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Product Specification canopy Laminated Glass

Laminated glass canopy is made of several ordinary glass are combined or laminated term. Pelaminasian process is done by pasting the second glass material polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or polyvinyl grain film grain. Polyvinyl is shaped like a box and will be adjusted dengen common glass size to be laminated. Laminated glass canopy has a more varied color derived from color variations PVB and soundproofed. It is suitable for those who love the game of colors in the election minimalist glass canopy of your building.

Laminated glass canopies are also available in various thicknesses with standard sizes, namely a maximum of 2134 mm x 3048 mm. The thickness of the laminated glass canopy is available in thickness consisting of a thick glass-glass-PVBG. The sizes available in the market, namely 3mm + 0:38 + 3mm, 5mm + 0:38 + 3mm, 4mm + 0:38 + 4mm, 5mm + 0:38 + 5mm, 6mm + 0:38 + 4mm, 6mm + 0:38 + 5mm, 6mm + 0:38 + 6mm, 6mm + 0.76 + 8mm, 8mm + 0.76 + 8mm, 10mm + 0.76 + 8mm, 10mm + 0.76 + 10mm, 12mm + 0.76 + 10mm, 12mm + 0.76 + 12mm, 15mm + 0.76 + 10mm, 15mm + 0.76 + 12mm, 15mm + 0.76 + 15mm, 19mm + 15mm + 1.14 and 1.14 + 19mm + 19mm.

Laminated glass canopy has the advantage that can be your consideration in choosing the right glass for your home. Excellence-kunggulan include the following:


Laminated glass canopy has a secure nature when it ruptures. PVB its material functioning as an adhesive so that when the cracked or broken, cracks and shards will remain attached to the material of the PVB. In addition, the material polyvinylnya help strengthen the glass of a strong attack. Then it is usually the glass is often diganakan as bulletproof glass.

Protect from exposure to sunlight, moisture and heat

Polyvinyil ingredients help protect the residence from ultraviolet rays and reduce the transmission of solar heat energy. In addition, these materials can also reflect sunlight and do not dazzle your dwelling. Furthermore, the material is able to protect the glass from weather changes so as to maintain air humidity and heat levels in buildings.


PVB is a solid color pigment which is able to form a color variation on this glass canopy. Therefore, this glass can be available in various colors. Colors are guaranteed never to fade because of the nature of these heat-resistant glass.

However, this glass has some special needs, sebaai care. The glass should not be unprotected on each side because it will cause condensation. In addition, polyvinyl adhesive laminate materials can be damaged if sunburnt at temperatures over 70 degrees Celsius for too long.



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