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Product Specification Boiler Chemical 725

Chemical treatment of boilers to keep crust and rust from occurring, the chemical boiler boiler 725 is very

suitable for use in boilers with a capacity of under 10 tons. Aquatrol 725 is a boiler treatment chemical product.

Aquatrol 725 Chemical Function

1. prevent scaling (anti scalant)
As the name implies Anti scalant is a chemical that serves to prevent the scale of the boiler. Scale usually occurs due to hardness or hardness (Chalk substance) caused by Calcium or Magnessium.
Anti-scalant will function to bind the mineral Ca alias calcium and Mg aka Magnessium. So that these two substances will not form a scale but instead form complex compounds that will dissolve in water so that they will come out during blow down.

2. Anti Corrosion (oxygen Scavanger)
Anti Corrosion serves as a chemical to prevent corrosion of the boiler. Corrosion can occur in the boiler because the alkalinity or pH of the boiler is too low so that the acid will eat the metal layer on the boiler. In addition, corrosion can also occur because oxygen substances are high enough in water so that oxygen tries to move iron back to its original form of iron oxide.
Anti Corrosion or Corrosion Inhibitor, works to maintain the pH of the boiler water to remain in the base position so that there is no corrosion due to acid. In addition Corrosion Inhibitors also help capture oxygen so that oxygen will not react with the surface of the boiler which will cause corrosion.

3. Anti Foam

function as a prevent so that there will not be foaming on the boiler water so that no carry-over occurs that can cause corrosion and wet steam in the steam pipe that leads to the product.

4. Sludge dispersant

Serves as a deterrent so that the mud that arises because of the chemical reaction that is formed does not settle on the boiler pipe.

Aquatrol 725

is a product whose raw materials come from the USA and are mixed in Indonesia by skilled and experienced personnel. Aquatrol 725 can be directly used without being mixed with water again, so the boiler operator does not need to do extra work such as mixing powder boiler chemistry with water. Aquatrol 725 boiler chemistry is very environmentally friendly and food grade so it is suitable for use in the food and beverage industry.

Aquatol 725 has the main content of polyphosphate, sulphite and antifoam and is brownish in color with 30 kg / pail packaging

Price Boiler Chemical 725

: Rp1
Welcome to PT.Aquatech IndonesiaImporters, Distributors & Stockists for trusted water treatement products in Indonesia that specifically supply equipment such as: Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Water Filters, Demineralizers, Mixbed, both Automatic and Manual. In addition, Aquatech Indonesia provides Reverse Osmosis, Ultraviolet and Ozone systems, as well as supporting systems, namely: Chemical Daosing Pump (LMI Milton Roy ex USA, Ailipu, Chemtech), Water analysis Kit Test.Besides that there are also available filter media including: Silica Sand, Activated Carbon (Calgon ex USA, Jacobi ex Sweden, Local Borneo), ex USA USA Manganese Greensand Plus, Cation Resin & Anion Resin (Dowex, Tulsion & Purolite) and others.Chemical Water TreatmentWe also supply AQUATROL CHEMICAL specifically designed for boiler water treatment, cooling water treatment (Cooling Tower, Chiller & Radiator). Also a chemical support for the purposes of sedimentation, coagulation, and chemical RO membrane element treatments. In addition, we provide fuel oil treatment, coal additives and chemical cleaners (cleaner) such as descaling boilers, heat exchangers, fin coil, aluminum cleaner, metal protector.After Sales ServiceIn the supply of AQUATROL CHEMICAL for boilers and cooling water treatment, we offer a system of service contracts with guaranteed results. Analysis is carried out routinely on the spot by competent analysts. after one year of using AQUATROL, if there is still crust and rust, we provide free cleaning including chemical cleaning and technician services.The tools above are offered at distributor prices.

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