Compressor Ac Copeland Scroll ZB 15KQ


Product Specification Compressor Ac Copeland Scroll ZB 15KQ


Model NO. Cindensate Temperature The Evaporation Temperature ° C (R22/50HZ)
ZB15KQ 40330035504350520062507400
ZB19KQ 40365039504850585070008300
ZB21KQ 404650505062007450885010500
ZB26KQ 405100550068008200985011700
ZB29KQ 4062306790829099701180014070
ZB38KQ 40730080009950122001465017300
ZB45KQ 4094001020012400149001780021000
ZB48KQ 40103901128513700164361957423199
ZB58KQ 40118001295016100196001957428000
ZB66KQ 40139501510018400222002650031500
ZB76KQ 40164001780021700285003050035500
ZB88KQ 40188002040024900300003600042000
ZB95KQ 40195002140026500320003820045200
ZB114KQ 40232002550031700385004160054500


Compressor Ac Copaland Scroll
Compressor copeland scroll zr 36
Compressor copeland scroll zr 47
Compressor copeland scroll zr 61
Compressor copeland scroll zr 72
Compressor copeland scroll zr 81
Compressor copeland scroll zr 94
Compressor copeland scroll zr 125
Compressor copeland scroll zr 380
Compressor copeland scroll zr 144
Compressor copeland scroll zr 190
Compressor copeland scroll zr 19
Compressor copeland scroll zr 108
Compressor copeland scroll zr 160
Compressor copeland scroll zr 310
Compressor copeland scroll zr 68
Compressor copeland scroll ZP108KC
Compressor copeland scroll ZP137KCE

Compressor Ac Copeland Piston
Compressor copeland piston Qr 12
Compressor copeland piston Qr 90
Compressor copeland piston Qr 15

Compressor Ac Maneurop
compressor maneurop mt 144
compressor maneurop mt 160
compressor maneurop mt 125
compressor maneurop mt 80
compressor maneurop mt 36
compressor maneurop mt 28

Compressor Ac danfoss performer
Compressor Danfoss sm 090
Compressor Danfoss sm 120
Compressor Danfoss sm 110
Compressor Danfoss sm 148
Compressor Danfoss sm 184
Compressor Danfoss sm 147

Compressor Ac Daikin
Compressor Daikin jt 335
Compressor Daikin jt 260
Compressor Daikin jt 300
Compressor Daikin jt 160
Compressor Daikin jt 170
Compressor Daikin jt 125
Compressor Daikin 6t 55
Compressor Daikin Rc 60
Compressor Daikin Rc 69
Comrpessor Daikin 2T 55

Compressor Ac Mitsubishi
Compressor Ac Mitsubishi jh 521
Compressor Ac Mitsubishi jh 527
Compressor Ac Mitsubishi nh 41
Compressor Ac Mitsubishi nh 52
Compressor Ac Mitsubishi nh 56

Compressor Ac bristol
Compressor bristol H2Ng 184
Compressor bristol H2Bg 094
Compressor bristol H2NG 294
Compressor bristol H2BG 124
Compressor bristol H226
Compressor bristol H23a35
Compressor bristol H256 144

Compressor Ac Panasonic
Compressor Panasonic 2js 350
Compressor Panasonic 2js 318
Compressor Panasonic 2js 356
Compressor Panasonic 2js 314
Compressor Panasonic 2js 324
Compressor Panasonic 2js 146
Compressor Panasonic 2js 438


Price Compressor Ac Copeland Scroll ZB 15KQ

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