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Realized to reform engineering servicing / maintenance air conditioning (A / C) domestic traditional car. LAX MH-779 is a sophisticated device, scientific and does not require disassembly. This device has several other functions, including recovery, refilling and recycling. Designed fully automated and humantis, all procedures can be completed only through the keypad. LAX MH-779 replaces the traditional method of air conditioning maintenance, these devices form a new era in air conditioning services.




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         Repair and maintenance of the status quo of the current car air conditioner, car air conditioner is already not a luxury, but a must, because the car is so rapid development, to improve rider comfort, improve safety and driving safety is very important.
 Maintenance and repair car air conditioning system consists of preventive maintenance, adjustment, repair and inspection, component replacement and maintenance of the air conditioning system is standard. Among these things, the maintenance is certainly more important than the improvement, it seems most people will go to see the doctor regularly to check him. People will not start memperhatikanbagaimana to stay healthy after they were in serious condition, but when they experience early symptoms of illness to treat. It is easier to prevent than to cure, as well as air conditioning, Good maintenance will result in better service for the owners.

Using the original model for cleaning cooling circulation in the closed loop system, the system avoids re-contaminated.

LAX MH-779 using the original model for cleaning cooling circulation in a closed loop without the need to disassemble the circuit conditions. These devices prevent secondary pollution caused by cleaning materials.
The device is very effective at protecting the air conditioning and refrigeration systems extend the lifespan of the parts / components of the cooling system. Because the cleaning agent will corrode the cooling system of a car's cooling system components.

LAX- MH 779 is a machine with the latest computerized technology to help in the treatment, clean the air conditioning system in the car and compressor oil drain of up to 100% without removing parts of the system Ac car.

Which has the following capabilities for car repair services (AC):

Flushing: Namely clean up the oil, up to 100% contained on AC system through a computerized process.
Recovery: Attractive refrigerant from the ac system and the car directly in the cylinder capacity in the machine LAX so it will not damage the environment.
Vacuum: Sucking blockages that exist in air-conditioning system with two vacuum pumps that can suck up to 100 mm Torr.
Charging: Charging using a computerized system is crucial to the accuracy of charging refrigerant and oil as standard manufacturer. Lack of or excess in charging refrigerant system will result Ac car can not work optimally.

LAX MH-779
Closed loop circulation cleaning and refilling of air conditioning systems

After restoring cooling material, replace filter drier (also known as tank), Vacuum / empty the system completely, then fill out a cooling agent and cooling oil into the system again, and the problem will be resolved.

Change Your Thoughts, Get The Excellent Results

With the development of the automotive sector, the higher the (heated) the level of competition in the field of automobile maintenance.

LAX MH- 779 (A scientific project for maintenance)

To stay unbeaten in air conditioning service business, we should change the traditional methods of maintenance of air conditioning, resolve problems conveniently and efficiently.
LX-779 is a device restorer / recycling / recharging the air conditioning is completely automated.

Care Tips

Material Cooling and oil coolers whose condition is deteriorating is causing major problems of air conditioning, clean the outside of the air conditioning system will not be able to solve this problem, the most important step is actually clean the inside of the air conditioning system, replace oil cooler, that's the one - the only way to can get service purposes.

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