm thick
   - Material Structure: Mild Steel / Carbon Steel
   - Wet Water Scrubber System: Cyclon
   - Scrubber size: 1100 Dia x 3700 mm
   - Dust Catcher Nozzle: 1/2 "
   - Water Flow Rate for spraying: 11,000 liters / hour
   - Water Circulation Bathtub: 4800 x 1600 x 1200 mm (By Civil)

d. Chimney:
Material: Stainless Steel 2mm thick
Chimney Size: He is 450 mm
Ground Chimney Height: 14 meters
Equipped with a sampling hole: Pipe him 2½ "
Sampling Sampling Hole Location: 8DE / 2DE
Equipped with Platform and Handrail Sampling

Buffer Structure:
Material: Carbon Steel Plate, Elbow
Height: minimum of 5.8 meters
Stairs: Elbow 50 x 50 x 5
Stack is equipped with 3 side stiffening wire slings

e. Refractory / Insulation / Brick Fire / Castable:
Wall and Plenum Coated combustion chamber:
   - RockWool: minimum density of 50 kg / m3, 2.5 cm thick
   - Ceramic Fiber density 20 kg / m3, 2.5 cm thick
   - Fireproof brick: SK 34, 11.5 cm thick
   - Combustion Floor: SK 34 Insulation Brick and Fireproof Brick
   - Burnert Port and Exhaust Collar: Castable CAJ 14

f. Burner
Type of Fuel: Pertamina Diesel
Types of Burners: Diesel Oil Burner
   - Burner Burner 1: Average gun type 250 kW
   - Burner Burner 1: Average gun type 250 kW
   - Burner Burner 2: Gun type an average of 300 kW
Solar Fuel Consumption: Average to 80 Liters / Hour
Solar Oil Fuel Tank:
   - Tank capacity: minimum 1,200 Liters
   - Tank Material: 2 mm thick Carbon Steel Plate
   - Equipped with Level Indicator and Drainage
   - Galvanize Pipe SGP diameter ½ inch, Valve and Fitting

g. Air Blower
Type of Air Blower: Centrifugal
Air Blower Material: Metal
Size of Air Blower: Suction 6 "

h. Electrical and Instruments:
Min Power Requirement: 6000 Watt / 220 Volt / 1 Ph / 3Ph
System Control:
   - Automatic Panel, Automatic Panel Control
   - 3 Degrees of Thermocouple Type K 1200 DegC
   - Equipped with a Limit Switch to open the door

i. Waste / Waste Feeding System: Bucket Feeder
Wrapped garbage is put into the combustion chamber 1: Manual
and entered with Bucket Feeder.
   - Poles, Braching and Base Plate: Carbon Steel
   - Minimum Electro Motor Drive Motor 2 HP
   - Bucket and Hopper Feeder in the Main Unit

Lots of garbage inserted:
   - Maximum volume of 1/3 of the contents of the combustion chamber 1
   - Does not exceed heavy capacity
   - Solid waste must be smaller particles

j. Dust Collection System
Ash: about 10% depends on solid content material
Ash Expenditure System: Manual
Equipped with a hoe rifle

k. Need for Incinerator Operator Technicians:
   - Certified from KMU Horja
   - Operators have passed the training
   - Number of Operators: 1 person
Equipped with :
   - Helmets, Shoes, Uniforms, Mouthpiece Masks, Gloves

l. Protective Buildings (Not Included) Civil Works.
Land Size Requirements:
   - Main Unit: 7.55 m x 7.1 m
   - Chimney: 2 m x 2 m
   - Water Circulation Bathtub: 4.8 x 1.6 x 1.2 m

Total Weight: ± 19,560 kg

Incinerator Machine

Price Mesin Incinerator Limbah Medis Kapasitas 150 kg

: Rp2.700.000.000

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