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NBR rubber (085782614337)

Product Specification NBR rubber (085782614337)

NBR rubber (085782614337)

NBR rubber

Types of Rubber / Rubber Industry

1. NBR Rubber / Rubber NBR (nytrile butadiene rubber)
   NBR is a synthetic rubber for special purposes were most needed. Its excellent is resistant to oil. Even in the oil, rubber does not inflate.
   This trait is caused by the acrylonitrile content in it.

2. Polyurethane is a substance or mixture pengisolvenan results between the rubber and plastics to obtain the dissolution of the material that has the advantage of very resistant to friction, wear-resistant, chemical resistant to some mild, stable in cold and hot temperatures. A chemical substance or mixture contained therein content of nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen, polyurethane is a polymeric material containing a different set of urethane (-NH-CO-O-) which is formed from the reaction of a polyol (alcohol with more than two reactive hydroxyl group per molecule) with diisocyanate or polymeric isocyanate with the availability of a suitable catalyst and additional materials.

3. The rubber carpet in the form of rubber sheet / rubber sheets are available in various types and sizes, usually referred to as the carpet roll. Rubber carpet / rubber roll-shaped sheet can be applied to a variety of uses in a variety of areas such as the following:
   rubber sheet for farms, rubber sheet for the industrial area, exercise area or gym, parking area or garage, for a residential area, to the kitchen area or restora, the bathroom area or pool

4. EPDM Rubber / Rubber EPDM is a synthetic rubber. PDM is the difference EPDM and EPM can only be vulcanised with peroxide and radiation whereas EPDM in addition to the two earlier also with sulfur.
5. The main function of the rubber fender system (rubber fender) is to prevent the ship and the dock from damage incurred during the ship as it landed and as the ship leaned. External force, such as abrasion and other natural factors, is likely to occur when the ship docked.

6. The silicone rubber (Silicone Rubber) is the most ideal material in the manufacture of molds statue to be duplicated. Produce prints that are flexible, detailed, could make a mold of the most complicated, and durable, resistant to chemicals, and can be made quickly, and can dry out at room temperature.

7. Rubber Neoprene sheet (neoprene rubber sheet roll) with low temperature flexibility and oil resistance. Rubber is chemically inert and resistant to rot, checking and cracking due to exposure to the weather. Rubber neoprene is a sheet of smooth plate utilizing a mixture of high-quality neoprene. Neoprene rubber that is suitable for use in the oil, water, weather, oxidation and sunlight.

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Mulia Jaya

Welcome to Toko Mulia Jaya We Are A Company Engaged In The Procurement of Goods and Services Industry. We Are (SPECIALISTS GASKET), We Offer Different Solutions Products That Can Support Operations and Business Especially in Jabodetabek And Surrounding Areas.



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Spiral Wound Gaskets, ANSI, DN, PN, JIS, Material, SS, CS, Carbon, Titanium, Graphite, Non-Asbestos

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